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Dark Fantasy Cosmology of White Wolf Co's World of Darkness.

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posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 06:12 AM
Part I.

Vampire: the Masquerade

Cain of the Genesis curse of Cain sires the vampire nobility,
The only First Generation Cainite.

Three Second Generation Cainite are tracked to Enoch, the first city, in my copy of Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition.

Generation identifies quality of training, age and bird's eye over military evolution of the sire. My copy of Genesis, Ch 4 ends with After Seth and Enosh (Set and Enoch's silence) began humanity to encounter God. Genesis 5:23, Enoch was 365 years old, 5:24 Enoch was not, God took him.

The Second Generation could be Enoch, king of the city Enoch, and Cain's two oldest heirs, Solomon and David. The three nobles most directly trained by Ra after he achieved Nirvana.

The Third Generation may imply the high gods - immortals with a bird's eye over all nobility except Enoch itself. Except the Buddha bulk also called God.

Thirteen Clans, defined as military infrastructures unto themselves, and various Sects, defined as an infrastructure to include multiple Clans, spring from the Antideluvians or 3rd Generation Cainite.

The two main Sects are the Camarilla and the Sabbat.


7 Clans, the most Antideluvians, as one storyline they lack the highest ranking 3: Cain and his two oldest sons as the God Allah. 7 signifies Camilla, a female vampire noble, using sex (7 = the Tree of Life Sphere of Beauty in List for A Woman) to schism elites into Caesar's noble court.

The Camarilla consists of

Clan Ventrue - the command hierarchy of the Sect. Caesar and some Romans,
they practice
Presence - rule by intent to vibrate broadly received love and beauty
Dominate - precision in telepathic mind control
Fortitude - expertise in having "hard skin," as bodyguarded by the whole thing.

Clan Toreador - the noble artists. O, read... Tor. Oh, read Thor is the Camarilla. The letters Toreador rearrange spell Epiphany, Thor's cultural elites are the Camarilla.
Toreador may be used to character sheet the Camarilla nobility's party and politic military.
Toreador are Disciplined at
Auspex - psychic scrying and sensing, astral snooping and mind reading
Presence - emanating artistic excellence
Celerity - supernatural acceleration of heart rate retention and neural excitement, and other psychic speeds.

Clan Nosferatu - nicknamed "sewer rats" that inform as an occupation.
They train in
Obfuscate - psychic masking, such as by sending that one's image is pitch darkness late at night so invisible.
Animalism - telepathy with animals
Potence - biological identification in interaction with telekinesis to augment strength.

Clan Malkavian - practice Dementia, all a little bit crazy. They are perfect at telepathically modifying and sending insanities. Abominations of Caesar's MK-Ultra? Mk-ultra spells Malk, tru...
Dementation, Obfuscate, Auspex.

Clan Tremere (Tree Mer? A family tree of Merlin?) Diablerized Christ's Merovengians and Sabbat Tzimisce to become Rome's fast evolving Occult backbone.
Tremere engage in
Auspex - thorough astral surveillance
Dominate - precision mind control
Thaumaturgy - diversified astral kill / occult development.

Rome's ground troops are Gangrel, bulk night time full on blunt shape shifters, and Brujah, martial artists adept at balancing human appearance with situational aptitude.
Relevant ground troop Disciplines:
Potence, augmenting strength, Celerity or speed, and Fortitude or psychic absorbancy.
Animalism - channeling of aggression or squirrel military summoning.
Combat Presence - martially relevant general emanation.
Protean - astral travel thru protein structure to learn how to shape shift.

The Camarilla may also have Bloodline Baali, who cast and mask Satanic Ritual Abuse contagion and emanate Charlie Manson esque love of demonic cult leader.

The Camarilla are at war with

*the Sabbat, or Sword of Cain

The Sabbat Sect diablerizes nobles whom invade rank, and warns young elites against jumping the gun. Diablerie consists of swarming a higher ranking noble than the bottom Cain taps in, and thoroughly digesting its soul memories to steal its power.

Sabbat nobles perfect Vinculi, disciplined renunciate pride in loyalty to Sabba not rooted in the Assamite initiation of the Fanatic. Perfection in assessing General, Niche Mil, and Local Familial... loyalty culp.

Sabbat's two main Clans are
Tzimisce - infinite Russian Slavic torture experts, most of the age male nobles.
Lasombra - they cast no shadows.

