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MTV's new show "White People"

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posted on Jul, 30 2015 @ 03:36 PM

originally posted by: peck420

originally posted by: JadeStar
Funny. i tend to get asked that question by a completely opposite demographic.


Maybe a locational thing?

Most likely yes.

posted on Jul, 30 2015 @ 08:56 PM
a reply to: JadeStar

All coloreds around here are so privileged. They get free houses and stuff, they even get whole cities.

posted on Aug, 6 2015 @ 02:44 AM
a reply to: Pinke

OK, so nine minutes in, and i'm already thinking this is hilariously stupid, and somewhat sleazy...feels a lot like ambush journalism. The host is an illegal, and seems hell-bent on generating a situation that will reinforce his confirmation bias.. "let's bring some colored folks to a white southern town, and maybe someone will say ni**er...conflict equals ratings." words hurt? words only have as much power as you let them have. This is pretty dumb.

Fifteen minutes, and thirty seconds in now...Oh jesus...not this "white privilege" s**t again... Oh yay, let's lay on the "white guilt", by going to a native res... what could possibly go wrong here...oh look, irrational bigotry. Is there even anyone left alive who participated in these atrocities? oh, never mind, who gives a crap about that, let's just hate white people because they're white....that's literally ALL they've done..and they didn't even have a choice in that. Who needs logic and common sense, when you can have irrational hatred and bigotry.

Why am i still watching this crap?

nineteen minutes, and fourty seconds in now.... Why do there need to be disadvantages to being white? why do there need to be any disadvantages based on skin color? This is such an idiotic concept... "feels like i'm being discriminated against a little bit"? a little bit? no, it's outright discrimination. Ethnic and gender quotas are bulls**t. Special assistance, and scholarships only for people of certain ethnicities are bulls**t. It is outright discrimination, and, if people weren't so retarded from "political correctness", and "social justice", it would be seen for the outright discrimination, and bigorty that it is. It is, technically speaking, illegal...but good luck getting anyone in power to make a fuss about it. Merit no longer matters...what have we become? That PhD. is a weaselly little s**t.

Hey white've still got it REAL GOOD! never mind that you get discriminated against because of quotas and affirmative action.. we have bulletproof B.S. brand statistics that say that you still get everything. I was unemployed for three years... i applied everywhere i could, and still couldn't get a job, despite being a white male (we're supposed to be at the top of the heap, don't you know?) ....riddle me this: why is it, that with my employment history, skill set, and management experience, and being a white male, it took a good word being put in for me at a place i had already applied, and been rejected from, for me to get a job?.....if i have so much "white privilege", employers should have been tripping over each other, to give me a job...instead, it took a good word being put in for me, just for me to have the menial, low-paying entry-level POS job i managed to get.... oh yeah..we have it SO good..

This "documentary" is silly...

Twenty-four minutes, and forty-five seconds in.. let's toss out numbers, and turn people against one another.. brilliant.

Sure, it can be hard for people to get scholarships, regardless of gender or ethnicity, but that still doesn't negate the fact that gender and ethicnic-based quotas exist, and that in the interest of "political correctness", and "social justice", "minorities" are shown preferential treatment. Back in the old days, when bigotry was considered acceptable, things like affirmative action, and these gender and ethnic quotas were NECESSARY...otherwise, nothing would have ever changed.. However, these things are no longer needed. Merit should be the determining factor, not ethnic heritage, or gender.

It irritates me that "race" is even still something that people care annoys me that people are still so small-minded that they think along these lines...

Thirty-one minutes, and fifty seconds in now.. Oh for f**k's sake...being "colorblind" isn't a copout, and it's not "avoiding" "racial issues" means that people are beginning to become enlightened...seeing their fellow human being as just that; a fellow human being...THIS IS A GOOD THING... lords of Kobol, give me strength...

And now we visit Lucas and his self loathing club, where he plasters nonsense "facts" on the wall, and parrots bigoted "social justice" propaganda....oh brother.... Where's Jamal, and HIS self loathing club? Where's Jorge, and HIS self loathing club? ....oh wait, they don't exist, because no other group of people is being bombarded daily by the "social justice" hate mob, and told how awful they are. It's like back in the old days, when white people were constantly telling black people how inferior and awful they wasn't right then, and it's not right now. Jesus, this "documentary" is so f**king stupid...

And here it is...the big wrap up... "haha, soon, you cracker-ass crackers will be an actual minority, ain't this about a bitch?" don't sound too happy MTV...wouldn't want anyone to label you "racist"...

Yeah, this was a pretty stupid, facile, and utterly useless waste of airtime...the more we draw attention to, and focus on the things that make us different, the more we ignore all the things we have in common. The "race" conversation is nothing more than a distraction, to keep us divided, and weak.

At the end of the day "race" isn't a choice...we didn't decide what color we wanted to be, upon birth. We had no control over it, so how much sense does it make to base how you feel about a person, on the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character?

Stupid s**t like this "documentary" gives my migraine a migraine.
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