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Remains of 36 Marines recovered from Betio, Battle of Tarawa

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posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 03:49 PM
36 Marines, including a Medal of Honor recipient, have been recovered from a cemetery on the island of Betio. Betio was the site of the heaviest fighting in the Battle of Tarawa, due to its strategic airstrip.

Over the course of three days (that's a long weekend, mind you) over 6,000 men were killed. The Japanese fought nearly fill the last man, with only 17 Japanese soldiers being captured and 100 or so construction laborers being captured.

The U.S. military prides itself on never leaving a fallen comrade behind. This is especially so in the Marine Corps.

Even if it takes 70 years, we won't stop trying.

Link to MoH recipient's page -

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