The Sabbat takes anything, stocking from all Clans and Bloodlines.

*The Independent Clans...

Clan Giovanni - "John" in Italian, Nazi and Freemasonry connected. Diablerized the Cappadocians: Ca, PP... Ad Ocian's. K, Alis and Neptune Islands as a betrayed infrastructure consumed whole by whomever the Johns fall in love with.

P2 or Propaganda Due is described by conspiracy theorists as Mussolini's mafia. Giovanni may be what the Camarilla has left if the Sabbat is good with embassy networking. Just one Clan, no Sect.

Clan Setite - the King comes first, an immortal snake not the actual G-d of the Sabbat.
Presence - they evolve off big love
Obfuscate - well at hiding
Serpentis - psychic powers resulting from they approach a serpent is in the spine.

Clan Assamite - Haqim's Fanatics, they kill the next lowest ranking vampire to them as a symbal for anything capable of baiting them to schism from Zeus. Disciplined at
Quietus - assassinating censors and all whom oppose Haqim's Muslim jyhad
Celerity / Obfuscate.

Clan Ravnos - they walk a paradox on loyalty, maybe juggling God and Thor at once.

The Sects and Clans may combine in ways accidental and intentional.

Sired nobles begin with adrenaline in blood (the Ghoul, unusually strong), then learn to control heart rate to augment healing and physical energy, and to halt biological process to still tendency to age. Highbrows can pool blood so that heart rate continues at peak almost indefinitely without injuring the body.

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 07:19 AM
a reply to: KublahCain

Love world of Darkness. It is the first tabletop RPG system I played, and was very enjoyable. The game of which I am a part has been running for nearly a decade, if not a little longer, although I only joined about three or four years into the saga. My character is an anathema to the system, using all his magical potential to increase his already formidable combat skills. Time, Prime, and Spirit are the magical tools I most often utilise against the enemies of the cabal of which I am a part.

We have slain ancient vampires, beaten technocratic elements to a pulp, pulled the spines out of black spiral werewolves...

It's been grand!

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 07:19 AM
I still have my Toreador book from when i used to play

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 01:38 PM
I dabbled more with Werewolf when I messed around with World of Darkness.

I like the base of the Storyteller system because it allows for much more freeform than systems like d20 that are so mechanics heavy you sometimes feel like you ought to be checking to see if your character actually can fart and what roll and modifiers would go with that.

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 06:29 PM
part II - Mage: the Awakening

Closer to a high fantasy atmosphere.

In my core rule book, five basic societies:

*the Silver Ladder - may be used to model initiation as a method of gaining noble turf. Loyalty culp and standing with the rich and famous.

*Guardians of the Veil - employed to scry for and plug leaks on elite technology and cultural practices.

*the Mysterium - astral networking libraries, rare and exotic books not found at Atlee Station up the corner. And contributing underground literature. Off the record scientific method testing. Unpublishable paranormal research.

*the Free Council - Anarcho-liberal free thinkers that network to make individual will unassailable.

*the Adamantine Arrow - a metaphor for astral networks churches, and with Elohim. The God as all unconditionally loving beings. Population density connects the churches on what I, the astral traveler, assess on plausibility morals and intellect.

Prayer may be a way of interrogating up/down Buddha on the latest in God's Mil's angel technology.

The Magus stores Mana / Chi density and Gnosis, or attunement to Chi type and uses thru approaching God awareness as actual knowledge.

Paradoxes from public casting may induce social ridicule or institutionalization.

The Spheres fit nicely on the Tree of Life: Kether = Prime, Chokmah = Time, Binah = Space, Chesed = Spirit, Geburah = Forces, Netzach = Life, Hod = Mind, Yesod = Death, Malkuth = Matter. Each Sphere contains a list of psychic abilities of increasing difficulty to learn.

The astral network to sustain one's grassroots Secret Society exchanges abilities by directly telepathically transmitting how they work.

World of Darkness Wiki

The wiki link above contains a very thorough free read of the World of Darkness parallel universes.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 08:57 PM
a reply to: KublahCain

Part III: Lamb of God Gehenna Storyline

Revelation 6:16 (the kings of the earth) said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from... the wrath of the Lamb.

Revelation 13:1, the Dragon or And I
stand upon the shore, 13th last Verse: Wisdom and Understanding to overcome 666. Can mean false surity the Lamb of God is guilty, baited by the impression B1 is impossible. Wisdom and Understanding reside above Daath, the Abyss of Knowledge, on the Tree of Life.

