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To those who appreciate viewing, sharing & creating art

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posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 05:19 AM


FB Artwork


Video and link above direct you to a first attempt speed painting I created a wile back, and also to my gallery where you can view some of my artwork if you wish, not top quality to some standards by any means...but it is something I have a passion for and is something I try to facilitate to not only better myself but also others/my environment, ect. Started about a few years ago off and on so i'm still relatively a novice like I said but I thought it would be a decent idea to start a thread where like-minded people who enjoy the arts&crafts, creative ideas-concepts, philosophies, ect could share some of their experiences

Below I will also list some of my work for anyone who might be interested. I like to tell stories with my art, some that are based on personal experience and others that just give me inspiration. I hope it can give whoever views it inspiration as well.

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posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 05:22 AM
Your links don't work.

An update the utube one is working, but the flicker one is a 404.
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posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 05:52 AM
a reply to: lonegurkha

yea...just signed up, thought this place would be good for me to share my ideas, artwork,ect but was having a rough start learning the curves of the place but it's coming along now

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 05:54 AM
It's ok, would like to see more of your art. Keep trying and good luck.

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 05:55 AM
a reply to: lonegurkha

Flickr one is working ok for me.
Amazing artwork. :-))

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 06:02 AM
Links are all now working.
I really like your style, You have some very interesting pieces.
You have a very unique talent, thanks for sharing. S&F

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 06:20 AM

The Moment All Things Became Possible-

Used soft/dry/oil pastels, pastel pencils, woodless color pencils, hb pencils, charcoal, acrylic paint on canson mixed media sketching paper 11x14
Time: 2-3hrs

This is inspired by an experience I had when I was a kid that turned out to be one of the most profound and thought transforming experiences of my entire life. If you end up reading the experience, you might be able to benefit from it as it relates to not just myself but all people, everywhere in my belief. So-

My family and I were fishing at this spot called Leslie Gulch when I lived in Idaho like 15-20 years ago. This place is a huge lake. We went up for a weekend trip and when we arrived, it's late in the day but we set up and plan to fish the night because night fishing there was supposedly great. So we unpack and I take my gear and set up next to a grassy ledge to the left of the entrance that's a little ways away while the fam fishes on the bank next to the main entrance to the right.

So the sun had finally set and i'm about 15-20 minutes into my session and i'm getting really bored as I don't really like fishing lol So I start to stargaze and think about wishing upon a shooting star to catch a fish but the stars are not out very clear yet but I keep looking up....Finally the stars start to come out and they are amazing. This place is very high in elevation and away from all the light pollution from the city, so looking up at the heavens from this perspective is like looking at an entirely different universe, the milkyway is absolutely a stunning and magical view. So I had in my head, as long as the wish is believable and within reason, I shouldn't have too much of a problem trying to get a wish fulfilled haha but it was under a strict guideline. Once I observed the shooting star, I had to make the wish before the meteorite burned through the atmosphere and disappeared because the that was the myth behind wishing upon a shooting star at the time and I still think holds now so-

OK...So i'm staring up at the sky for a good hour now without a single sighting and my neck is killing me at this point and my intention is starting to fail but then...suddenly, I finally see one and it's incredibly huge and streaks across almost the entire sky. The moment I see it I begin to speak the word, I WISH TO CATCH A F...I...S

I kid you not......not even before I get the last words out of my mouth, my pole tugs! I almost had a heart attack from the rush it was so freaky. So I catch my breath and begin to reel in the fish and I get it out of the water and my fam hears me and rushes over because i'm yelling, freaking out with excitement. So I get the fish out of the water right around the time the fam gets over to me and they help with the evaluation and this is where is gets REALLY INTERESTING......

My mother and her boyfriend helped with the hook and noticed that there wasn't any bait on the hook which isn't too out of the ordinary and is typical but here is where logic flies out the window. They notice that my line got caught and snagged on someone else's line that was on the bed. That the hook that actually caught the fish was someone else's and snagged the fish on the side. That means that the fish was either randomly swimming by and just happened to get snagged or was eating the worm off my hook and then when it tried to swim away, it somehow got caught by accident on the other line, which in turn caused my line to snag with it or that it was already snagged I dunno but...

