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Law of Growth: Life is growth. Law of Attraction, Abundance, Similar mind of the rich and children

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posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 08:39 AM

originally posted by: andy06shake
a reply to: C21H30O2I

Life may very well indeed be meant to be abundant, but not to the tune of 7+ billion people.

There is hardly even enough clean water sources to accommodate the population we have now on the planet. Never mind food and other basic requirements to go around.

Simple fact is if we expect our children, or our children's children to be able to experience the crappy quality of life we our self have today around 6 billion people have to go.

No law of attraction involved, just statistics and fact.

Nonsense. Used properly, this planet has enough means to produce food and provide clean water for tens of billions. Adaptation.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 09:54 AM

originally posted by: arpgme

The Law of Increase is that Life is always growing. Flowers grow, grass grows, and babies grow. Increase is the natural order of Life.

A leaf on a tree will grow (appear from nowhere), be green and then change to red, yellow and brown, fall off the tree and dissolve back into the earth. The leaf was not there and then was there and then is not there. Everything appears from nothing and dissolves back to nothing - this is life.

It makes sense how people see children as "ungrateful" and always wanting more (toys, candy, video games, money, etc.). It is natural to always expect more when you notice this order of Life to always grow and increase.

It is the human condition to 'want more' and 'be better'. Is that satisfying? Is there any peace or rest in seeking for other than what is happening?

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 11:11 AM
a reply to: dogstar23

The operative words there being "used properly".

There are 7+ billion humans in today's world and famine, starvation and access to clean water are clearly an issue. Dont even want to consider what it would be like with 10s of billions of us on the same rock. An Ant colony would be my best guess, combine that way of life with the approaching singularity and hey presto you have something that may resemble the Borg collective. Certainly not a world i would wish my children, or my children children to exist in.
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posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 01:17 AM
a reply to: arpgme
Ha dude. Its a bit off, miles exactly.

The Law of Increase is that Life is always growing. Flowers grow, grass grows, and babies grow. Increase is the natural order of Life. It makes sense how people see children as "ungrateful" and always wanting more (toys, candy, video games, money, etc.). It is natural to always expect more when you notice this order of Life to always grow and increase.

There is no law of increase, things merely more or less coalesce into greater wholes or patterns of reality, both in a physical sense and metaphysical. Increase or decrease is just a perspective of the creatures who exit there in.

Rich people are treated the same. They always expect more money and good things in life. They are called "greedy", "selfish", etc., but this is the similarity between the mind of children and the rich.

"Wealth is evil."
"There is not enough for everyone."
"We should not enjoy life but resist, that is more 'spiritual'."

That is different. Ever wonder why somebody like Michel Jordan did so well in baseball or why other do well, and others do not. Or why some are successful in some things while other are not?

A lot of factors are actually involved, thousands upon thousands, but the biggest is that they are more simple in there mental makeup. Even masses follow the ones who have the more simple outlook on things, think of religion or government or anything else out there, its all kiddish stuff right.

In martial arts its thought as being one with oneself, or the zen mind. To remove yourself form the ego, but what is the ego but the thing we all spin around, most especially today in our societies.

And what are the precepts of the zen mind or what the Buddhas said? What are there maxims and the things they though? How about this, no mind. In eastern philosophy its thought as being nowhere at all, being in a place were your not influenced at all by anything you just exist.

And what did Michel Jordan think of when on the court? Did he think about the universe or the price of oil in the next quarter of the stock market, or his rent or any thing else? No! If he thought about anything else besides being there in the moment he would not be were he is now.

Same goes with everything else, even in business. Its not magic, its simply the way our reality is structured. Those who are more one dimensional and strife for a fixed thing are more likely to manifest it then those who are not or have more on there mind or more to carry in life. Its not manifestation, its tunnel vision will get you farther in our matrix simply because you will have less to carry around with you.

So ya! The more things you have to worry about the more chances are that you will not succeed. And the more you burden yourself with things both physically and especially mentally the less focused you become and the more you have to deal with, which again does what? Makes you less successful in things. Which makes you less happy. So yes, the whole law of attraction thing is not really about being more or knowing more, in fact its the opposite. Its about being less, and knowing less, there are other factors off course but that is the basic.

So ya! The more childlike unless they have something real bar there lifes, are way are more likely to be happier.

My Michel Jordan comparison stands but so does in other things, how about business or even in learning something like how to play the flute. Ever notice how the more simple and tunnel vision are in, the farther you will get in anything. Its simply because you have less things to worry about and carry around even if it is just random thoughts outside the line. In group though that is the same also, look at religions or politics or even social media. Its all just that precept on a mass scale, and the simpler and less complicated it is the likelier it is that it will succeed. In martial are it also stands as you have to be in the moment and think of nothing more.

Of course there are rules to that even, but I dont think humanity has ever had to face anything outside that yet.

Or how about this? What were the things Buddha said to detach yourself from, things like lust, sloth, gluttony, anger, pride, envy, and greed.

