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Val Doonican goes to sleep aged 88

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posted on Jul, 2 2015 @ 09:46 AM

Irish singer and TV entertainer Val Doonican has died aged 88.

His family said he died "peacefully" at a nursing home in Buckinghamshire. He had not been ill, but his daughter said his "batteries had just run out".

The performer was a regular fixture on TV with The Val Doonican show which ran on the BBC from 1965 to 1986, featuring his own performances and guest artists.

He was also rarely out of the UK charts in the 1960s and '70s with songs like Walk Tall and Elusive Butterfly.

In the album chart, he had five successive top 10 records and even knocked The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band off the top spot in 1967 with Val Doonican Rocks, But Gently.

In a statement, his family said: "He was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather and will be greatly missed by family, friends and his many fans."

Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye

Good advice and, to my detriment, I never took it.

Sleep well, Val.

Thanks for being a part of my childhood.

posted on Jul, 2 2015 @ 09:49 AM
rip val

posted on Jul, 2 2015 @ 09:53 AM
a reply to: CJCrawley


A well written and heart felt eulogy there CJC, thanks for the thread.

posted on Jul, 2 2015 @ 07:24 PM
a reply to: CJCrawley

RIP Val, you were party of my childhood too with a rather well used 33 LP that we used to listen to when we were bored.

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