The fact that this happened right when I made the wish, so fast that I couldn't even get the last words out of my mouth and I mean LITERALLY...i'm not exaggerating this....and was caught on someone else's line after an entire hour or more without seeing anything or getting any bites for that matter AND holding that intention in my mind, it's beyond astronomical. It's like saying, god...strike me down and getting struck my lighting then and there. I didn't know what it meant then and I have spent my entire life up to this point pondering and thinking upon it. It transformed my entire way of perceiving reality. I now know because of that experience and others that reality IS subject to perception, and not the other way around Some say that perception is 90% reality...I believe this to be true.

So in finishing, I would say there is something...I still don't know what it was exactly. An Insane experience with a rare type of synchronicity, God, demons, angels, aliens, spirits, law of attraction through the power of intention, I dunno for certain but I do know and feel in my heart that there is something and whatever this is, it's worth seeking and it relates to ALL... Keep seeking and reaching. Funny thing, the guy that owns that land....actually got struct by lighting....TWICE... and lived. What are the odds huh.


posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 06:22 AM


This drawing was inspired and dedicated to an experience that happened to me a while back that really messed with my head and helped to shape the way I view the world. Truth to me is like change and is always in a constant state of change and is relative even though there might be sacred truths that are everlasting, but in the context of this story...what happened to me is subjective and is not to be viewed as your truth. This is only an opinion of how I view what happened to me. I will say though that I am someone that doesn't believe in coincidence. If you take the time to read, you might find the story interesting as well. Most of this was from my own imagination with minimal references used, done freehand as usual.

Used ballpoint pen, pastels, acrylic paint, mechanical pencil and crayons on canson mixed media sketching paper.

Anyone who has experienced any kind of synchronicity will know exactly what i'm talking about. So I started this job a while ago and I was there a little over a month and i'm going about my daily routine and I was talking to this guy there, actually two guys, and we are talking about life, the universe and all it's mysteries, ect and these two guys are young, not that i'm old but they are in their early 20's...not that it matters really but they start talking about conspiracies, 911, chemtrails, ect while we are working and we start talking about aliens and whether or not they had something to do with the pyramids lol

I remember commenting saying that I think this is an experiment of some kind... then I thought to myself, like the way we dissect and experiment on small insects and animals, studying them, ect even though we are god-like compared to these creatures from an intellectual standpoint, but after that I specifically remembered thinking to myself again about an ant farm specifically, and how we as humans have ant farms for various reasons and purposes and how we take such an interest in them considering the vast gap between our evolution and after that I thought to myself yet again, that I wouldn't be surprised if it was some kind of alien ant farm......and I kid you not, after I had that thought.... a song comes on. We had music playing in the background and it was Smooth Criminal by !*Alien Ant Farm*! and this is a song by a band I haven't heard in many years as I normally don't listen to the radio or sirius or pandora too much as I like to listen to my ipod but I have a good memory and I know it's a song I have not heard in years, so as you can imagine when I heard it I almost couldn't believe it...I think this is just one of the many ways "they" whoever "they" are communicate with us.

Whether or not it's the universe, god, angels/demons, spirits( good or bad) or our own soul or something else we do not understand I do not know for certain. I don't know anything for certain but I feel like people should be more observant to these things because I think they are important.

-The puppet stick symbolizes the watchers overseeing the toils of mankind here why we struggle to be conscious. It's also an ancient religious symbol for the lorraine cross that has connections with the Knights Templars.

-The stone bolder symbolizes some of the struggles that we face here while alive.

-The sign with the all seeing eye with black & white checkers symbolizes and represents Duality, positive-negative, As above so below, and the Grand Architect compassing and seeing over All. Also symbolizes the stage of life hence the puppet strings on a stage.

-The man as an ant symbolizes humanity and how I perceived the experience I had

Thinking of a song in your head while you are in the car only to turn on the radio and hear that exact song playing should not be seen, viewed or perceived as something mundane or as something coincidental or random or meaningless IMO...

Thinking of someone you haven't seen in forever only to bump into them moments later should not be overlooked IMO...

Thinking about something very personal and detailed to only have it brought up it some seemingly random conversation should be taken serious and reflected upon with great spiritual focus IMO....

Having dreams that are precognitive or remote viewing a target to only have it revealed to you shortly after...All these things and more should be the pinnacle of interest that people should not ridicule or condemn but rather invest themselves into IMO...

I don't think people fully realize how powerful they are and how influential their minds are or their spirits...After all, it is the spirit that controls the mind & body in my opinion.

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 06:25 AM

Blessing in disguise?

