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Who were the First UFO researchers ?

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posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 12:01 AM
"It really is a difficult question as there is many kinds of ufos. Take the 'cigar' shaped ones for example. No one knew about them till researcher Monica Lewinsky was able to capture them going in and out of small caves while most Americans were oblivious."

Funny thing that people don't talk much about the origination of
'patient zero' so to speak when it comes to "UFOs".

I think that if you investigate carefully enough you will find that
some charismatic person is generally the first person to describe
a 'UFO' in a certain way, and then it gets stuck in the human

Rather like Whitley Strieber and gray aliens.

The 'UFO or alien type' may never have existed at all..
at least in that supposed form.. until that person
came along..

Also rather like Kenneth Arnold and 'flying saucers'.

As a matter of fact, I think that a 'government experiment'
was done on this phenomenon.. where some BS was
released into the public.. and it 'started coming true'.

I can't recall which person told me about that.

But this is why I joke about the movie "Forbidden Planet"
all the time.. and if you look carefully, there are one or
more 'insiders' who also joke about that movie..

There is a reason they joke that way.


posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 04:07 PM
A few more names:

R. DeWitt Miller was a follower of Charles Fort and had released Forgotten Mysteries in 1947 before the flying saucers hit. Also, Tiffany Thayer, editor of the Fort magazine, "Doubt" was collecting UFO sightings reports.

Before that, there were some newspaper writers that investigated the airship mystery, but I don't have any names handy.

Mead Layne of Borderland Sciences Research Associates was advocating visitors from space in 1946.

Ray Palmer was promoting the Shaver Mystery and proposed that it was connected to Fort's material, and was collecting newspaper clippings of strange things in the sky, claiming they were visitors from space.

Don't forget the "ghost rockets," there were people looking into those as well.

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