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I'm sick of humans and being human

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posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 06:09 AM
a reply to: 0zzymand0sLife is but an experience, you choose to be happy or not about it. The problem is not about liking or hating different things but not to form attachments to them as most things are neither good or bad. Yes i agree with the op that society is being run most of the time by empty cruel nassicistic individuals who are influenced by dark entities and that many in society are stupid enough to worship these individuals and can not think for themselves. There is however a growing number of people seeing though the lies and manipulation of these entities and individuals and indeed trying to avoid some of the negative situations that are being foisted upon us. Sport is all part of the bread and circuses of modern society to distract us from the important things in life and is fine as long as it is taken only as a game and NOT seriously. Materialistic things and experiences are also just more distractions. War and deceitful business practises are all part of the negativity of these individuals running society and i would not like to be in their shoes when the time to pay for what they have done and to learn their lessons comes around.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 06:37 AM
a reply to: dontneedaname

I get the feeling
you have experienced
dramatic situations
in your life.

Such events make it very
difficult to live in a
shall I say "Daily Routine".

Have you considered
Paramedic training
or the local Fire Department?

You need a challenge
to focus, and both of these
fields expose the self to
life and death situations frequently.

Find It.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 06:43 AM
OP, you make some good points, but I am going to have to disagree with a few.

Music, there is good music out there, it just isn't played on the mainstream. There are a lot of songs out there that cover most of the points you made in your OP. There are bands that focus their lyrics on trying to wake people up. I don't blame you for not wanting to listen to songs about love. The main stream will be beating that horse long after it is dead and decayed. ATS has a lot of great music threads that have songs that contain though. Music is good for the soul, but what they play on the radio nowadays doesn't really qualify as music.

Food. Know where your food comes from. If you are too far removed from it that you don't know how it was grown and can't find out, you probably shouldn't be eating it. The key is to eat local organic. I cook every thing from scratch. I eat mate but i refuse to support CAFOS . Nope, I need to know that the animal I will be eating had a high quality of life and died peacefully without fear or stress. (You can taste the fear and that is what causes problems in humans)

Tea and herbal supplements, they have their place. You can get teas that naturally don't have caffeine. Just make sure again that it is organic. They do have healthy bennifits. I would also suggest you take vitamins since you can't get enough from the modern diet. Even organic veggies are low because we depleted nutrients form the soil. Once again check your sources. Know who made them and where they were grown.

Other than that, it is good to stay in the know so you can plan accordingly. I don't use cell phones I do pick and choose my news media outlets carefully because I figure that otherwise I would be the last to know if I need to get out of dodge.

Last but not least, always be able to change your views for the sake of personal growth. As new information comes in , evaluate it, and adjust your believe accordingly.

Best of luck to you.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 08:27 AM
Being human is better than being a Toad in the path of a lawn mower.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 12:17 PM

originally posted by: starababa
did you ever watch "the golden web"
truth hidden in the plain sight,
we think the same,we must be here on purpose,just need to remember...

I watched it. What makes it "truth" hidden in plain sight. The author of "The Golden Web" makes a lot of interesting connection with words and society. Yet, what makes it more than a clever coincidence?

Some of it may be true, but all of it? Give me a break. How does he know archons run the galaxy and created a reincarnation entrapment? He is making connections and creating assumptions.

It's a perfect example of someone intelligent who let their mind go wild into trying to find out the mysterious of this reality. The "golden web" is about as much truth as the bible.

Like the bible, some of it is interesting and may have some symbology to real life, but there is nothing concrete that makes it "truth". Just one's own mind to be the judge of the own connections they draw.

Either way, I still liked it and felt like he might have been on to something. He presented the problem being due to duealism (good and evil , love and hate, life and death, positive and negative). The ying and yang of our existance that creates the endless cycles (which in turn gives energy to the archons). Then his solution was to become an observer, the middle path.

Taking out the archons and other theories, his problem and solution was very similair to buddhism, tantra or other similar meditation paths/techniques.

Either way, very interesting video if one takes it with a giant grain of salt and does not take it seriously enough to think that the author is some wise-man teaching you the inner teachings of the elite.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 12:32 PM
a reply to: dontneedaname



posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 01:18 PM
Communications is up to 90% non-verbal....which is the downfall of much on-line communications today.

