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I'm sick of humans and being human

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posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 02:28 PM
a reply to: dontneedaname

Can I have your stuff?

Seriously. Just go. Take your ennui and depression, and the rest of your tribe -- whatever you are -- and get off world. Go find some garden planet somewhere and leave the rest of us alone.

I'm tired of your constant complaints. I'm weary of your hatred for the rest of us. I'm bored with your constant bashing of human nature, art, achievement, architecture and science.

I *like* it here. I love theater and film and smoky clubs and throbbing music. I like cars and skyscrapers and ethnic food. I adore people watching and people-talking and human stories -- both real and unreal.

I dig human potential, warts and wars and shoddy politics and arguments. I like struggle and aiming high and falling short. I love competition AND cooperation.

Go hide in the jungle and pretend your life away. Pretend that there is something noble and natural in dirt and grass, and nothing but evil in concrete and glass. I've got news for you: human beings -- and the unnatural things we create, crave and consume -- are just as much a part of this universe as you are.

You are not that special.

If you can't help shape a reality that serves us all in our quest to be truly human together -- all 6.8 billion of us -- than we can do without you.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

I am going to log off and go help my friend who is dying of cancer move his stuff. After? I'll have dinner with my GF and kids, and listen to some heavily amplified music. That's the frequency I'm into. That's what I care about.

Human people, human places, human things. Forever.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 02:28 PM
did you ever watch "the golden web"
truth hidden in the plain sight,
we think the same,we must be here on purpose,just need to remember...

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 02:29 PM
a reply to: dontneedaname

Hence why I always say if you are "enlightened" in this world you will be labelled as crazy and promptly dealt with.

I've tried helping move people forward one step at a time with my teachings but I learned the hard way that everyone is out for themselves, and I don't care if you think it's not you because it includes all of us, myself included.

We are selfish/self righteous animals that think because we created tools to use for dominion that we are superior.

I've given up on the human race long ago after suffering the worst things other humans could inflict against me, hell at this point with my experience I'd trust an alien sooner than a damn dirty ape! Oops I means human..

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 02:33 PM
a reply to: 0zzymand0s

I'm sure your bank account reflects your attitude, but whatever as much as it pains me to admit you are correct in the backwards way of explaining that life is what you make of it.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 02:46 PM
a reply to: dontneedaname

The path of the true human being is custodial.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 03:08 PM

originally posted by: donktheclown

For one so 'enlightened' you sound miserable.
a reply to: stosh64

Speaking for myself, it is miserable! Imagine experiencing something completely paradigm changing and then finding you have nobody who wants to hear of your discovery. It's so sad and disheartening to me that so many people are "comfortably numb" in this unbelievably huge lie, and subsequently, they don't want out. Ignorance is bliss - for many, if not most. I send you all, LOVE.

Something is only paradigm changing if people do it on
their own, once you explain it.

If you don't explain it,
or if you do and people don't get it
and don't do it

then guess what?

It's not paradigm changing.

It's a failed theory.

Join all the other self-appointed visionaries
in the didn't accomplish anything line.
(I speak of this from personal experience).


posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 03:08 PM
a reply to: dontneedaname

I love your post OP, and feel a lot of what you feel as well. I highly appreciated your comment regarding the similarities around the world as I have only traveled to other states and even then, not in a long while.

I'm disenchanted by the world which is made for the beautiful and the wealthy.
And even then, now, if I suddenly had either/both of those things, I don't think I could change how I feel about it.

I observe the sports people with simple astonishment at their ability to repeatedly give all their #s to some goal that was made. Just over and over again, that is THE driving force in many people's lives. They live to share that same insanity with their children and the cycle repeats itself all over again.

The masses obsess over sex, obtaining material items, "success" and being "right". Their religious beliefs stand as a symbol of their personal triumph into ________ afterlife.

Life itself has become a disillusionment to watch the same cycles of infighting, deception, and power plays as the people just do the same thing over and over again. The majority choosing to ignore everything that goes on around them as long as THEY get what they want. I've become more apathetic myself to the events of the world and that bothers me some.
I do still find some meager joy in video gaming(the creative/strategic/rpg kinds, not the shooters) and food is pleasurable still. I also don't refrain from the stimulants that you do. But I definitely empathize with many of your sentiments.