Used soft/dry pastels, pastels pencils, crayons, ballpoint pen, hb pencils on cardboard 8x10
Time: 1.5-2hrs

This is actually inspired and based on something you probably wouldn't believe unless you actually lived through it yourself and whether you choose to believe or not, if you even take the time to read this, I felt the need to tell the story... This happened to someone really close to me which would be my mother. This experience has been kept relatively private but I felt the need to create a piece of art to tell the story in hopes that someone might get something beneficial from it.

So, as you can already tell, the drawing is of lottery numbers...well, my mother a while back brought up a a story to me, a story that she had kept to herself for a while apparently. This experience took place in hazel dell washington when I was just about 6-7 years old. I didn't get the story until much later, like 7-8 years ago. I don't know if she had told other people than me before then, but it was the first time I was hearing of it. She told me that she had the chance to win 17 million dollars but failed to play the numbers..............

Ok so most know that winning the lottery is pretty much an act of god right? well...imagine picking the winning lottery numbers, writing them down along with a bunch of other numbers you were planning to play on a few little pieces of paper for that day, and on your way out the door, you gather all the numbers except for the ones that actually mattered!!! This is not joke or fabricated in any way...i'm telling it exactly as it was told to me. This is where is gets insane...My mother's birthday is on the 17th.....what are the odds of that? The lottery was for 17 million and her birthday is on the 17th!, she picks the winning numbers which is an act of god in itself and forgets to play them by accident which doubles those odds one would think of being an impossibility.

Now imagine spending the rest of your life, living paycheck to paycheck, struggling really hard to survive having that in your mind. Why me? would be an understatement...... I won't give away too many details about how we live/lived exactly but I can tell you it has/is been tough. I'm not telling you this for pitty trust me, I don't need it, but rather to make you think which is where the title statement to this artwork comes into this...Was it a blessing in disguise?

Who knows what life would have been like if we had won that money. How it would have influence not only our lives, but the lives of countless others which in turn would have influenced other lives and so on like a spiral continuing on forever and maybe not in the best of ways. All the obstacles, challenges and life lessons we might not have overcome and learned from otherwise,ect. What I don't get is, I have heard stories of irresponsible people winning the lottery many times over (not to say we were absolutely terrible people lol ) I was just a kid at the time after all, but that kind of contradicts that certain rationale.

I guess my point though, is that, I feel and know for myself, that at major intervals or crossroads in our lives...there is a presence that I have noticed that helps to guide or direct us on certain life-paths or maybe...limits us from our potential? I would be naive to think that any time something like this happens, it's for our best interests lol Kind of a scary thought but...there are definitely intelligent forces interacting with us in ways we can't even see or know about in my opinion... Something really interesting is happening to us and I feel that people should put more effort into understanding these types of phenomena. Ultimately though, I feel that is wasn't negative, even if I have had a rough life. I hope this helps anyone who reads it and offers up something, even if it's just to extend a different perspective on how you view certain things in your life that are related to such things like this.

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 06:26 AM
a reply to: alienscot1

thanks a lot

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 06:26 AM
a reply to: lonegurkha

Appreciate that, thanks

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 06:41 AM
Very nice! Love the space one!

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 06:44 AM
a reply to: Night Star

thanks a lot

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 07:04 AM

Lifting The Veil

Used soft/dry pastels, pastel pencils, ballpoint pens, woodless color pencils, mechanical pencil, charcoal, acrylic paint on canson mixed media sketching paper 11x14 Sun/lens flare added in digitally and manually
Time: 2-3hrs

Inspired by ideas I have been really reflecting on lately, with my own reference sources used. This is another pretty big concept work I have been really thinking on/contemplating about a lot lately as it is something that has a great deal of meaning to me and is without a doubt, something that many can relate to... I'm sure you have heard the phrase, "Lifting the veil" to describe something that is hidden being made known or revealed, and to me....It makes me think about all the big questions and concepts of fascination and intrigue, things that are not quite fully understood but are always there reminding us of it's reality...