666, for the sake of this storyline, means a Vampire blood pool or bet. The Lamb is guilty if he tries to have sex: only Buddha transcend lust (just unconditional love, no complex or instinctive psychological identification), Lamb of God given a thorough subliminal education and religious upbringing of sex before marriage forbidden. Attempts falsified last minute by sophisticated Nazi Satanist mind control right before Lamb, a Bodhissatva, achieves Nirvana at 20. Subliminally trained and/or induced to.

If B, an alien ET past life. Buddha only live in outer space. If B, different person the one impersonal.

Middle column neither a lie nor an attempt to deceive true... in some way, shape or form. "In some way" unstated, neither a lie nor attempt to deceive telepathically validated for a fact.

A Sabbat Tzimisce, Lamb of God is framed for raping Caesar thru a joke name because Nazis as a bet rule have to give him what a racist would count as a confession, their names slightly reworked: Nicky More = Rome Y (why) Nick (name). Then Samson himself, Hercules and Caesar, is raped: Deneisha Mason's name = ah, denies Samson.

Lamb is Insertion of the Option morality tested as a Nazi Satanist Baali's Daimoinon power of Contagion, to accessory bait via self righteousness: entrapment unless you just give the suspect the option, inserting telepathically the only option the subject has that instant. Dominates completely.

Lamb is followed around by subliminal frequencies of guilt doubt and prejudice inserted by Camilla and ancients of Clan Venture and Tremere pretending to be little Neo Nazi kids. The conspiracy even subtly shape shifts Lamech (Genesis Ch 4, Lam icked by slander) to bait irrational hatred.

Act, This instant. Only 3 Options: A fight, do nothing, or implicate for accessory crime. Lamb of God mind controlled by Gangrel themed confrontation (to shut down Mafia connections?). No transportation or location on Fight, not an immediate option. Not acting also not possible. Dominates to say,

"My dealer stole my scooter, he refused to sell me weed for it or give me money for it, now I just want it back."

Decimal implication, the probability a tie dye hippie sells pot the same as what promoted in that fictional scooter dealer. Meaning a dirty cop could gang stalk the scooter thief to find out whether he gets stoned.

Lamb of God Demented to hallucinate a black rat while sober, framed for racism in bringing up with a black kid.

A Satanist kid steals $50 worth of pot, the $ returned as $50 in alcohol, Lamb Dominated to drive and crash a Blazer. Another Satanist, same last name as $50, plants a disk in the computer Lamb then tries to sell, thinking computer clean. The computer disappears in Johansin's car ("Yo han sin" your hand sin subliminal), then the Satanists say reporting evidence plant is the same as reporting pot plant, the stolen scooter is the computer.

Saturn is the Roman predecessor of Jupiter: Sa turn, ju pit er... Roll the dice... Jew pit er, my childhood free form role playing character, or a joke Nazis attacked? The computer had chat logs between 12-15/16, childhood role playing sessions in Mature chatrooms. World of Darkness is an adult only game.

The Lamb of God is actually half elf half giant Loki tricking Viking honeir (honor) on Ragnarok because of Bodhissatva vulnerability to prejudice. The Jotun are his bulk Tzimisce bodyguards.

The Mark of the Beast is accepted on the right hand: for the Chronicle, the right to the hand that composed the Lamb of God's chatlogs. Sura 5, as to the thief, man or woman, jyhad to cut them off. On "the Table," Sura name, where the hand is placed, with a rusty butcher's knife.

Lycanthropy is established a disease... Loki tricks Honeir. When King Lycan (Thor?) confronts Zeus in beggar form with flesh: Insertion of option sentiest tested. Lcy an' Zeus... Loki and Zeus, the same beggar. Zeus punishes Lycan by turning him into a wolf to expose he already was.

The White Wolf Werewolf books discuss Rage: stored aggression addicts pride to attacking, pride increases instead of decreasing when confronted with humbling data, and the impression rational to attack astronomically augmented. No fear if confronted by Sudden and Huje.

If fear = identify fail, better if there's a way to cut fear off and perfect present minded heart control. All martial styles scientific method tested.

The point of the Chronicle beggar test: for 5,000 years, Zeus secretly recruited infinite Buddha, and gave the Neanderthal immortals the option, if they bet, to rescue the Lamb of God in excess of the kill blow they inflict by enclosing - and become cleared on time off the Buddha waited to enclose. Negotiated stall, the Buddha enclose the instant he gets
to (mystical scroll),
so Loki can negotiate one last time on any lesser magical object to = bird's eye
Over capital & torture full to immortal ratio.