Interpretation of my tone of voice is dependent on your EMOTIONAL VALUATION of words and concepts in your mind/heart. If we were talking in person, you would get a different impression, because you would FEEL the FREQUENCIES of my words and thoughts. You would hear how I speak. And if I really let my guard down (And eventually it will fall completely) you would see the raw feelings coming out of me. The same raw feelings that are inside you in some form more/less. They affect your eyesight, how tight your muscles are (stress), and the electrical pathways in your body - which affects every part of our health (But few doctors understand the body electric, so stuck on chemicals and drug names we are) Many doctors I've learned, barely understand nutrition, they don't even get taught it - at Harvard for example. I know cuz I have a friend that went there and I asked him many years ago.

These feelings have been coming out for years and years now, especially as I changed how I view food. Which is why I recommended all those documentaries, because I have learned from so many others. I've lowered my pride to realize I was stupid and ignorant. Now I am not smart or wise or enlightened, nor am I stupid or ignorant, I just am. I shall just be. That is my goal anyway, soon those words will be expunged from my inner vocabulary so I won't even type them. They are becoming like a foreign language to me.

Adam = Man
Eve = to Live (and also breath - but that's another story)
Jesus = Yahweh is Salvation
Yahweh = TO BE
TO BE in Salvation

This will turn off some, because they instantly see anything religious and think bollocks. But, to each their own.
Check out a NatGeo documentary: The Gospel of Judas...for a completely different twist of events.

We don't have TO BE: religious, lawyers, doctors, police officers, firemen, helpful, construction workers, poor, rich, smart, stupid, ashamed, sad, athletes, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, agnostic, atheist, dedicated, self-confident, retarded, screwedup, Americans, Indian, Jewish, French, Spanish, Colombian, self-reliant, independent, Democrat, Republican, Tories, Labor, scared, GOOD, BAD, moral, any political party, any feeling state, any title on a business card, any NATIONality (How's your PATRiotism - PATR = FATHER). This random list of words above is just remnants of feelings / thoughts in my body.

In fact, the more we assign labels OF ANY KIND to ourselves or others. The more we limit our freedom. For all labels are SELF-constraining.
Including the labels of our names, which is why, I don't need a name!

Salvation (Or peace in my book, is just TO BE, for the sake of BEing, and that doesn't include BEing -- huMAN. For it is MAN (See Adam above) who is always trying to BE something else other than how he/she was created. That serpent in the book of Genesis - it's our large/small intestine.


Interesting to see the varied responses to my same 'rant' / complaining. I'll say when we seek to clean out our soul and find peace in our soul / heart - to the very BOTTOM of the barrel - EVERYTHING must come out. ALL hate, anger, jealousy, fear, self-doubt, SELFishness, SELFlessness, greed, desire, envy, hope, worry, pride of position / place, and most importantly - the word 'I' - me,myself, and I (Which I am still getting rid of - obviously, or maybe not). The word 'I' doesn't exist because we have the feelings of many other people inside us, from our current life and past lives.

Like when you hang around certain people for a long time, you start becoming like them in some ways. Have you noticed?
Food choices, music preferences, ways of thinking. There is a method to how this happens, but it is better not explained, better experienced.
When you eat a certain food, you may think of your partner, mother, father, grandmother (some pie?), sibling, whatever....


We suppress all these icky feelings inside with food and drink. Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine are the most potent. That's why Starbucks, Monster Energy, Coke/Pepsi, Red Bull, Joe Camel, Marlboro, Diageo, etc... make so much $$$. And all the companies that tag along with them. All those folks you see at a coffee shop - feeling good - about themselves, they are all self-medicating. I used to do the same myself, everyday years and years on end, over and over again. But, now I KNOW better. For I have l-EARNed a better way TO BE.

But typing this is probably a waste of time largely, because I learned this after years and years of getting rid of crap in myself. I learned it by experience, not typing it up.Well, I did write a lot too..but that is another story....

As for being much more than we are physically and mentally -- check out History Channel series: Stan Lee's Superhumans.
Find videos on - Dutch Iceman, Human Calculator, Tummo Meditation, counting pi to 20,000 digits, 60 Minutes Endless Memory, autistic savants.... the information is out there....there is much more than on those videos though....

There is no GOOD or BAD in my book - if I ever say it or imply it, it is lingering feelings from either my last self, or someone else's energy inside me. One person likes HEAVY METAL music, you abhor it. But it FEELS good to THEM. But, not to you. By definition, from a larger picture, heavy metal isn't good, nor is it bad. It just is. RELATIVELY speaking, it is good for you, but may be terrible to someone else. Just as with music from another country. Ever listen to Chinese Opera? Obviously, a lot of people love it, perhaps you don't. Do you like/hate COUNTRY music? I used to like it, but now it just sounds like noise I don't need.

