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Law of attraction and visualization

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posted on Jul, 14 2015 @ 02:28 AM
This is not a well researched educative post. It is meant to be simply thought - provocative, and perhaps stimulate a casual exchange of ideas, anecdotes, was spurred by a recent experience of mine, so turns upon a personal anecdote.

For many years, I have used self hypnosis and visualization on a daily basis, for many different reasons. I find it useful.
I created a conceptual space for me to do much of this in - a large house, which I always visualize the same way (which sort of enhances the intensity of the experience). It basically is meant to symbolize my self, and it's various parts as different aspects of self (even has characters in it that I can meet with, giving me a way to interact with various parts of my psyche ).

So I recently got a new job, I started yesterday. It is in a retirement home I had never been to before and was not at all familiar with.
Upon reaching the facility, all I could see at first was a stone wall, with a huge and beautiful park. With lots of trees and artful landscaping. The building itself could not be seen through that. The road actually wound around behind the building, the entrance in the back.

When I walked in, I was impressed by the beauty of the place. Entirely modern and new inside, with a soaring ceiling going up three floors, to a glass roof, balconies and bridgeways in between. There was no one there yet, so I moved across the entrance way to the other side, where I could see the gardens from the windows. When I looked out the window, I was startled! The view was the same as I visualize from my imaginary front terrace. Then I noticed the terrace itself was the same too, with the same stairs coming up from each side. So my eyes turned to the door in the middle of these windows, and the door too, was the same (very big and heavy ancient wood), and above it, the same sort of window.

Now, what I didn't know, is that this building is actually an old chateau, so there is a specific sort of architecture to the french chateaus of a certain period, from which my imaginary building must of been based on, so this resemblance is not quite as strange as it seemed.

But I still stood there thinking it was sort of fantastic, then asked myself - if I turn around and explore this place as if this (now the back part of the building) was the front entrance (which it originally was), would I find more similarities?

In my visualizations, when I enter the front, there is a similar space, with high ceiling and light, and a view of the second floor via a balcony. Same.

Directly to my left is a room I consider a healing room, in which I envisualize "treatments" - like being in water which pulls out tension, that sort of thing. This is where I focus on sensations and processes of the body.
So I look to my left, see a door and go up to it, to look through the window. It is an esthetic room for skin treatments, manicures, pedicures, massage, hairstyling, etc. !

In the imaginary house, there is a library to the right, where I sometimes go to imagine accessing records, files, memories.
I walked across the room, looked through the door on that side and see it is - the library! With books, tables, and armchairs.

From there, not much else was the same on the ground floor, the kitchen was not on the same side, for example.

But another interesting aspect was that, in my imaginary building, the second floor is where I meet with anscestors and guides. The balcony provides a way for me to see, upon entering, if one is up there looking down, letting me know they have messages for me, or are available for counsel. I can go up the stairs to meet with them, and often do so to find myself surrounded by a large group of beings.

So that was where this sort of felt profound- that upper floor, which I was looking at in this real building, was were the administrators offices are, and all the residents... the elderly. Like the spiritual guides and the anscestors, except in a very real and practical sense.

That made me smile! It also made me contemplate the whole concept we hear about, in law of attraction?

LIke I wonder if it is the long years of repeatedly visualizing this sort of structure brought me in contact with it.
I was offered this job only two days ago, completely by surprise, and like I mentioned, was not familiar with the place.

Funny synchronicity though.

So I couldn't help feeling a sort of deep significance, as I sat at my desk in the middle of this huge soaring entryway, as the secretary and standardist. I have become the center connecting axe of the various parts of this place; and of the interactions between it and the exterior. Sort of poetic if looked at from my psyche- symbol view.

I thought it was funny I didn't feel at all nervous beforehand, even though I had no clear idea of what I was going into. I just explained the night before that I just had this "feeling" I was going to be "in my place"; like things clicking together to their inevitable wholeness?

My first day went great, and I absolutely LOVED it. Everyone seems great, the ambiance is beautiful warm peaceful and joyous, at least so far. First impressions could turn out to be false, but for the moment. I kinda feel like I created my bliss, ya know?

I've also been through a lot of difficult transition in the last few months, so now it feels like reaching a destination after a hard journey.

In reference to the "law of attraction" thing, I never had for intent actually bringing this environment to me - it was not purposeful. It was just creating an inner object/space, with no focus on it being "needed" or missing, on the exterior. So I must admit, it tends to pull me in favor of that whole concept as being valid...

posted on Jul, 14 2015 @ 06:40 AM

Your post reminded me of an improved memory exercise that involved placing things in various rooms
in a house and using visualisation techniques to recall " things " you placed in the various rooms on a virtual - recall "walk through" so to speak.

Very effective !

There are obvious cosmic laws - we just can't quite pigeon hole them yet.


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