Infinite Rage = why the Neanderthal could have instinctively schismed if Zeus was blunt at the beginning.

Team rescue, & Loki for inducing them, incite the Buddha to transcend one entire planet.

Loki kills the nobles whom accessory bait, so those he goes to for help only rescue the ice caps, minorities, and all innocents suffering. Mortal accessories guts the Buddha mil. on size.

Opportunity to project threshold on a beggar test festers as slander because debunking prevents Zeus from having the ability to guarantee all nobles who don't hit rank. The blood pool goes so far the nobles who do by participating get any extra window if they don't hit Loki past enclosing him.

The Troupe to read the storyline navigate their way through the dark fantasy cosmology illustrated as X-Men style Magi adventuring to solve all problems.

Golconda Tzimisce Lamech's #1 problem: the Philistines. They never question their pride because fear induces identify fail. Pride projects what is familiar and upholds pride instead, so the Philistines are only perfect with route memorization then skill duplication.
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posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 10:25 AM
Once, I played the only vampire in a werewolf campaign group. At first, I was pretty weak. But, I'm kind of an old hat at RPG mechanics. Only a few games in, the tables turned due to how the two games' mechanics work. Our GM had us fight a lot of vampires (basically, I was a turncoat). In doing so, I gained power quickly through Diablerie. Soon enough, the werewolves would get weaker as a fight went on, while I would just get stronger. My fellow players quickly learned why I was willing to be weak at first.

My Potence (strength) and Fortitude (endurance) was topped off, and I became one bad ass vamp!
By the end of the campaign, I had maxed out Protean too, so bat, wolf form, turning into mist...too much fun.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 10:37 AM

originally posted by: Gazrok
...and I became one bad ass vamp!

Is that you Godric?

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 09:59 PM
a reply to: KublahCain

Part Four: the Lamb of God posts a role playing short story wherein events depicted falsified, option to consider real a storyline hook,
The main character exists in a dream wherein that described occurred,
an addict or schizophrenia's hallucinations paranoically project a similar contingency,
was programmed to hallucinate that described,
to endure (for fun) as a virtual reality adventure,
it actually happened, and the Lamb of God is rushing to kill every Vampire noble blocking rescue, and all accessory baited by,
as policy -
Mine if something that crazy happened to me.

The fantasy adventure's purpose to get the protagonist up and running without having to be dependent in any way on perpetuity accessories for help,
As a Buddha's dream to exterminate a viral Contagion of zombies.
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posted on Aug, 9 2015 @ 01:22 PM
Part IV - the Disciples of Christ as the Clans of Vampire.

Disclaimer : Please please please... I intend no accusation against the actual 12, take with a grain of salt,
think for yourself, question authority.

Jesus Christ wore a crown of thorns. If thor's n. He was opportunity to project on whether he payed taxes to Caesar, crucified by Rome, and demons were called legions, or Roman military units.
*the Camarilla*
Venture Clan, or that of Roman nobility:

Bartholomew. Bar thor, meow. Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition lists the Venture as Caesar and some Roman (Catholic?) nobles drinking the blood of nude children. A little Kittie if caught in Rome overruling the Thunder.

Nosferatu Clan, listed same text page 63 as sewer rats that inform:

Philip. To have a phile lip is to report conspiracies and get framed for snitching or sex crimes. A Nosferatu maneuver.

Toreador Clan:

An' drew. He and Simon Peter were fishermen, S I'm on Pet er could signify the fish were too Roman to possess intellect. Built Roman animal ghosts an' drew... Pictures. Oh, read... Tor. Zero read Tor ("Wordsworth"? - thor'swword)


Ga N grel. Gay and growl. Roman bulk footsoldiers that shapeshift into animals, and take on permanent animal features.

S, I'm one pet, R. Simon Peter's name signifies, letters rearranged, a human that's also an animal or Gangrel.

Clan Brujah:

Elijah aka John the Baptist. Elijah rearranged spells "He Jail," Troile also pronounced Trial is in charge of the Brujah because he commits Amaranth upon the founder of the Roman clan of war. John the Baptist is a wildman in an adventurous girdle. Brujah have twice difficulty resisting Rage frenzy to normal nobles, Hades is the mythic Jail of the immortals, if the d is softened it spells Hates. Hate's, frenzies too easily.