I wish you luck in your pursuit, although I feel from the tone of your post that it might have a dark ending. And really? That's ok too. We've experienced this life and know it to be what it is.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 03:09 PM

What if we are on the cusp of a great spiritual leap forward? What if only some of us are?
a reply to: TerryMcGuire
I believe we're taking that leap. And "we" means all of us. Some will be more prepared than others perhaps, but again, I'm sure we're all going - don't worry. Have no fear of leaving loved ones behind, when all that's being left behind is the old you, and the old friend, wife, husband etc. Our collective views and attitudes will make our reality new, once the old views have been replaced by those that suit us in the new paradigm.

And maybe we are just so messed up that we are alienated from our whole society.

If these ideas alienate us, that's fine by me. All you'd have to do is to realize that the rest of humanity is simply cleaning out their closets and getting ready for the ride. Let them sleep if they wish, we'll cover for them in the meantime... Send out the word and the word is "LOVE."

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posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 03:12 PM
a reply to: dontneedaname

Hmm...I know how you feel but waking up from deep slumber is just a first step and being angry at everything and everyone is completely normal because you see the reality for what it is...just don`t let it overwhelm you as you really don`t want to get down this path. You will find that things you hate now might come as the little things that makes you happy. You say sports are pointless? I would disagree and recommend playing some of these sports while socialiazing at the same time through game. Similar thing is for music...try sth else, more peacful rythm, different frequencies...Same goes with everything else, you`ll find your way just give it a chance now that you know the truth
It is not an easy path but very interesting one, just don`t lose faith...either in who or what you believe or in yourself, never ever lose that...

Oh and when you get on track, try and help others to wake up....Cheers

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 03:24 PM

It's a failed theory.
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

It is, to you, Kev. I have the utmost confidence that my theory of "you'll get it some day" will arrive. I spent my entire life explaining things away. No more. Theory...phhh

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 03:44 PM
When you understand that you dont understand you have taken many steps. Humans greatest strength is the ability to adopt and change to over come things, this ability is also humans greatest failing. Because as long as we know we will survive there will always be wars, hurting , hate. Humans are doomed by the very thing that saves them.To live some thing must die, to survive we must show we can over come so it never stops. When a human walks away from something they are always walking back to something else. And yet each of has the power to say no in a very small way, should it only be said in our souls.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 04:33 PM

originally posted by: Aliensun

originally posted by: IAMTAT
Denying one's humanity is typically human.
Truly accepting it is Golden.

You mean to merely become the same as about everyone else?
(dead in the head?)

If that's how you choose to interpret my words, that's your choice.

I believe that denial of one's Humanity is the act of reflecting outwardly upon one's self by treating Humanity as a mirror; THAT is typically human.
Embracing one's Humanity is becoming one's own mirror and reflecting inwardly upon one's self.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 05:05 PM

originally posted by: stosh64
a reply to: dontneedaname

For one so 'enlightened' you sound miserable.

When you awake to see WHAT IS, then you know
that which we value has no value. Yes, it does
make a soulful person miserable to live in a
world of huMAN's who value the valueless.

Being enlightened is painful, don't let anyone
tell you otherwise. It takes courage to face
that pain, but as Buddhas taught, this is the
first step toward the cessation of that pain.

Pain is why people turn to various forms of
pleasure which dulls the senses, or gives us
a momentary relief. Much of life is avoiding
pain and seeking pleasure, and most people
do this on auto-pilot. In this semi-unconscious
state of mind, we function out of fear and
greed by default.

To be sick of huMAN beings is just this: it is
the resolve and determination on the part of
an individual to rise above the unconscious
mediocrity of our habitual behaviors.

To be unHuman is a choice.
It is a choice to be better.

It starts with seeing the problem of ideology
and letting it go. It starts with relinquishing
the animal programming and own "natural"
ways of coping. It starts by knowing you
are more than a mere body.

You are more than a meme machine, more
than DNA memory, and more than the sum
total of what your wet brain can tell you.
You are an eternal being of Light and that
"soul" will not miss being "human" once
it crosses over into the Afterlife.

Our challenge now is to be the Light, and
to know LOVE and to make it known.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 05:32 PM
It is probably just symptomatic of humanity being displaced from human nature, which is living in tight knit groups, being part of thriving communities where there is order, people know their role and all have a role and a future to look forward to.

Being effectively forcefed 'modern' (counterproductive) society and all it's PC/ Kardashian / Jenner / Pop / Digital etc ails is not that which humanity has evolved to feel comfortable with.

The very genetics of humanity is being affected by cultural and societal meltdown, from physically such as from drinking drug laden tap water to emotionally and psychologically. Humans are inherently neither solitary nor as groups welcoming to other groups of entirely different cultures.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 05:56 PM
a reply to: threeeyesopen

I don't have any money. I have kids, remember.