Same with food, and everything else.

I've learned a lot by observation and non-stop learning. l-EARN. From books to documentaries to travel. Well...maybe this is my last rant. Maybe I will complain a little more...but my days of complaining are reaching an end. For complaining about something implies you feel the opposite of it. But when I am balanced and the thoughts of other people inside me are gone (That Quantum Entanglement thing) , those events will just be.
Thanks for the outlet ATS...maybe somebody here might find something useful in the videos or something I typed. But that would be hope, and I don't want that either....for that is just a lower level of worry.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 01:28 PM

originally posted by: donktheclown
a reply to: dontneedaname

Holy crap! I don't know where to begin. Your thinking is very similar to mine, and by that, it increasingly adds credence to my belief that "something" is happening. Something profound. Something that you're helping to perpetuate with this message. Seriously, I hope you tell this and similar messages more often. Let people who think the same as you do, know that they aren't alone. Tell everyone how you feel. This is the kind of stuff that changes things.

Thank you donktheclown.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 01:44 PM

originally posted by: rexsblues
EDIT: (see? ...exaclty^)

S+F & high f'n five... You might be my doppelganger. Seriously, that's almost word for word of what myself and I believe many are going though right now. it's just an explosion of awareness we're experiencing. This is just the darkside of the classic realization that "we're all one", it's grim at times but just remember you're hangin ten on a wave most people don't even realize they're on. Strange time's man, but It's good to be awake.

Thanks rexsblues, KellyPrettyBear, Wasaka, and some others....when the time is right, perhaps we shall meet. The future is WHEEEEEEEE.......not I, AIEEEEE. The future is for those who want to see REALITY for what it is, not how we want it to be. Blast all those marketing folk (I used to be one, so I know their tricks of the trade and mind-manipulation)

and stosh64, I am not enlightened (That is your label), and yes, I am feeling somewhat miserable (Though that word isn't in my vocabulary) ...because I am (By and large) not suppressing my unhappiness, fears, insecurities, etc... - as noted in one of my last messages.

I am letting all the ugliness accumulated in me (From this life and all past ones) pass through and out of me. It has re-shaped my facial muscles, the size of my eyes, muscle mass, my physical body. I have been getting rid of SELF-control and SELF-awareness. LIterally, repressed pain, fear, anger, hate, etc.. has come out. I went to some beautiful (What I thought of) secluded places in the world to get most of this out. Even when I was living in a big city, I began my retreat from LIFE as we know it.. Now the remnants are coming out in a quiet suburb. Not secluded as in expensive ($600/mo? - expensive to someone who lives on a dollar a day or not much more - ok), but just away from the masses.


posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 02:04 PM

If not working...try here for a metaphor that some may understand. FRom Terminator 2, actually I want the death of the T-1000 scene too as all the people he 'impersonated' came out. WE are good that, pretending to be someone else in different 'fit in', get what we want, etc...rather than just BEing...

Have chosen to get rid of 'I' / ego. Getting rid of mySELF. ourSELVES.

self-deception was a helpful topic to study....



posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: dontneedaname

Here - metaphor example of energy from other people residing in us that must come out -- which sometimes make us do things "we" don't wan't to do.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 07:31 PM
There are pockets of beautiful human mutants everywhere... one just has to dig around a bit.

But yeah... in general, modern life is a bit like a poetic genius sitting in the middle of a group of insane, stupid psychopaths with PA systems turned to "10" all speaking in tongues.

I'm enduring my life sentence and finding occasional beauty and interest... I suggest fine art (or not so fine) and good literature. It helps me, anyway. More than halfway through, for me! See y'all at the after-party.

posted on Jul, 14 2015 @ 10:51 AM
a reply to: dontneedaname

The resonations of Your Words have touched Me. Thank You for this Thread!

There is indeed something happening to HuManity as a whole...
We, if one chooses it to have ity's positive effect, are recieving something good for Us...
In the way of Natural Harmonics...

I believe the vibrations of this Planet have risen somewhat,
and it does affect Us as it is absorbed into our Body Systems...

True enlightenment will be had for All... (Like I mentioned, to those Who want to recieve it)...
I guess We as a species need to wake up!?
Just sayin... Syx...

