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Musically Powerful Dreams

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posted on Jul, 16 2015 @ 06:21 AM
My name (again) is Colin Burt and I’m a pretty darn gifted songwriter-composer (and clearly not a good singer) regardless of actual (under)employment. My 6 vocal song demo EP is on link in my signature, and for lurkers it’s: (free downloads)

I’m also on Facebook, in Shreveport, LA.

First dream is the most recent: Afternoon nap on July 14 (day off) yielded another outstanding example of pop-rock genius of which part of me hopes could somehow be the product of my own mind in the future. This time, FINALLY, I remembered the 3 or 4-part harmony chorus to the end. Beautifully-strongly they caroled “lucky girl” in long and ringing syllables as though from angels themselves. I even remembered the specific chords for a little while after I woke up, but opted to do my own arrangement/chords.

The apparently or at least possibly psychic part occurred when, right after the dream, I saw the news story about the 16 year old girl from Montana who survived a plane crash in the mountains (on the way to a small town north of Seattle) where her step-grandparents perished. Then incredibly, near the end of the story I involuntarily uttered “Man that is one lucky girl.” The remembered dream song of course hit immediately. VERY bizarre if it was only coincidence.

A little while later I was thinking about what luck is and how it might be defined. Is it absolutely purely dumb chance with no outside intervention in EVERY case? I tend strongly to think not, yet one could argue that providence (if applicable) doesn’t in any way qualify as luck. Of course I want to believe providence applies to the surviving girl, and that my awareness of her was also of the intelligently unseen (IU) in its hopeful prescience. It’s always great to have solidarity-commonality – and with the IU being THE best kind there is (if true in this case) -- in an otherwise rather solitary life.

How often is it the case that those who are less deserving get lucky, and those who are more deserving are provided for? Not often enough, one could argue.

My long time most remarkable song dream was on my 44th birthday, October 14, 2009. And what a birthday present it was! It was the one and only (dream representation of) Bob Dylan, who was singing a quick line and playing a d-minor to c-major progression on acoustic guitar. He sang, “The old man began with plates made of sand.” Until now I’ve believed that line to be strictly nonsensical or whatever confusing non-starter, so I changed it to “The twin towers fell like something from Hell.” That’s the opener of NINE-ELEVEN RECKONING, one of my EP songs. NOW I believe I MAY have realized an at least possible, though um, differently technological way to actually make plates out of sand after all: vitrification, giving rock/sand (minerals) a glass coating using extreme heat. I basically learned about it on the earliest episodes of ANCIENT ALIENS that aired around the time or shortly enough after the Dylan dream. Perhaps if Disclosure-Contact happens, vitrification will be an available technology -- obviously only in the benign way. Could that dream have been more psychic/precognitive than it appears, or was it just an inspiration for or “kick-starter” of a song?

I believe (rightly or wrongly) there’s a metaphysical reason why a simple vocal line and chords from someone like Dylan would be the one I’d remember well enough to start and finish a composition. At least so far that song is my only recorded dream-based one. My preferred genre is the more (or closer to) Beatles/Beach Boys-influenced high melody and harmony, not so much Dylan and others, and that’s the ear candy dream stuff I’ve often heard that I’ve somewhat frustratingly never been able to remember (or closely enough) until just now with “lucky girl.” Nevertheless I’m very proud that 9/11-themed song turned out to be, at least enough so, in the finest tradition of folk-protest singers, and my 9/11 politics, however unpopular and ignored, is the only natural outcome of that musical reception. I’m convinced that song was meant to be, and perhaps literally designed.

These dreams, and others that aren’t musical, are to be understood in the context of a bigger picture, a life history of unexplained experiences, but I won’t go further into the unproved than I have here. That would be a time-wasting exercise in futility, as I unfortunately know from experience.


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