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A gipsy dream diary

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posted on Jul, 6 2015 @ 09:15 PM
I am a half blood gipsy, I was raised in both worlds thinking they were the same. Always asked the same question how does it feel. Somehow you want to be like everyone else, but you aren't, always the same nagging thought why can't I be like all the rest. My migraine had the same story, several times per week as a kid, and the doctors told me, it's genetic mailfunction in the brain or in the eye, we all had migraines but never asked why, cause the doctors told us you are born as a filthy gipsy.
As I grew up I felt different, everything I read or saw I remembered as a picture that never went away, and my dreams were always translucent, like someone who wanted to tell me a message. I never told anyone and never said anything since it was only a dream. So I took the path of society demands and tried to forget the past. And the years flew past and everything that seemed wrong was me, I tried to fit in, I tried to fill the void with everything society provides. But the more I filled the void the bigger it got until on my birthday, my grandma looked at me and said, I don't see a happy face anymore like the summers you spent with us and I said, I don't know what my dreams are anymore. She took one of my clothing hangars and bent it to a circle, took out a Ball of yarn she always had and spun around it. She made a dream catcher, with a totem eye in the middle, and said hang this over your bed and you will know. I did and that dream I had five years ago three nights in a row, changed my life: I died every night in my dreams until I said I want to live.

My dreams are different now, I see things, dreams don't lie.

Last night I had a dream, a king from the east, I tried to see his face but only a beard as gold. A black figure stood next to him, and said to me, the tribes will gather and the Black Sea will turn red, The warlord knows not the crown is his. I turned around and saw all the leaders bowing to his feet, and I saw myself chained to the world.

What does this mean?

posted on Jul, 6 2015 @ 09:33 PM
There are many of us, who may not live the world through a gypsy lens/experience, but are different, and experience and understand things that we csnt share to those close to us or in general, for safeguarding our self, of ridicule and shame of the ignorant minds.

I wanted to clear that air, as living and experiencing a side to things, that most who just live the breakfast to supper routine, and 5 shifts on average a week schedule -do not experience or know.

But we face it everyday, and even our families don't know. If we have dream series, there is no elder to ask the meaning or metaphor of.

We ride it out, shining internally, walking in the dark externally..

As for your dreams, who cares about kings. They are puppets for those who govern their minds, that 1%. Presidents, prime ministers, queens, emperors, are the mask of 1%. They are also the puppets playing the show for everyone else..

The king is insignificant, the dark figure would be cause and effect. The hidden hand, as always, playing it's part, speaking in the ear of the most influential characters..
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posted on Jul, 6 2015 @ 09:53 PM
a reply to: DiddiMcCoy

I don't know how to interpret your dream, other than to share that the feelings of anxiety and intensity of there being a societal collapse concomitant to some sort of dark take-over is probably felt by almost everybody right now.

But your post also reminded me of this really great documentary I saw years ago called Juliette of the Herbs. Juliette de Bairacli Levy was a British elitist who rebelled against her upbringing in the early 1900s and fled to study and live with actual gypsies in Spain and elsewhere. She saw how naturally healthy they and their animals were and had an interest in being a veterinarian, so learned all of their herbal remedies and lived with them. She essentially became a gypsy herself.

Juliette of the Herbs is still one of my favorites. It used to be up on, but I think it violated copyright.


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