Such things like,
1.Who/What Are We?
2.What is Consciousness Really and What Are It's Limits?
3.Where Did We Come From?
4.Why Can't I Remember What Happened Before This? Why....
5.What Happens After Death, Does the Spirit Leave the Body and What Happens Specifically?
6.What is the truth behind Dreams, and if reality is nothing but a dream, what does that mean if true?
7.What/Who Is God?
8.What is Beyond The Vastness Of Space?
9.How Did It Really Begin?
10.How Does It End?
11.What Happened Before the beginning?
12.What Is Reality?
13.What Is Truth?
14.How Can Something Neither Be Created Or Destroyed but Is Infinite? and How Does one Associate Themselves With It If All We Are Is Conscious Energy, so they don't forget as they evolve and move on from one state to another?
15.What is reincarnation and if it's a reality, then why do some seem to remember while so many others forget?
16.How are things like ESP possible and what does that mean as to who we are and what we really are capable of?
17.What is spirit/Soul?
18.What is the secret behind synchronicities?
19.What really is deja vu?
20.How is precognition, premonitions, lucid dreaming, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, astral projection, shared dreaming, remote viewing, various forms of clairvoyance, ect possible and what does that mean for us individually?
22. How can spirits be trapped after death.
23.EVP (electronic voice phenomenon)
24.What is the truth taught by the esoteric mystery schools over the millenia's
25. What is the truth behind the history of the human species and our true origins on this planet?
26.What's inside a black hole? lol tongue emoticon
27.Truth behind parallel extra-dimensional and alternate realities and what that means as to the architecture of all potential realities that might exist and how it relates to us....each and every one
28.As Above So Below
29.Law of Attraction
30.What's beyond the unimaginable, beyond the unseen and unknown, considering our imaginations are seemingly infinite...
32.Is it possible to be completely and totally centered, balanced and whole...
34.Potential of Human Mind.
35.If the reality you perceive is based from electrical signals interpreted by your brain from the physical senses you possess and use, then how is it possible to both see and hear without using those physical senses, literally seeing with your eyes and hearing with your ears...inside your head. Even the sense of smell and touch can be generated within your mind without actually smelling or touching something physically.
36.How exactly are we are able to view memories?
37.THE FACT THAT WE EVEN EXIST AT ALL...........................
38.How does reality maintain the illusion of solidity if atoms are mostly empty space?
39.How can particles exist as both a wave form and a particle and be in two places at the same time, and what does that mean for the consciousness we experience and how it can be used and/or controlled?
40.God Particle

Questions Questions Questions....on one hand, it's great because it leaves so much room for mystery and literally endless possibilities, but it also can be damaging and have a negative effect on the observer, especially if you are one that likes absolutes and things that have a certainty to them (not saying that I do) but in general, it is something I have related myself to on more than one occasion, so this piece of artwork represents and reflects my desire to LIFT THE VEIL on these subjects, ideas, concepts, perceptions, perspective, ect...

As I was writing this description out I kid you not, I had music on in the background and I took a moment to change the song to something else, something random, and I clicked on a song called, "The Seeker" by Dharmata and about half way in, it talks specifically-literally about LIFTING THE VEIL haha and how the secrets are revealed through death....Freaky synchronicity but also, I have heard this song before so it might have been my subconscious trying to communicate a message to me consciously which brings me back to the lists of questions lol How to become totally conscious with the various forms and states of consciousness itself...

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 07:16 AM

The Dreamer is banished to obscurity- Spare some hope? This sketch was influenced by the current state of affairs mankind is in right now. We seem to live in an overwhelming fear-based & war-like society in my opinion and subjects like dreaming doesn't seem to be of much importance anymore like it used to, even though dreaming has been the subject of great thought from philosophers throughout the ages but with the world as it is fast paced with nothing but a constant state of distraction, Always Buy Buy Buy, Consume Consume Consume & most importantly Obey...Very Militaristic if you ask me. So with all this madness, there isn't much time for dreaming at the end of the day is there lol let alone, to actually study your dreams...forget it.

It's seems the dreamer is banished to obscurity. Keep in mind that an average person will spend 1/4 of their life sleeping so in My Opinion...we as a whole could probably benefit GREATLY from studying our dreams...not only to be more conscious of our subconscious and unconscious states that would help us to be more conscious in our waking states and understand our own psychology, but if things like precognition and astral projection (ability to leave your body in spirit form) really does exist which I believe & know they do...then why on earth isn't people taking this more seriously? The astronaut holding the sign is meant to be symbolic for those who still dream even in the midst of chaos and seek others who hold and share the same interest, yearning to have real connections that are mutually beneficial, connections that will help them on their path furthering their understanding, instead of living life on autopilot. Meet & Greet, Hi Hello, How are you? Carry on...

