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Is it possible to trust politicans?

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posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 04:54 PM
Many people don't trust politicans. This is understandable; there is so many of them that we have no chance to know them. Take UN for example, wich have 8500 politicans and byrocrats in the europe UN alone. We don't even know their names or faces, much less their personality or political wiew. With other word, the way our sivilization is build up today it is impossible to build up neccesary trust between politicans and their people.
So what can we do to change this? The only way to change this is to reduce the number of politicans. Only when there are few of them will the population have a chance to get to know them. When people know them they may also trust them. We are mostly social creatures; we want to talk to and trust others. But it requires that we know them.

I have two suggestions how we could organize politics;

1. People vote for politicans in their local city or rural area as today. Then those politicans choose whom of them will represent their town or rural area in the county. That is right, only one of them should be neccesary to represent the population there.

.b Then the politicans in the county choose wich one of them will represent their population in the state/country.

.c Further I'd like those politicans for the state/country to choose one of them to represent their population in that part of the world. This means that the existing unions becomes obsolete/unneccesary. So there would be one person talking for England, one for Espain, one for Island and so on.

.d And lastly that group of politicans choose one of them to represent their part of the world, so in the world-government there would be one from africa, one from asia, one from europe, one from north ammerica, one from south america.


2. as above, but it is the population in each country that vote for whom will represent them in the county and country.
But 1c and 1d above will still have to be done that way.


My reasoning to choose only one to talk for his county/country/worldpart is that he represent the interests of his/her people and area. One people is one people and it should not matter who many they are. I see no logic in having hundreds of politicans for each area as they all usually have the same opinions anyway. And having only one increases the chance minorities of being heard, wich they are not today.
And it will be more easy for people to get to know the top politicans when their numbers is limited. People need to get to know the person talking for them in order to trust him/her. Trust is more important then numbers.
Politicans representing countries with many different cultures will of course speak for them all, not just his own. Nobody know everything so there's always room for learning

. . .

1.e And for the future; When we begin to settle and make towns in space and on the moon and Mars they will also have a seat in the world(s) government (one from Mars, one from the moon and so on). And when the population on colonized planets grow into many towns I guess it will be neccesary to have a world government for each planet and possibly make a star government with one politican from each populated planet. And if we meet other people ('aliens') from other starsystems I imagine they'll make a Milkyway government with politicans from each starsystem. But that is for the future....

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