Does that list begin to sound familiar? Should since your raised christian. Why are you jealous of other people? Why do you envy others? Why are you angry? I could go on. We literally live in our own dimensions in our heads. And even thinking on any of those is basically just a waste of energy. In fact when you are jealous of others you are literally given them your energies, or in greed? That things which all humans posses? Why does our monetarism $ society work?

Why do the rich get rich and the poor get poor? Its simple because the poor are focused on helping the rich get richer because they are blinded by there greed there all encompassing thing, and then the system breeds more of the same even mentalities, and hence it cycles ever on in that fashion both and is manifested in this reality on whatever scale it is. They are in effect feeding the beast inside them and outside of them. There primal urge and thing that they are, there sin.

Its not even really that the rich are more happy about things that they are in the position they are. Its because they are more centrifugal on themselves, and are not capable of thinking of other things, some literally so, which make them have less mental burdens and less issues and scruples.

So yes! They have a child's mentality and are more simple people, simply because they are not capable of thinking farther in things, so they do and act more on there desires. While somebody who is more burdened with a conscious is still stuck in the dreads of seeing the world for what it is. While those more simple will simply forge on headlong regardless, simply because they cant see what lies ahead. There is a downside to that as well, but again humanity has yet to really deal with it, but one day it will come.

So basically this whole service onto self vs service onto others is nonsense, as it creates a false dichotomy. The rich are happy because they put all there effort on themselves, in fact many are not capable of thinking outside there interests, and are focused solely on that, the thing you take as greed or cheating or gaming the system is a manifestation of that.

And the poor are unhappy because they focus and put all there energies in helping others ie the rich, they worry and put more effort into that then even helping themselves, or there families, or sometimes even offspring, and focus on it so much that it manifests into there reality, and what were thing things the Buddha or Jesus warned against again? And from there that cycle and pattern continues ever on. So basically its a false dichotomy you could say.

Its why Michel Jordan was top player in his time. Its why CEOs are so successful in the social climb, its also why psychopaths will like be more successful then others. Having a conscience is not necessarily a good thing in our society and existence, because it will burden you with more to mentally deal with. Or how about this? Think on how much more easier and funner things were even on ATS before people became a little more enlightened on things? Nothing really has changed in that time but some perspectives have broadened.

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posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 01:28 AM
a reply to: mymojo
Evil vs Good as well is another false dichotomy.

The knowledge of the language of good and evil is the language of confusion. That is con-fusion, that is again a false dichotomy. You put yourself at opposition in this matrix of duality in our binary existence with it, if you base all and everything on it, sometimes in fact most times things simply are, they are neighter good or evil.

Good and Evil are at most cogs which move a wheel and that wheel does not belong to you. There is no Good or Evil in and of themselves, there is only Correct and Incorrect. And even that has its expiration date.

Its a kids tale, told by a drunk teacher who heard it on the radio one night while on a binge and took it as real and profound. When in reality the show he heard it on was a parody of stupidity, but he never stuck around long enough to hear that part as he passed out from the booze.

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 01:39 AM
a reply to: truthster013
Obviously you do not know the universe or the capricious and random nature of it. While its always expanding, one day out of the blue in a most sunny and lovely day a meteor the size of Texas can slam on your head and that will be that for this whole magical journey.

Besides, why are you worrying about expanding universes when you will not even be able to cross 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009 % of it. By the time you leave for beta centauri or Andromeda, it will have expanded that much farther, and that much farther you will have to go. And even if you could travel at the speed of light, well if you started today you would still likely reach there just in time to see it all go Boom and turn into dust and coalesce and form into the beginning of a new solar system. Then all you would have to do is wait around a few billion years and presto you may even find a new earth after its all done.

The complexities of infinite possibilities, then becomes much more less then infinite, when you add up all the factors involved. But hey, nothing to bother about in our short hundred or so year lifecycles.

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 01:55 AM
a reply to: mymojo
You seem to have misunderstood many things in the bible. Not you fault I suppose as that book as been revised time and time again as to be an opinion piece today.

Anyways, you are wrong. May want to revise your whole outlook on the things you talk about, or Jesus or others were talking about. Take into account that translations of it all may have been lost or misconstrued over time. But anyways, like I said in my other post, greed is a sin not because in and of itself. But mostly because its a waste of energy, or a way others can funnel energy. Take for instance our consumer society? How do you think it works? What does it appeal to and what does it try to tangle itself and attach itself to.

Greed for the most part is just a natural function of people and this world. But its also like fire, if you first create a hearth for it and contain it, and set it a light, it will heat up your house. But if you light a match and throw it on your carpet, it will still heat up your house, and other things as well you may not want it to.

Same goes for all the other so called sins in that book. its not a new message in fact its ages old, nor is the bible or the area or peoples it talks about in that book the first to deal with all that, or to come across it. It just gets reinterpreted and interpreted differently in every place around the globe and in every peoples and societies.

In faith and believe, and if you don't know the difference between them or both are blind what you have is while it may be fun for an age or two. After that you are going to be in for one Hell of a ride.

posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 02:50 PM
Everyone believes in something, but not all beliefs are beneficial to you.

There is always more and more. Believe more and you will receive more.

All things are possible for he who has Faith.

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