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Had a Huge bear encounter today, realised I am more dangerous.

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posted on Jul, 10 2015 @ 10:40 AM
I worked in Yosemite, at the Ahwahnee Hotel, during the summer of 1974. A group of us were coming back from the hotel one night, after dinner in the employees' dining hall. The asphalt path back to the worker's dormitory was about 15 feet off the parking lot, with tall grass, vegetation on either side. As we approached the dumpster outside the dorm, a fairly large black bear rose up out of the dumpster. We froze, then very slowly backed away, turned into the grass and headed for the parking lot. Keeping the cars between us and Mr. Bear (who watched us with avid interest), we made it safely to the dorm.

Even though park animals are very used to humans (and many of the human visitors to national parks are total morons when it comes to wildlife) they are still WILD animals...and very unpredictable. Human arrogance in the face of Mother Nature frequently results in a losing "score" for the human. I'd say the guy in the OP was one lucky sucker.

posted on Jul, 10 2015 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: LostAndFound2
Bears are super scary yo! But it is much better to be armed if you ever run into one then not.

Though they dont generally bother you unless provoked and then its only really the big males doing there territory thing and in heat you have to watch out for, or the mama bears, but they would only attack if there cubs are hurt. Don't think even the hungry ones would bother with humans unless the human gives them the opportunity as there is always better and less troublesome game out there.

Yes, that is it. Bears like humans are merely opportunists.

People should stay away from bears, in some circumstances it can go wrong real fast.

When bears attack.

Circumstance and Opportunity, thin line between life and death, as shown in the two vids below. And even with guns and weapons most humans would not fare well against a full grown bear in an up close encounter.

Though realistically anything short of half a mile away bear encounter would not likely go well if something that size really was committed to the kill, there would be no stare-down, and you would not likely run into it just standing on the road, it would likely crash into you from the blind side of a bush as your on your merry way walking back from fishing. I could post another vid or pictures showing this fact, but would be likely against some sort of ATS rules and such. A limb here, a head there, and the rest somewhere, likely the autopsy/disection of the bears contents would tell were.

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posted on Jul, 10 2015 @ 11:55 PM
It seems there are people on the Internet who have no life what so ever and never go outdoors

They exist online only to make fun of others

You know who you are ..

To the others thank you for posting

Those of you asking what guns I had, you asked in such a trolling/negative way that I would never tell you.

Those of you asking in a nice way what guns I had. If you really must know PM me and I will PM you back
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posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 08:09 AM
a reply to: LostAndFound2

funny my experience in real life is just the opposite, those that brag are generally the armchair warriors or couch potatoes. and those that make fun of the braggart or point out / ask for facts , are the ones who really do things or experience them.

i guess being a internet keyboard warrior changes that to.

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posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 12:04 PM
that's not a crazy bear story. here's a crazy Bear story....

so me and my buddy are fishing up at lake mammoth and we decide to get a room at the local hotel for the night cause we aint sleeping in the car again.

so we walk in to reception for the check in and are greeted by the hottest Eva longoria look alike. she's sitting behind the counter all dolled up wearing a skirt suit.

we flirt back and forth then some huge repulsive fat slob with a stained shirt comes out from the office in back holding two sticks and says "Maria the bears back in the garage go get rid of it" and hands her the sticks.

me and my friend look at each other like what?

she stands up and is like 8 months pregnant and looks like she's carrying twins or something. she waddles out back with the sticks and disappears her heels clacking off into the distance.

here's what we hear next.

hot Eva longoria look alike who's super pregnant in a heavy Colombian Latin accent:

"Get!!! Get away!!! clack clack clack.


hot Eva longoria preggers chick:
"GET!!! Get away!!! Bad bear!!!!" clack clack clack of the sticks again.


Me and my buddy are looking at each other like WTF you sent the pregnant woman to chase off the bear this is wrong.

a minute later the Eva longoria look alike walks back in plops down behind the counter and finishes checking us in, not even mentioning the whole bear encounter like it never happened.

the parking garage btw was underground and only had one way in or out.

now that's a crazy bear story. a hot Eva longoria look alike 8 months pregnant dressed in a skirt suit, six inch heels, chandelier earrings, yelling at a bear with a pair of sticks while trapped in an underground parking lot.
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posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 07:54 AM
you there's been a song running through my head ever since i read this thread.
anybody remember the movie Against A Crooked Sky?
any way there was a character played by Richard Boone, he was a trapper that always was getting drunk.
and when he did he sang a song.

I killed a B'ar
over there
i didn't really do it
i was drunk

well that tune has been running through my head, except i been singing,
i scared a B'ar
over there
i didn't really do it
i was drunk

boone character even had a dog named B'ar Killer

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 05:53 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR
Now thats a pretty crazy bear story. Though not discounting the OP's though. As bears can be quite unpredictable once in a while. But really people should be wary of bears. There even was thread around here some years ago about an old woman up in the boonies who had bears coming on to her yard scrounging and general bear stuff.

I think it happens more then a few times, over the years so much so that she got used to it, and from what I remember of the story, and yes she did go out there more then a few time and shoo it away with a stick. And likely it worked before and plenty of other times. But all it took was that one day and she became food.

I mean its an animal and will not likely attack as its there for easy pickings, and contrary to popular believe most wild animals are not looking for a fight and attack, there looking for food with that involves the minimum amount of effort. But then again you got remember its a wild animal, and will do what wild animals do. Any wild animal should be given its due and respect, and be wary of.

Not all bear stories end so well. Not even sure this is the same story I heard years ago.
Colorado woman
Not a story you would want to tell your kids.

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