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Tibetan monks say world will not end in 2012

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posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 09:53 PM

Originally posted by Enyalius

it's all upto us whether we choose to grow further and evolve or decide to keep living in ignorant bliss and stay stuck on this physical realm and live our lives over and over again with each incarnation untill the day the sun burns up and the planets in this area are gone.

I like the way you put that Enyalius, and the rest of your post, I feel the same way...

I think that perhaps the lead up to 2012 is not such an 'ending' of a physical world, (as such), but more of an ending of the way we do things,-- how we live, how we think and feel, -- more like a shift in consciousness, where some of us will be able to possibly ascend, and get back in touch with the skills that all of us posess, but that have been forgotten, -- because thats how everything is set out for us, -- that we forget who and what we are capable of....

....perhaps that is a good thing in some cases

I tend to believe the Monks, when they say that we are being watched -- this I believe to be true, -- the road to 'self-awareness' is the answer to everything, though it comes with a price, as it is the most challenging of them all....

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 11:48 PM
Ahh geez, another "Tibetan Monk..2012.." thread, and it's always for the same article too, no kidding, it has become almost tradition.

Anyways, I have nothing against you skychief, and my post isn't a petty attempt to mock you. I really appreciate your contribution to this 2012 awareness going on because I know while most of the older member seen threads like these dozens of time, most of the newer members have not, and would not realize article like this would exist, if not for threads like this.

Personally, I just really wish the india daily would at least give us an update, I think that's what irks me the most, its outdated. lol. Then again, I believe in what india daily tells me as much as the national inquirer when it comes to these type of things.


but here's my opinion on this article:

I pretty much take this article with a grain of salt, I'm not saying this article is fake, but after analyzing this article it seems, this "news" were sprung out from traveler's tales, and not necessarily direct interview with the monks themselves.

Until we receive more messages (preferably direct) from these Tibetan monks, from different sources (website, articles, personal blog), I will live this article on the sidelines.

Actually I'm more curious why India Daily don't interview the exiled Tibetan Monks in India (Dharamsala).

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 06:32 PM
yes yes

as led zepplin sang in "kashmir"

to sit with elders of the gentile race

the world has seldom seen

they talk of days for which they sit and wait

when all will be revealed

well there must be more people than just the tibeten monks who can remote view out a few years ........i'll try to find something and post pretty up in the air with this........and i don't really think anything that wild is headed this way but who ????

i was also wondering if 2012 could mark a end to a long period in which we were more easily able to practice the golden rule and live a spiritual path and ascend in our next lifetimes....instead after 2012 , our minds may be stuck more in the lower human survival emotions including fear which could be possible should we be headed toward a global feudal state with elite dictators and very low standards of living .......sorta third world like...............or some allude that a Sun-Earth-Jupiter alignment circa 2012-2014 will mark a return of a energy system that may effect earth in a significant way (with pole shift possibilites, have they occured before?) and a opp. to raise awareness

here is a snippet from the source

Kundalini yoga is the practise of awakening the snake and allowing it to rise up the spine until it reaches the highest chakra, the Crown chakra, where the meeting of Shiva and Shakti lead to enlightenment and the trance of Samadhi ­ ecstasy ­ the annihilation of the ego and the end of duality. This sounds very similar to the meeting of the Maori Sky and Earth gods, which has been predicted for 2012, and also the merging of the Inca Overworld and Underworld onto the everyday world ­ also predicted for 2012.

they say the signifigance of the snake is the shedding of skin as a metaphor for "rebirth"

So the “spiritual opportunity for mankind” spoken of by Danion Brinkley can be confirmed as a time very close to 2012, when something will trigger a mass Kundalini experience in mankind… but what could the trigger be?

He (Dr. dimitriev) has also taken into account solar changes, and changes to the weather and magnetic fields of all the other planets in the solar system. A ten-fold increase to the layer of deflected interstellar plasma on the heliosphere boundary indicates that the solar system is headed into an area of magnetised plasma that Dmitriev says is causing these changes. An increasing incidence of plasma balls in the atmosphere is a sign of the imminent “transformation of Earth” says Dmitriev, involving an interaction with processes beyond the three-dimensional world.

It seems that our entry into the magnetised plasma band will cause Earth weather changes, and a geomagnetic reversal, which will trigger the pineal gland into '___' and pinoline production, leading to kundalini and out-of-body experiences and increasing incidents of telepathy, while we develop our ability to see beyond the veil and into the next World

interesting none the less

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posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 05:35 AM
Starred and flagged.

Hope you get a lot of stars.

Some friends of mine went to a global culture earth day festival. There they met and photographed some visiting Tibetian monks.

They hugged them good bye.

In turn I had dinner with my two friends who hugged me good bye.

No, it wasn't like lightening but something happened, my chakras opened and since that magical hug I've had dreams and been able to meditate more easily.

Very interesting article.

Thank you for sharing skychief.

I feel like right before a storm, that ozony feel about the air.

something is coming, like a storm.


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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 03:04 AM

Originally posted by DefectingSix

Originally posted by Valhall
Well, the Christian writers said the world would never I guess the monks are verifying that, right?

definitely false for me! the world will end in a rapture where Jesus would return to ascend all his childrens who follow through his teachings. after that, war and faminie is all about earth. then people who don't believe in Christ will be slowly torture in their own mistakes on this world. for people who finally believe in Christ the last moment will still suffer in this world until they die and then side with Christ.

your choice. accept Jesus as your savior and follow his footsteps or take the long road where you have to bump your head learning that you made a mistake.

hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahaahhaahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah -breathes in- hahahahahahahaha
oh man...
ok so let me get this straight...iF WE DONT BELIEVE IN YOUR "GOD" aka christ...
then everyone else will die a horrible pain and suffer greatly?? am i understanding this properly??
that this kind wise man named jesus from "back in the day"...all the sudden is going to come back and be a total a**hole/douche to the rest of the world if they DONT LISTEN TO HIM/TAKE HIM AND ONLY HIM INTO HIS HEART?
well hell your "god/Christ" sounds more like Lucifer lol
or even one can say HITLER.

lol seriously...get outta ATS with your crazy religion bs.
THAT IS NOT what jesus preached or wanted man to know.
kick rocks.
LITERALLY til your toes bleed

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 03:16 AM
You guys know your bumping a thread from 2004 right?

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