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New 911 Theory with a thought

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posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 07:00 AM

August 2001, Unocal and the Bush Administration (aka Carlyle Administration) invite the friendly Taliban government of Afghanistan to Texas, in hopes of completing closing talks of constructing a $2B pipeline to bring gas from Central Asia to the sub-continent.

Thats funny, because UNOCAL gave up on an Afghanistan pipeline in 1998

El Segundo, Calif., Aug. 21, 1998 -- As a result of sharply deteriorating political conditions in the region, Unocal, which serves as the development manager for the Central Asia Gas (CentGas) pipeline consortium, has suspended all activities involving the proposed pipeline project in Afghanistan

6-8 Months later Hamid Karzai, former consultant for Unocal was hand selected by the Carlyle to become Afghanistan's interm president.

You know, only one French newspaper and Michael Moore claim that. UNOCAL has said that Karzai NEVER worked for them.

NOTE: Barry Lane is UNOCAL's manager for public relations. This interview was conducted by telephone at around noon July 8th

Jared Israel: You're right. It's not a direct quote. The only thing they're quoting are the words, "lead company." The other thing that is being asserted everywhere is that Hamid Karzai, the current head of the Afghan 'government' once worked for you

Barry Lane: Yeah. Yeah, well that's probably one of the great urban legends. He never worked for us.

Jared Israel: He didn't work for somebody else who worked for you?

Barry Lane: No. No, not him. He was never a consultant, never an employee. We've exhaustively searched through all our records to try and find out where the hell that came from

About the "plan" to build...

Barry Lane: Hey, it makes a great story. But I gotta tell you, our CEO was asked this kind of question about the project at the annual meeting, in May, and he was absolutely emphatic that we have no interest, no plans. I'm not sure what part of that is confusing for people

Guess what folks, there's a pipeline which cost $2B running through Turkey, Afganistan and Pakistan right now.

Umm nope.

Niki said:

again, for those wondering about how hot fires can get--and the buildings (WTC) fire, even with accelerants, DOES NOT BURN HOT ENOUGH TO MELT STEEL

Didnt need to, just enough to cause it to start to soften..600-700 degrees, well within jet fuel/office crap range.

Other factors of note include the "collapse" of these buildings.....where were the "big chunks"? All debris was pulverized to dust.

You know, if it wasnt for the subject, this would be one of the more hilarious claims. You must not have looked at ANY pics of the aftermath. If "all debris was pulverized", how come they needed over 1,000 steelworkers to cut apart the debris to load it into trucks for the ride out to the landfill in New Jersey?

Another thing we must keep in mind is that the WTC buildings had inner steel cores-----one building, the plane only hit the corner--there is no physical reason this building should have collapsed.

Shows a distinct lack of knowledge about the construction of the building....

Well, have to take the kiddies to school...back later.....

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 08:14 AM

I can understand the two big buildings going down after they were hit and burned as well, the stresses on the building must have been enormous, but as far as I'm aware WTC 7 wasn't hit by anything substantial enough to cause the collapse the way it was reported

Actually, WTC7 was hit HARD by the collapse of WTC1. Many firefighters and police officers that were there have commented on how damaged WTC7 was after the tower hit it. Too many for me to once again post them on ATS. However, you can go here if you want more information

side note: Here in Chicago we had a bad fire recently at the LaSalle bank building (hi rise), floors 28 and 29 were affected. The fire burned for several hours.......yet.......the building is STILL STANDING! And this is an OLD building

Side note, completely different construction than the WTC, and didnt have a friggin plane flown into it.

Massive gaping holes allowed oxygen to turn them into regular burning fires and were mostly turned into small pockets.

Go take a fire chemistry class. Oxygen is what CAUSES small fires to become BIG fires.

Cheney - Haliburton president, vice president, Norad stand down

Halliburton yes, vice president yes, NORAD stood down, NOPE.

Silverstein - owned WTC before attacks, now owns Sears Tower, had a mishap and said the he spoke to a fire department "commander" and suggested to "pull it"

No, he said that it was a good decision by the NYFD to not even attempt to fight the fire in WTC7.

Bush's brother - Head of Securacom that's listed clients included United Airlines, World Trade Center, and others

No, he was on the board of directors and left Securacom months before 9/11.

All three have in common, high positions in US Government, part of PNAC which called for a Pearl Harbor like incident to justify pre emptive war

What a horrible misquote. The document did NOT call for a Pearl Harbor type incident. It said that if there was going to be a massive transformation of the US military it would take such an incident. BTW, the US military hasnt "transformed" that much. Before you ask, just started year number 20 as a member of the US military

Another response for Niki

Or what about the treatment of females in the mid east? That is ALWAYS is just OIL OIL OIL in the mideast

Well Niki, UNOCAL didnt over look treatment of females....
From UNOCAL'S statement on NOT building....

Unocal recognizes the legitimate concerns regarding the treatment of women in Afghanistan. Consistent with our core values and business principles, Unocal is currently providing humanitarian support and skills training to Afghanistan through CARE and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Neither program is designed to provide pipeline construction skills training. These programs meet or exceed UN guidelines for doing fieldwork in Afghanistan. They include basic job skills training and education for both men and women, and elementary education for boys and girls

Yes I know this is an old thread, but maybe, just maybe someone will finally wake up and realize the liars in all this are the conspiracy theorists.......

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 08:39 AM

Originally posted by Swampfox46_1999

Another thing we must keep in mind is that the WTC buildings had inner steel cores-----one building, the plane only hit the corner--there is no physical reason this building should have collapsed.

Shows a distinct lack of knowledge about the construction of the building....

The buildings didn't have steel core structures handling most of their gravity loads, and Flight 175 didn't hit WTC2 at a bad angle for core destruction?

Isn't this where I start posting "LIAR LIAR LIAR!"?

You've also suggested that there are no direct witness testimonies to molten metal at Ground Zero. Is that where I start calling you a liar?

Or the explanation of the angular momentum disappearance that contradicts the NIST report? Maybe NIST had some liars, too?

WTC7 was hit hard by WTC1 debris, eh? Hm. That must explain why it didn't fall from anywhere any debris allegedly hit, but instead fell down symmetrically from the bottom floor. Yep. Or those raging fires we don't have any pictures of. Either one of them will do I guess, in an absence of real evidence, when you don't really understand thermodynamics.

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