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Diatribe of Futility.[JUL2015]

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posted on Jul, 8 2015 @ 11:59 PM
Diatribe of Futility.[JUL2015]

Sometimes, you can have a bad week and the only saving grace is to jot it down.

So, it started with the central air conditioner. Water all over the basement floor, a broken evaporator coil.... $2200 because they had to take it all apart to get at it. So, at least it's not hot as hell anymore.

Next day, went downstairs and turned on the Bose L1 to do some music practice... pop... power light will not come back on. Classic legacy line array system that Bose refused to fix... out about $2k. Wound up selling the bad part on Ebay, but underestimated the cost of shipping and did not charge enough.. a wash. Back on the internet and replaced the Bose with a new set of JBL's , out another $2k. Interfaced the rest of the Bose (speakers) to the system but needed a special power supply, out another $350.

Hey, we have sounds, so rock on! Set it all up and went upstairs for a hot coffee and a Jimmy Dean... Put that sucker in the microwave and push the 1 minute button....pop... Of course, built-in and 15 years old. No parts... On to Sears for a replacement, out $400. Won't be here for a few days, so toasted the Jimmy Dean's, which made them crunchy and tough as nails.

Out on a gig on Saturday night. Went very well with the new system. Had to park on the road because no parking spaces. Come back to the car and find about $2k damage to the left side. Sideswiped. Out $500, due to deductible but future payments will be a gift that just keeps on giving. Driving home at 2AM all pissed of, but kept it under control fairly well. Safe at Home.

Checked the mailbox. What could possibly go wrong here? Hey the Registry found something.... "Your registration renewal has been canceled because you have outstanding parking tickets". Wonderful, unregistered car and just in an accident.

Called up the MBTA, which issued me the stupid tickets, even though I paid for them, but their PayByPhone app did not remember it... dropped $440 , most of it in fines for not paying it again. Anyway, successful online registration for $55. Things are starting to look up, but I am afraid to turn anything on.

The registry says that I can print this online receipt and be covered until the real registration arrives. Great!, now I can call the insurance company and claim my accident. Print those receipts.... pop...

You know, a printer's only excuse for not being beaten with a hammer, is to just friggin print something during the .000001% of the time you need it, vs the 99.99999% of the time that it just sits there telling you it is online. Replaced with a laser, you ink sucking piece of crap. Cost: $175.... actually a good deal. Things are looking up.

While online buying the printer, read my email. Found a kind message from Sears saying that the microwave "Replacement" is a full 6"" wider than the one I just pulled out of the wall, and by the way... it will be there tomorrow.

Frantic search on the internet for a smaller one, and it has to be GE and Beige. Forget it. If you cannot Google it, you cannot have it, so another $300 to have the cabinet maker widen the kitchen cabinets.

I was going to take some time off next week, but it seems ignorant to get on a plane or a train... and who knows what else will break if I just stay home. Pondering that, made my way over to the bar for a few shots of JB. Stubbed my toe on the microwave parts on the floor.... drank the bottle.

Next day at work was a blur, and of course, it was busy. Fell asleep on the commuter rail back from Boston and missed my stop. Wound up somewhere I have never been, and it only cost me $15 more for the zone difference! I think I am going to stay here.

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