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Alien Races - Video

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posted on Jul, 8 2015 @ 09:55 PM
I thought this would be a good watch for you alien lovers. It covers all the different types of alien species that have visited earth. It supposedly comes from a KGB agent. Unfortunately there is no way to tell if someone has already posted this video so I thought I'd take a chance and see how it goes. Some pretty trippy stuff if you ask me. I'm still not sure if I believe any of this but it's not impossible I guess. Besides, I'm always down for some good Sci-Fi.


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posted on Jul, 8 2015 @ 11:29 PM
I realize it's an awful request, but I'm usually on here while at work and there is no wifi.

If only you would have recreated the list yourself so I could look at the pictures and any descriptions. It is selfish of me, I know. Haha.

posted on Jul, 8 2015 @ 11:42 PM
a reply to: RealTruthSeeker

Why would I or anyone else believe anything from the KGB or CIA or any other 3 letter acronnym? Publicity stunt to show KGB is in the know. No one an would know all of this, sorry, everything is so compartmentalized that it is a joke, a ruse, a collaboration of other stories already been told.

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 01:42 AM
Can't take it seriously. GTA fonts put me off. I stopped watching at Mass Effect's Salarians.

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 01:44 AM
I hope nobody actually believes this crap. It may be entertaining as a work of fiction, but come on now people...

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 01:54 AM
The definitive proof I've been looking for for years. Cheers

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 01:56 AM
Thanks for your post OP, but yes it has been posted already in multiple forms.

Still, it's a nice review...

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 02:35 AM
a reply to: rossacus

Not gonna lie....That made me laugh out loud.

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posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 04:03 AM
I use to speak to the person who allegedly translated that Russian Alien Race book which is what that video has been derived from, His name was Dante and his youtube account was AZAZEL8867.
His account vanished after posting his translations of the book, another got set up but then there were claims it was not him. (again allegedly).

Here is a thread I made about the book in 2013: Thread

Here is a PDF copy of his Russian Alien Race Book which he translated from boxes full of documents he claimed to obtained from some dude in Ukraine: Link
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posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 05:34 AM
a reply to: skyblueworld

Thanks for the PDF! Nice read.

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 09:44 AM
a reply to: RealTruthSeeker

I'm not 100 percent on this video as in it being real because most of the pictures they put up are from tv shows and games such as the first and second aliens, the second one is from Stargate Universe and were called 'The Blue Aliens', if the video is made up as a representation of the list again I doubt that there is any truth in this. Remember the KGB were against the US so of course they were saying things like this, you cant believe either the US spy agencies or the Russian, so somewhere in between you will find the truth.

On a separate note: If there were honestly this many aliens on the earth then I can promise you there would be some better proof. With all the camera phones, CCTV etc. around the place we would almost definitely have better evidence to prove this. Under ten maybe but there are no where near as many as this video and other sites claim. How do I know, just do the math, seven billion human beings and only grainy footage?

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 09:53 AM
Half of the names and photos are from pop-culture.

I've seen this video several times, mostly when I've run out of ACTUAL research and just want to see something batcrap crazy, yet entertaining.

The entire video is a work of fiction. If there were truly THAT many alien races on, or visting Earth, it would be literally impossible to hide the existence of every single one of them and have it "exposed" by a youtuber.

posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 05:26 PM
Jesus H. Christ, I thought that you meant they had NASCAR and PBR swilling rednecks on other planets? Just my friggin luck to be abducted by Bubba and Skeeter!
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posted on Jul, 10 2015 @ 04:45 AM
Seems legit

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