Clan Tremere:

Matthew is Tremere. Ma tt hew. May doublecross the who on a foreshadowed Bodhissatva, Math Wet.

Tremere spells Tree Mer, pronounced tremor, VtMasquerade 20th Anniversary on the Gargoyles, the Camarilla says, "They belong to all of us now, Merlin". If Tree Mer is a blue robed druid, the water making the Tree grow is the faith of a mustard seed inciting Neptune to move mountains, to induce tremors.

When Judas Iscariot is killed, he is replaced by Matthias (Acts Ch 1), not Joseph if Barsabba's because of just us = justice. Ma, t thi, A's... A Tzimisce stipulating Christ endorses chewing on the thigh bone tortured by Vicissitude if votes A Column.

Clan Malkavian:

Mar, K? A K, Ali of Mars instead of an Assamite of Hakim. The god of war as worse than mad, Demented. Judas Iscariot as the Greek spelling. Ju das, it Ari's co. Ju das, it ali's co. Contrasted against that Christ was hung instead of BarRabbis, it's saying hung by Ares for being a Jew. By the Nazis.

Ju das, Catho sir. Catholic scandal, if I turned into an H. Judas Chariots,
After his guts fall out in Acts Chapter 1 on the Field of Blood, the text reads not to use his land - which could reference the four horsemen of Apocalypse.

Could mark Mark as why Roman Catholics are Demented. And the Death of Brujah by Troile.


Giovanni Clan

Thaddeus rearranged spells A, tha D Deus. El Douche Mussolini's tight hits. Clan Giovanni come about destroying the capp da ocian plot of scholarly Clan Cappadocian. Ca, Ali? Ca, PP - Ad Ocian. An Italian elite of Vampire Mafia nobles with Freemasonry and Nazi Elders. They practice Potence, or Mussoling.

If Camarilla is bulks rotating around Rome, that's a sect of snake et all or broad spectrum cultural elite. Clan Giovanni may mean Caesar's no matter what, a % of the Camarilla with an agenda not Camarilla's own. Camilla / Mar.

James and James - Independent Clans Assamite, Set firsts to have killed option to schism, and Setites, just in love with Zeus.

*the Sabbat

Thomas - Thom, A's - the sire of bulk slavics at recognizance if B Column. A Thom like a slave. Clan Tzimisce as infinite Cain only loyalty perfect Jewish Slavic region torture adepts.

Simon the Zealot - S, I'm on... Pet er changes teams and joins the Lasombra. Lam's door, b=d one a backbone extracted, a Zealot because practices Vinculi, or Sabbat pride in loyalty to replace Setite and Assamite systems.

Exodus 11:5 the firstborn of man and beasts die,
if they don't wipe their door with the blood of the lamb (Lam first ghosts) and eat unleavened bread. Unleaving royalty if they gyp et.

Lastly, Clan Salubri

Saul / Lot is the 3rd Generation Sire. Abraham attempted to murder his only son Isaac, whom God said was to be a burnt offering (to burn like the sun Ra or achieve Nirvana), the Camarilla diablerize the Salubri if Assamite are its highbrow royals. The Salubri self martyr, are the Isaacs as one caste military to haunt the Alis. Saul or Solomon (Saul extended) throws a spear at King David, as if to draw the line in the sand between Alis and Isaacs (if David was Abraham). Isaiah depicts the fall of Satan, a man neither Jacob nor Israel.

Mongolia is called "And A," they live in the Gobi Desert, or where the jyhadist's sand says Go, BI. G Moon Lia if G = 6, the sun or Sol, may signify Saulot stating, "Sol Moon, Lia." Meaning, because the Moon is Death, a dead satellite, SolMoon not Ali or aris is the bringer of Death.

Mongols historically drank horse blood, which may signify the four horsemen of Apocalypse. Salome, whom supports Sal even if 0 Me, watches the crucifixion of Christ.

Leda was impregnated by a swan or angel to sire a Leader off immaculate conception, a demigod, in ref to the virgin birth, Jesus Christ's name spells Thesius C's Jr. Theseus, pronounced The Zeus, was the demigod who slew the Minotaur in the labyrinths: the Men O Thor as the red bull headed demons of hell.

