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NEWS: Noted Child Heart Surgeon Drummond-Webb Commits Suicide

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posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 07:04 AM
A noted cardiac surgeon who was the focus of a four part television series had died of an apparent suicide. Dr. Jonathan Drummond-Webb, 45, apparently took a overdose of medication and left a note to his wife according to the children’s hospital that he worked at. At one point, he had a remarkable mortality rate of only 2 percent.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Dr. Jonathan Drummond-Webb, a heart surgeon whose work was the focus of a four-part television series and who successfully implanted a life-saving miniature heart pump in a child, was found dead Sunday of a suicide. He was 45.

Drummond-Webb took an overdose of medication and left a note for his wife, who discovered the body, according to Arkansas Children's Hospital. The hospital said friends believe the surgeon suffered a sudden bout of depression.

Dr. Jonathan Bates, chief executive officer of Arkansas Children's Hospital, said Drummond-Webb worked tirelessly to save his patients.

"Some would say they saved 98 out of 100," Bates said Sunday. "He looked at it and said I lost two out of 100."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Our children’s hospital runs a top rate cardiac program as well. Our two surgeons are arguably in the top 5-6 in the world. However, we run 4-500 surgeries a year between the two of them. This guy at one point had 800+ in just 18 months. No doubt he may have been suffering from burnout. As with all of us in pediatrics we lose a bit of ourselves with each child we lose, but we gain it back with everyone who walks out the door never to return. He clearly needed some help and never received it. It is truly a loss for the children who will need his services.


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