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posted on Jul, 16 2015 @ 05:12 AM
I feel the same.
I Dont want to be human!
best way to live is stop watching All news and TV, film +
yas I know its hard, sighs I am here for one.

we ( are kind of people)
should build Commune to live in.
ever one keeps to them selves
no leaders. but help each other.
no less than one mile between each house.

then you would have to go out of your way to bother others.
and they the rest get to gether and move their hosue!

posted on Jul, 16 2015 @ 06:24 AM

originally posted by: buddha
I feel the same.
I Dont want to be human!
best way to live is stop watching All news and TV, film +
yas I know its hard, sighs I am here for one.

we ( are kind of people)
should build Commune to live in.
ever one keeps to them selves
no leaders. but help each other.
no less than one mile between each house.

then you would have to go out of your way to bother others.
and they the rest get to gether and move their hosue!

Im diffrent, I know how dark the world is,and I know many dark things happen in our own towns and city's. But when I see a stranger holding a person having a fit, when I see someone running after another person to return a purse they dropped. There are good things going on every day. Humans must be ready to decide to be "good or bad" with all the decisions that must be made every day. I believe with my whole heart despite the humans that spread darkness there are more humans spreading light

posted on Jul, 17 2015 @ 12:11 PM
a reply to: dontneedaname

One piece of Enlightenment is connection to cosmic justice. Your next step, learn to dispair the world without becoming despaired.

You must accept that you cannot change others. What you can do is send out positive vibes. When you accept cosmic justice, you realize that when you send out positive vibes you receive a cosmic thank you. Most people are selfish vampires when it comes to good vibes, they suck up the good vibes without reciprocation.

Change your vision. You are looking at others and forming a depressing opinion based on what is out of your control. Look towards cosmic justice and you will learn to fulfill yourself by the deeds you do. Your good deeds are always welcome by cosmic justice and never go unappreciated.

Most people follow the selfish and justify the poison. They swim through the poison, without acknowledging the poison, because they are drinking the koolaid. Such people are too selfish to empathize.

Those who lack empathy, like many of those who responded to your pain negatively, live for the self. They would have you follow their self centered lifestyle. You have seen past the selfish lifestyle. Your pain proves that you empathize with the world.

The problem with your current approach, you are running away. If you run away you are no better off than those wilfully swimming in the poison. You can't run away and find peace, because the world is suffering and you feel it.

Accept cosmic justice and be the change you want to see. Imagine the best you that you can be. Then run towards you instead of running away from them.

The good news, changing the world is a simple as changing those who lead it. When the world places philosophers in leadership, not politicians, the world will be following those who empathize like you.

Then we will evolve from ape to human.

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posted on Aug, 12 2017 @ 11:23 AM
a reply to: dontneedaname

Hi, I googled, "I hate humans" and found your article, and thanks for your ruminations.

There are many way I have come up with to explain the unexplainable nature of us.

I call us (humans) ... "Quantum Beings" ...

and / or ...

"we have met the problem, and it is us." ... but slightly different, cuz we are the problem - studying itself,

and / or ...

we are amazing (as you said) and yet we are also amazing at THWARTING ourselves.

and / or ...

everyone is right, everyone is wrong.

and / or ...

staying dumb is good (as you kind of said)

and yet staying smart is good also ...

and / or ...

"too much success is bad."

and / or ...

"If I completely won the argument and got what I wanted, I WOULD LOSE"

and / or ...

"the winner is the loser, the loser is the winner"

and / or ...

"nobody ever won a war, the so called "loser" simply went underground, to reappear inside the winner"

I hear you on your effort to unplug more and more from humans.

Just last night I heard about how many whales die because of ships smashing into them while they are sleeping on the surface of the ocean ... like a tractor hitting a butterfly.

all for trade, the economy, consumption,

yuck !!!!

and when I drive on the highway, I can't stop noticing that the roads are a swath of death, no life, except for humans and their machines, and the audacity, insensitivity, the rush from point A to point B and then back again, to work, to pay for stuff, the rent, the mortage, which will all be garbage soon, land fill, burned, dumped in the ocean ... for the whales to ingest, while they're getting hit by ships ...

and i never watch sports

but I am a musician and I make money by playing music at bars / restaurants, and the bars usually have 10 TVs with numb patrons watching sports, the same thing over and over (like you said) ... not clapping, being oblivious to the art that I'm expressing, but so what? who cares about my art? it doesn't matter. it's just me and my ego, thinking I'm creating something new, which I'm not, it's just regurgitated, recombined sameness ... all done before by Bach, Monk, Beatles ... all to aid and abet drinking time wasters.

ok, I'm done for the moment ...

but here is a song that I wrote called, "Sun Is All We Need" ... for your enjoyment.

2 different version, one studio, one live.



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