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To the taken

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posted on Jun, 7 2003 @ 03:17 AM
This is a late tribute to the men and women of wars.

This tribute goes out to them in honor of those men and women who stormed the beaches of Normandy just over 59 years ago.

I had a battle of my own on the anniversary of that invasion. What a horrible way to honor them. What I way to spend a day when men and women fought this way. Men and women fought this way not because they wanted to, but because they had to.

This is to those that had to.

This is to those that were taken.

I wish to reach out to those that were lost in war. Especially those that were taken from there homes to fight someone else's wars.

War is not good.

No one wants war.

Only corruptors seek this crime against the world.

The men and women who fight this crime are the soldiers.

We must honor those that fought for the sake of others.

We must praise their courage and integrity.

They have given us the freedoms from the kills of war.

That is their field.

They operate the killings.

So we don't have to.

Does anyone want to kill???


Only the sinners and corruptors seek such things.

The wars between nations is a war against the sanity of the world and the virtue of God.

The soldier seeks no death, only when it seeks him.

The soldier fears death and wants no of it.

Therefore no soldier wants war.

No real soldier that is.

All soldiers are the bastion of freedom and justice.

That is why they fight the wars.

Because they want justice and virtue to live on.

That is what those that were taken did when they stormed the beaches of Northern France.

It is they who allowed the freedom of the world to live on for one more time.

Just one more time.

That time is a treasure.

A treasure we keep sacred in our hearts and open in our minds.

We never neglect that treasure, for it is our key to civility and peace.

We can thank the taken for that.

God Bless You

You are not gone, and you are not forgotten.

Peace and freedom abound, so as long as your around.

Love is always with you.

We honor you always.

Abraham Virtue


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