Snarky aside. I wish the OP the best, but I love humans and I am optimistic for our species, our civilization and our world.

I have to be. I have children.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 06:02 PM
I can some this up quite simply.
Humans are a cancer, we kill everything and everyone around us, and continue to multiply. This will never stop, we need to be wiped out. I despise what we are.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 06:42 PM

I despise what we are.
a reply to: OpenEars123

We're LOVE, ingeniously disguised in the illusion of ego and hatred.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 12:50 AM
You hit the peak with all that as most of us do. Agreeing it can be hard. Especially when dietary conscious, trying to ensure eating the right foods; products that you feel are right for you, etc. Ignoring pop culture? Good luck as it's all around, even if you tune out it finds you one way or another. There's the set up illusion of what the world is, but as mentioned elsewhere it seems like that constructed pop culture for example is (hah, finally) falling apart now that beloved stars, etc. are not who they seem.

Going off the grid for a while helped me to appreciate nature and the stuff around us that modern culture has tuned out. It's tough, don't suggest it for everyone for sure, nut it may be something to check into. Gotta be cautious of looming depression from having to deal with some of these issues.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 01:59 AM
You are not obligated to participate in the madness of society. Sometimes I need to take a break from reading about the world or even ATS. If I get overwhelmed I simply step back and try to 'let it be'. I like people, but I despise society. It has passed me by as too politically correct and too hip. I try to just ignore it and concentrate on more positive things like working on myself. At least that is something we have control of unlike the stupidity on TV or the internet.

I have been considering stepping back from ATS for awhile because lately it seems more and more like a broken record. You know who is going to post a stupid political OP before you even click on the thread. Sometimes I get tired of arguing with idiots. You probably just need a break from 'the world'.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 02:46 AM
/me kicks the door in

-- I briefly scanned a self-congratulatory news piece on a ticker tape parade for US Women's World Cup winners in NYC. Whatever. Men or women's, same thing over and over again. SO you are better at kicking a black and white ball in a net. Whoopee - doo!

Yeah! Im with you! Screw them! They only trained and battled to win the cup, gave it everything they had infront of millions of people watching some for them some against them. But hell, what does that matter? Its just a ball and a net huh.

Seriously? You think like this? You dont take pride in your country saying "Our ladies won! They beat the world!", meh what do I know, with working in education, volunteering to help my fellow man, looking after my partner and getting my home ready for my future child, I dont have the time or money to completely switch up my life and become as stuck up as you wish the rest of the world should be.

Sorry that this may seem like a personal insult but I found your post so "holier then thou":

1. MLB - So your saying that anyone who supports and cheers on a team doesn't understand true happiness? A rest-bite from a tired existence to participate in a social event with like minded people doesnt mean they lead empty lives. That is just a horrible generalization.
2. World cup - See opening statement
3. News sites / Internet - I know that MSN can be depressing / bias but news is good. It tells us of anything that may be going on in our world. I for one would love to know if some country had invaded mine and I was no where near the area where the beachhead location to know. I for one like to know what the weather will be like tomorrow. I love to hear about local events! Surely if you were ready to give up the internet you wouldnt have taken your time to write this rant, if you were what you paint yourself to be in your post, you would never have posted it.
3. Caffeine - Good for you, I have looked up the effects it has but as for drinking it, I rarely do. In fact only when Im on holiday (which again very rare).
4. Eating it - Havent had chocolate myself in god.... 5 years? Wow....
5. Mobile phones - Yeah! Its because of caffeine and nicotine that people dont know... wait what? Most people dont know because they dont want to know or they cba to learn, not because of 2 chemicals .......
6. Alcohol - Good for you, I myself have a cold beer or two once a month with family or friends. Sometimes we play darts, but because of this I am now basically a pig to the slaughter.
7. Food - Sorry we all cant afford organically grown stuff, you know theres something called life which can be expensive.
8. Travel the world - Nice one! Its good to see you have the time to do it. But see the end of point 7 when it comes to affording these trips. I myself funded when I was younger a massive trip around parts of the world, alas I couldnt afford to go to some countries but oh well, I regret nothing.
9. Women - Generalization to the extreme! Do you expect 100% of women to be attracted to you? I dont mean to sound horrible but thats what it reads as.
10. Caring - For someone who doesnt care you put a lot of effort into caring!

I doubt this will be up for very long, someone will report it and it will get removed. I will get a warning and we will all go on with our lives.

I do have a few questions for you:

1. What do you do to fund your life?
2. What made you so jaded?
3. Why, for someone who claims not to care, do you care so much?
4. Why does this sound more like a cry for help then a "Im done" post?

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