As I write this from a tile,

Ezekiel is pronounced Isaac I, el (I, Isaac, of God, el translated) Chapter 4 begins,
Son of man,
Take ye a tile,
Besiege Jerusalem...
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posted on Aug, 12 2015 @ 09:37 PM
a reply to: KublahCain

Part VI & Last

Nazi Satanist Cliff Hanger: the Lamb of God is Phil Lipped when seeks help on forum posts, all esoteric writings scried from the future by a fictional Camilla archetypally Greek Thetis and posted first to fascist leverage prejudice,
Then he is trolled about it to be made to look silly.

A Levi Baali, Camilla mistakenly assumes she has the Lamb of God on contract entrapment to grant permission on document forgeries. The Nazis only leak data which slanders, so even although reading Lam's mind,
All instances wherein he is brazenly forced to sign look authentic to the White Supremacists.

Leviticus, Levi Ti Ku's, Chapter 27
A 20 year old
is 60. 6 in zero means Tiphareth, a Buddha.
He has taken a singular oath, to the Lord by thy estimates.

Leviticus sounds like Leave it, I Cus. God uses profanity and forbids swearing oaths. Meaning Buddha aren't gullible enough to sign unless telepathically enslaved.

Behind the scenes, the signature guarantees total slavery and a Mussolini victory... If authentic.

After Leviticus ends, Book 4, Numbers, the troops are raised from 20.
Genesis Ch4, "If Cain 7, Lamech 77."
Revelation Ch5, the Lamb of God has 7 horns, 7 eyes, 7 spirits,
Rev Ch 17 he is King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

Lamech = Va Mech, C Mecha. L turned first left to V then right to C. Kaaba in Mecha means the heart of God.

Evil Tiamat and her husband Kingu, a kuing king, fortify the Camarilla Sect and the Giovanni Clan to overthrow God's own throne on Gehenna,
victory determined by a dice roll.


posted on Nov, 9 2015 @ 09:43 AM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus

No, I could walk in the sun a lot longer than

The only downside to White Wolf is really the same as its strength.

While it is pretty open (mechanically), it really allows players who min/max to pretty much take advantage and be way more powerful than fellow players. As long as that isn't a big deal, it works ok, but it does tend to put an early shelf life to a campaign.

I did like the idea of degrees of success though.... In D&D, you either did something or you didn't. While creative DMs could embellish, the White Wolf system gives you a bit more to go on.

posted on Dec, 5 2015 @ 02:37 PM
a reply to: KublahCain

Having clicked on KublahCain's name,
having read all posts by,
(fascinating, brief enough to be easily available)
I began to scry similar writings online...

"juliana says" by KB Updike Jr

I discovered a trail of breadcrumbs to linked fantasy writer and role player from Mechanicsville, Virginia, plausible Armageddon prophecied Lamb of God.

Intent to provide fantasy foreshadowing, author John Updike introduces the Lamb of God as the famous first to press, as Christ was heralded by John the Baptist.

As a fantasy short story tribute,
Forum brief....

Zombie Hunter Astral Network Intercepts Changeling Kidnappings

Mage: the Awakening Chronicle
involves Time and Fate Sphere mastery, moral majority adepts telepathically (Mind Sphere group members) hold troop to an identification of success, encountering the breadcrumbs, scrying for occurrence of intentionally/accidental invasion of the military Allah.

Troupe skips past caste restriction on prophecy of any immortal militaries involved to skry strengths and weaknesses of Fate tripwired accessories to the plot. The short story involves 301, Virginia, the troupe map quests

Atlee Library 301,
then explores the local Food Lion Shopping Center, where Giovanni's Restaurant (301) is located. A local conspiracy instigated by Clan Giovanni via a mafia hit spreads a contagion of zombie.

Espionage intricacy only permit the invasion of phil lipping, free release future tech of the Buddha mil. scried first. No direct invasion of the plot available. The military enclosure of phil lipping transpires to defeat the infected without alerting all members of the conspiracy identified by the witnesses of the Lamb of God.

Snitch frames resulting from mental insanity, or as inflicted by mind control intricacy, are
no pulling the wrong wire mentality
Mind, Time, and Fate defused
as a military maneuver which spreads Sufism to garner moral majority support enclosing
all forms of phil lipping,
so that no one can be phil lipped.
Global warming, global nirvana, religious freedom, and freedom from mind control slavery are scried out so that
if one entire military blocks one man's rescue,
a mountain dew can and cigarette may be safely consumed by parties of no intent to rescue one another.