Just like people who hold signs asking for a little money for some food....Do you really think they want money for food? I highly doubt it....and they don't want their fix either. They want Hope...real Hope, Truth, love, Happiness...Meaningful connections. Symbolic expressions for deeper emotions wanting to be understood. This of course is just my opinion and is not to be perceived as your truth...unless it speaks to you. This is dedicated to those souls and acts as a personal rite of ritual for myself because after all...if you understand psychology, there is more of myself in this than anything else but having knowledge of that, do not be fooled. I do mean what I say

It's crazy though...because we live in a world where we are more connected to eachother then we have ever been but at the same time, we're more disconnected than we have ever been in my opinion. Quite a paradox... I really believe that a lot of us have lost touch with what it actually means to live In Spirit. To me, it means to be conscious of every single moment, thought and action and be able to reflect simultaneously. What a different world we would live in if everyone did that I imagine.

Used ballpoint pens ( black& red) graphite, pastels & charcoal on canson mixed media sketching paper 11x14 Time: 4-5hrs I haven't seen too many dreamers around lately.

Things have been tough lately for dreamers. They say dreaming is dead, no one does it anymore. It's not dead it's just that it's been forgotten, removed from our language. Nobody teaches it so nobody knows it exists. The dreamer is banished to obscurity. Well, I'm trying to change all that, and I hope you are too. By dreaming, every day. Dreaming with our hands and dreaming with our minds. Our planet is facing the greatest problems it's ever faced, ever. So whatever you do, don't be bored, this is absolutely the most exciting time we could have possibly hoped to be alive. And things are just starting...-Quote from Waking Life

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 07:17 AM

What If...

Used spray paint, acrylic, graphite & soft pastels on stretched canvas 16x20
Lens flares added digitally-
Time: 4-5hrs
This particular painting is dedicated to and focused on the imagination we have as children. Seems to me, when we are children, our minds are open to basically anything and everything and over time we lose a bit of that "Magic"...actually, we seem to lose quite a bit of it IMO. The concept behind this, is that, anything the mind can imagine or conceive of is possible. That's why it's so important to nurture the imagination of children with proper education in every area possible that teaches you HOW to think and not WHAT to think. There is a really interesting experiment that was done with rice conducted by lab scientist that reinforces this very idea.
The experiment had scientist place rice into 3 separate mason jars that was filled partially with water and sealed tight. The jars were all put into a clean air tight room, and the observer conducting the experiment would speak to each jar. With one jar, he would say a prayer and with another he wouldn't say anything at all and with the last one, he would curse it. Every day he did this for one month and at the end of the experiment the rice that had been blessed or prayed on had actually fermented! and to the one where he said nothing at all...nothing happened basically and to the one he curse, it became rotten and black! Interesting to see how the power of thought, words, intention, ect influence the world especially when it comes to children. There is a war for the mind IMO and it is crucial that we give it our very utmost diligence.

-Spiral symbolizes eternity, sacred geometry and also divinity among many other things

-The open door symbolizes to me the mind, in terms of how one reviews, observes, reflects and perceives oneself in the experience we label or term, Reality...Represents and symbolizes the repression and lock doors of the proverbial mind being open, hence open mind. Also AWARENESS. Symbolizes possibilities and also signifies the idea of not losing any of these mental attributes as one ages, ect
-The child symbolizes innocence, purity, healthy mind, future, journey-exploration, ect

- The stars within the black spiral represents the holographic or fractal universe theory which supports the idea or concept that if you change one small aspect of anything within the universe, it is reflected throughout the entire structure of the matrix or reality.

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 07:18 AM


close up of painting

I used mainly acrylic paint on canvas panel 11x14

The Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas who bears a torch of illumination and crown (halo) of enlightenment, also a Tabula Ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. Also the same year the Bavarian Illuminati was established. This is Lady Liberty. I'm not sure if many people are aware of this but this is only 1 of 3 which was given to us by the french in the late 1800's The artist is named Frédéric Bartholdi.

This was also heavily influenced by freemasonry. The other two are still in France but they are not as big, they are life sized. To the freemasons, this is supposed to be a symbol of truth, light/illumination, freedom, guidance,ect but that is not what I get out of this at all when I look at society today which is why I wanted to do a painting of the statue withered and decrepit. Lets face it, liberty wasn't painted with a cute smile and a prestigious robe lol It was an idea that was paid for by the blood of the poor, fighting for an ideal created by politicians like most wars...IMO

There is a long philosophical understanding that has led me to this but I think it's best left unsaid. There is a quote however that I think is appropriate for this that I will mention and it is this, that "there are none more hopelessly enslaved then those who falsely believe they are free" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Of course we have personal freedoms more so then many but that's not what i'm getting at. What I am that, what does it mean to truly be free? Is it something that is dictated to us as truth by another or is it an inherent right that is something that we can only answer for ourselves as individual conscious beings? Such an idea as freedom given our history is Definitely something worth spending some serious thought on.

