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Iron Discovered inside the Great Pyramid of Giza!

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posted on Jul, 7 2015 @ 08:05 PM
a reply to: purplemer
I noticed something from reading the linked article, the guy is talking about the casing stones, not the main construction blocks. That I could see being done, but the irregular nature of the underlying structure would still make it a daunting task, each would need to formed up separately.
The other drawback I see is the extreme lack of wood in the immediate vicinity, any substantial timber products were imported from Lebanon or islands in the med.
Without large trees it would be very difficult to make the planking needed for the forms, so they could have imported the wood which they did in great enough quantities to practically denude the mountains of the Levant, even to this day.
That same scarcity of wood also makes it difficult to reconcile how they would have made the lime, limestone needs to be burned to make the lime, and its here is where the guy in the article is talking out his hooha. You cant just crush limestone, mix in a little diatomaceous earth and get cement.
If the Egyptians did do this, then it may be a contributing factor in the decline of the use of such mortuary practices, its was so prohibitively expensive.

This quote from the admonitions of Ipuwer a document attributed to the 6th dyn. to 2nd intermediate period, and is a relating of the chaos of the 1st int. period.

Behold, the fire has gone up on high, and its burning goes forth against the enemies of the land.
Behold, things have been done which have not happened for a long time past; the king has been deposed by the rabble.
Behold, he who was buried as a falcon [is devoid] of biers, and what the pyramid concealed has become empty.
Behold, it has befallen that the land has been deprived of the kingship by a few lawless men.

Behold, men have fallen into rebellion against the Uraeus, the [. . .] of Re, even she who makes the Two Lands content.
Behold, the secret of the land whose limits were unknown is divulged, and the Residence is thrown down in a moment.
Behold, Egypt is fallen to pouring of water, and he who poured water on the ground has carried off the strong man in misery.
Behold, the Serpent is taken from its hole, and the secrets of the Kings of Upper and Lower Egypt are divulged.
Behold, the Residence is afraid because of want, and [men go about] unopposed to stir up strife.
Behold, the land has knotted itself up with confederacies, and the coward takes the brave man's property.
Behold, the Serpent [. . .] the dead: he who could not make a sarcophagus for himself is now the possessor of a tomb.
Behold, the possessors of tombs are ejected on to the high ground, while he who could not make a coffin for himself is now [the possessor] of a treasury.
Behold, this has happened [to] men; he who could not build a room for himself is now a possessor of walls.
Behold, the magistrates of the land are driven out throughout the land: [. . .] are driven out from the palaces.

I think the lines I have bolded show that when this was written the tombs still held their internees, and treasures, and that it was in the civil chaos of the first intermediate period the tombs were robbed.

I'd like to point out to people who don't know, these grand tombs were built in the heyday of the old kingdom, the old kingdoms ends with the first intermediate period. A period of socio-political unrest in Egypt that is also a worldwide phenomena. At the very beginning decades of those centuries, many a great civilization came unhinged. The Akkadians, The Indus valley, China all fell apart in the same decades as tribal people in the new world were displaced from their homes by other people suddenly on the move to make a living.

Ask yourself what could have happened that would effect the world for centuries to come.

posted on Jul, 8 2015 @ 06:43 AM
a reply to: punkinworks10

thank you for pointing that out i thought they where talking about the main blocks. As for the trees i am not really sure i know it use to be wetter there so maybe trees use to grow. Maybe the lime was imported from others areas i really dont know.

posted on Jul, 8 2015 @ 06:54 AM
a reply to: Harte

The proposal would more than double the amount of man hours of work to accomplish the feat. That's more than enough reason to dismiss it.

Thats reason enough in your head to dismiss it does not mean its the case though. As I said I would not be so sure about that without proof.

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