Moral Majority Mil. scries post climax of Last Day to Is Lam's closest proximity.

Churches, Malls, Pubs, and trust/intellect targeted high density moral majority pop. centers globally are networked
to intercept phil lipping,
so that any Conspiracy Theory may be posted,
so that it is not even necessary to rescue the individual(s) cut off by direct rescue via Fate tripwires directly.

Identify success, right wire to pull scried by fantasy troupe of wizards.

Is... Lam? Su... Ra. re-arranged, IsRaaL, Sum (Muslims) Kabaa.

By writer's (KB Updike Jr) permission,
beaten down trailer in map quested front yard

10426 Malboro Rd,
23116 Mechanicsville, Va

"KB" boards up the windows,
map quested and astral scried,
as invaded by Giovanni Clan zombies on a 24/7 basis,
the father
of "Loki" a Jotun to the Viking mythic tradition, and a Changeling. A biological lamb with a human iq impregnated with the seed of history's highest ranking male Buddha,
Giovanni goons shifting out the actual birth certificate with a 3 year older date of birth,
scattering the body parts and brain chemistry of O, sire is / Osiris.

Zombie hunters lethality merit target generalized tacticals to avoid zombie swarming as generated by direct rescue,
spread of Satanic Cult contagion,
rescue of rare brain chemistry / biology,
rot generated by phil lipping exterminated,
conspiracy theory and good literature defended for their own sake where legal to killblow to succeed,
entertainment if a fact it would make the world a better place, hunting zombies because legal. Legality threshold on how selfless studied after why, so no intent manifests to rescue the Lamb of God even if a reason why selfless.
Most impersonal methodology isolated wherein to enclose rescue.

The zombie hunters machine gun Giovanni Restaurant employees late at night to avoid vampire court nobility rules masquerade breech.

Storyline hooks: A kidnapping? If kidnappers exist in the astral plane, their every memories can be extracted because they invaded free will, the conspiracy can be prioritize enclosed to defeat kidnapping itself, threshold available shy of tripwire direct rescue isolated.

A measured dose of trolling is network synchronized permitted to bleed thru Conspiracy Theory posts sufficient to validate actuality of phil lipping's existence.

White Wolf employs Bible symbolism, my copy of
Genesis Ch21, there is laughter over the birth of Ishmael and Isaac, by Hagar and Sarah. Hagar spells HadaD if the g is flipped into a d and the R made capital, bottom two legs extracted. Her son is Islam He, Mail's He. Chapter 22, Abraham attempts to kill Isaac, and the Lord provides a Lamb to void out freedom of speech misinterpretation on that Isaac is to be a burnt offering. That is to mean, Isaac is to become the sun Tiphareth on the KaB Allah / Kaballah's Tree of Life, to achieve Nirvana. The Chapter, my copy, ends Verse 22 w/ words Chesed (the 4th sphere) Pildash, Jidlaph, Bethuel, last verse Tebah Gaham Thahash of Maacah. (Maker or Mecca).

Genesis: See Sign,
Exodus: Ex, Od (Changeling) Us.

The letters in English of each rearranged. A burning bush, the sun returning and not going out, signals the journey of Moses. After Israel and Joseph, his most beloved son because his old age's and Pharaoh's second in Egypt (is Ra el Pha ra, oh?), are embalmed in Egyptian coffins,
as Set conceals the mystery of Osiris and Horus in a Nile coffin, after 3 months, Moses is discovered in the Nile Reeds...

12 Elim of 70 palms gather manna for 6 days acress the Red Sea, twice as much on the 6th, for Tiphareth or the Heart of God's return, and God comes in a dense cloud, slaying the people of Moses (Horus?) if they invade the Tent of Meeting,
as signaled up by a lamb's horn.

as inspired by Conspiracy Theory fantasy fiction,
The zombie hunters skry how to benefit selfishly from selfless advantage in eyewitnessing and bringing about
without intending to rescue other than the impersonal (without intent to rescue tripwired Lamech)
an end to the flood generated by the eyes of Ice Is (Isis), the rib of A Dam returning the body of Osiris,
and the return of the Heart of God.
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posted on Jan, 21 2016 @ 09:02 AM
That's a lot to read....hehe.

We occasionally included history into our game also. For example, in our campaign, Vlad the Impaler and Rasputin were both Tzimice vampires. One of the players was THE Anastasia, and vampirism was an interesting suggestion for her brother's condition.

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