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 07:20 AM

The Jackal-

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

This piece is being created to attest to the corruption of not only the Catholic church but organized religion as a whole. Don't ever let someone tell you who your GOD is for you...find your own way. Think for yourself and always question, even in the smallest of things.

Materials used: acrylic, watercolor, pastels on canvas panel 11x14

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 07:25 AM


The greatest war that was ever fought is the one that we fight within ourselves...

Used oil pastels, soft pastels, pastel pencils, acrylic paint, crayons, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencil on cereal box cardboard 6x12
Time: 2-3hrs

Most of this is from my own imagination. I used external references for the patterns though, the rest is from me. The patterns were actually a pain trying to recreate ugh... It's another piece that I have been contemplating on for a while now because of it's importance to me, not only because of the concept, but also because it's my first attempt at a self portrait and I wanted it to have meaning behind it.

Ego.... what a curse it is but what would we be without it? Like every part of ourselves, it is what defines us and makes us who we are for better or worse. Some believe and have interpreted the ego as the devil hence the horns in this picture. That constant struggle within being pulled by the duality to either be good, evil or indifferent which is something I try to incorporate into the drawing by using different poses. White/black, up/down/ positive/negative, good/bad, god/devil, ect....I tend to think of the ego as something in the grey area though, something that can't seem to make up it's mind. Have also thought of it as a scale to which we test or weigh our conscience.

This is based on my own struggle with the ego but primarily, it's focused mainly on the concept and idea of the ego that Humanity faces as a whole. I try to capture that emotion with my expression in this. Wars, famine, injustice, cruelty to self and nature, physical/mental/spiritual torture, misguided indoctrination, racial slavery/sexual slavery/prison slavery and slavery....IN EVERY FORM, human trafficking-men/women/children, ect all of this and more are products of the above statement that I open with to this piece. That the greatest war that we fight is the one within. With all the evil that exist...all of that came from within ourselves unless you believe some devil made us do it. With all the things that we have done, I find it hard to think we don't look like this inside, what i'm trying to convey with this.

I think people use the devil, god, dogma, ect to justify their actions more than the other way around lol People not wanting to take responsibility for their own actions. That's not to say that there is no good or dark external spiritual influences though because I do believe in that to some degree. I believe we all have that positive and negative extreme to our nature that drives us to these acts. I guess it just depends on the individual on how much she/he wants to consciously discover about themselves through self reflection,ect...and how to channel these extremes in the best way they know how so that there is balance. One can not exist without the other I believe

-Horns symbolize the devil/ego. Cracks within the horns represent man's willingness and struggle to overcome his emotions instead of the other way around.

-Ancient mandala pattern on the floor symbolizing scared geometry and positive universal energy, ect

-Third Eye symbolism representing the spiritual eye, insight, holy spirit, ect

- Blindfold representing the nature of man in his ignorance over nature and self, struggle with insight and conscience, ect

-Flower of life symbolism representing sacred geometry, intelligent design, ect

-Metatron's cube symbolism representing also sacred geometry, primordial elements, ect

-Chains symbolizing the binds that hold us while we are alive to the constant every day struggle we have with our own nature with self, ego, ect

-White & Black Atom symbolizing, positive & negative energy, good/bad-duality,ect

-Different poses representing different states of struggles and experiences with the ego.

-Halo behind head representing the aura or chi, living energy that surrounds all things, ect

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 07:27 AM


Used pastels and graphite on mixed media paper.

I'm dedicating this piece to the protest of enterprising corporate corruption in regards specifically to the distribution of financial wealth of banking cartel monopolies/organizations...There is also purpose in this for those that hide their true intentions and plot wickedness against others behind closed doors. Greed is the main point of focus being one of the 7 deadly sins which i'm going to be "incorporating" into this sketch/drawing, but it also reflects and symbolizes gluttony and vanity as well, and also lack of self discipline. Also acts as a form of ritual to help eliminate financial turmoil and inequality for myself and also others.

The Idea of financial equality is a joke to me... This piece is so much more than just giving banks the big middle finger, it has much more than just a single meaning. It also symbolizes and represents the masks we wear to hide our true faces...especially in politics. What is it that you see when you look into the mirror?

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