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are you excited about the new Board Psychology IPO? (Initial Public Offering}.

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posted on Jul, 17 2015 @ 12:56 AM

This is part one of a series of posts I have written in the past, to come to the future when we look back on it. It directly relates to this site as a financial media outlet. As well as just generally all media, or mostly all media, however still financial in spirit, in an economic collapse sense as it relates to this forum.

Yet we all know, this isn't a traditional media outlet. No, something much more country disco than pineapple upside down cake, if you catch my drift.

(Note, I use punctuation more for speaking rhythm than grammatical accuracy.

It was Early. Is it a name?

Still waiting-and relief

A) person I know was walking down the street with another person I know, and they began analyzing all the issues that seem to be current. After a while, the conversation turned to self and then to the interaction at hand.

Later in the evening I began thinking, this would would be cool in forum format. So here are some of my thoughts, that are sometimes questions that you're supposed to add to and not really answer, until you question them first by reading them, unless they are not questions.

!. What is the percentage of people that use this board primarily more for, the personal interaction feature?
Or the actual trading of information. (oh I love it.)

@. Does the what is the effect of, my apologies, affect of the feelings that, with sites such as ATS educating a vast number of people, does it make them less efficient in referencing information, they gleamed from the site over the years? As a percentage expressed using the alphabet as a number scale.

#. Break down your guess of the demographics of ATS with a number of pie chart like mental structures you use for thinking and follow that with composing your intrepidation here.

$. Add your own.?

Doot, doola doot doo...Peace to Hqvexmqv. Upshift happened, grinding gears.

Flame Pack Deploy.

edit on 17-7-2015 by OmegaVice because: No edit, just wanted to edit my thoughts and approach, didn't even think of putting this in introductions, that would have saved me a whole lot of manuevering.

posted on Jul, 17 2015 @ 01:41 AM
Social interaction makes more sense with all this social media stuff rather than personal interaction. There is very much our own personal side as with all forms of communication. There is also another side that forms the communication loop between transmit and receive.

I did take a while to get my around a lot of the topics here, as we fall down the rabbit hole. There are lots of websites that one does bounce around trying to find some answers. Time input does vary from obsessive to ignorant. At a rough stab, 6 months to comfortably keep up with the fire hose, 3 years to find some bottom in this hole.


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