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NWO is the only way..

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posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 04:43 AM

Originally posted by Spehno
The NWO is going to set up a world government? If that is the case, it won't be good. If there is to be a world government, it will not be a democracy. The only way a world government would survive if it was a dictatorship. They would kill off half the population of the world, and control the rest as slaves. That is the only possibility if we are to have a world government.

I think the same aswell, Just one thing..
What would you want to do with so many slaves if you already rule the entire world. And why would you want to rule the entire world. I just don't get it..

And it's totally wrong to kill so many people just to rule the world so you can keep the humanity alive or whatever they would want..

posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 05:02 AM
If anything, the NWO should stray away from being a tyranny that it's being feared to be. Instead, with the technology of the present and future, we can create a better society that may someday be free from hunger and disease. Imaging the breakthroughs we'll make with the whole stem cell and growth process, and all that stuff. We may someday be able to just clone meat and create more like Jesus (with the fish and bread). Once that's possible, we could be the first country to end world hunger once and for all and basically, no ones complaining.

At the same time, with the slack of our society, I don't blame the NWO for sounding so extreme. However, I believe that those that wish to live on the bare minimum shall be given the choice to do so, while others that wish to educate themselves (hopefully free for at least the mid class jobs) can live a better life if they choose to do so. Frankly, if one doesn't want to contribute to society, they get the basics of life while those that work hard will in return get what they deserve.

The NWO if it comes into power is really a last chance effort to revive a country that has slipped to mass stupidity. With more jobs going to better educated people overseas, who can blame the companies for that? They can't get enough reliable people in the states anymore since education has become for many too expensive.

What made the US the superpower it became was partly by our Education system which at the time was better then most in the world. At the time however, most jobs didn't even need diplomas or degrees and a hs diploma did fine untill the new age began. That's when the higher paying jobs went to new professions that required higher education which has been getting more expensive each year. The result is that the same education is cheaper in other parts of the world and this is where they are getting that basic education now. From there, countries like India and China, and Japan have grown because there are now a higher educated ratio in those countries then the US.

If the US were to simply offer community 2 year colleges for free, many more americans will get the education that they need for simple entry jobs or technical training for other jobs. This would be able to finally bring the jobs back to our side of the world for once.

Either that or they just want to replace man with machines which they see as a more efficient solution.

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 07:03 AM

Originally posted by makavelli
If anything, the NWO should stray away from being a tyranny that it's being feared to be. Instead, with the technology of the present and future, we can create a better society that may someday be free from hunger and disease. Imaging the breakthroughs we'll make with the whole stem cell and growth process, and all that stuff. We may someday be able to just clone meat and create more like Jesus (with the fish and bread). Once that's possible, we could be the first country to end world hunger once and for all and basically, no ones complaining.

This is what we should push for, a peaceful world where we work together to create a beautiful environment not a tryanny system that enslaves the world into a gaint farm

posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 01:57 AM
The problem with tyrannies is that they never work, and are only a short term solution with long term problems that can build to the inevitable destruction of the empire. No country in history, no matter how strong or influential has succeeded in total domination. The problem is not all in terms of how the people are controlled but how the controllers act. Eventually greed and corruption will overtake them and this slowly deteriorates their power. With the generation in control at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised if that is how they can fail. It only grows worse as well, with future generations being more corrupted by materialism and lust.

posted on Jan, 9 2005 @ 03:32 AM
a new world order would solve all our problems

posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 04:15 PM
Oh, and what about the wars that will be fought against the NWO by countires that do not submit to their demands? It all depends of what they plan to do...

posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 05:26 PM
In order for the NWO to avoid massive liquidation of humans, they will have to appeal to mankind's base instincts. If they can deliver on the promise of free and plentiful sex, total lack of church-based morality and some kind of hopeful notion like space exploration, they could win over most humans.

The problem is that the religious zealots will not comply. To them, the NWO is the incarnation of Satan which would cause them to die fighting (or just die). Any sympathy or loyalty to the Catholic church would certainly have to be erased and that entails much bloodshed unless you can convince the Jesuits to alter the church from within. As I understand, the NWO plans to expose the Catholic church as the apostate seed of Christ. If they have something awesome planned to reveal some other historic link to Christ, they could subsume the Church without too much death. They would have to perform some sort of 'miracle', however, or produce some sort of Shroud of Turin-like relic that is divine in all appearances.

Most likely, the NWO is technologically superior on levels we do not even realize. I expect that they plan to lose half the population in their transfer process. 'Births' in general are not very clean or nice, whether human or political.

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posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 07:16 PM
the new world order will simply dispose of all the people that dont comply with them easy problem solved and there wont be indval countrys fight the nwo the nwo is the rest of the worl vs one country

posted on Jan, 11 2005 @ 11:16 PM
There is so much that is uncertain about the future of mankind although it is safe to assume one thing for sure. If we continue down the path we are currently on. Then the events to come certainly won’t be pleasant. We currently live in a world where even in those countries that are considered to be at the forefront of human development (the so called westernised countries). Many of the citizens of said country worry about basic things such as walking down the street at night. Crime is rife and at a point now where it is beyond the control of those that govern.

On a larger scale, one of people’s biggest fears currently is the terrorist threat. Although the powers that be claim to be at war with these terrorists. Just like the war on drugs, this war is one that cannot ever be truly won. If anything, the war on terrorism is even more unviable than the war on drugs. This is mainly due to the fact that for every terrorist that is killed, another two will come along to take their place. In the case of capturing leaders of terrorist organisations this can be multiplied exponentially, as you have to take into account the ‘martyr’ factor. Diplomacy is not a tool that is understood by fanatics.

The next big problem is religion, although I do not consider myself a particularly religious person and certainly not one who follows any particular faith. I do still see the need for religion in today’s world. If you take the bible for what it is, then you can see that it incorporates a basic set of morals and principles to guide people through life. It does not and should not matter who wrote the book and whether or not it came from divine inspiration. What does matter is that it is apparent to all that the guidelines set down by the bible on how one should go through life are pretty solid and good. This being said, they are still subject to the biggest flaw that faces mankind and that is men and more recently women themselves. As with all texts they are open to interpretation and this tends to benefit those that are in control of the text. Down the ages mankind has used these texts to start wars against each other and to justify betraying those very principles that they are supposedly fighting for.

100 years ago, while still deadly. They were never really a threat to mankind as a race. This changed though with the advent of global communications and weapons of mass destruction. We are now reaching a point where religious fanatics can kill tens of thousands in a matter of minutes. Where they will be able to freely communicate over any distance and distribute weapons capable of maiming and killing without any real fear of capture. It is without doubt the biggest threat we as a race have ever faced and it is a war we cannot hope to win unless we take dramatic steps.

When you look around at all the different conspiracy theories that exist today. Many of them have a common theme. This is that the end is coming and it is coming soon. This is not to say that we will be wiped out, but more that change is coming and this change is going to be extraordinary in the form it takes. Some say that a race or races of beings that come from the stars are coming to take over the world. Others say the opposite and that they are here to help us through the next transition of humanity. There are those that believe we are on a path to total annihilation caused by weapons of our own making. Then there are people that the planet itself will bring about the end to humanity, through extreme global warming or freak changes in the planet itself, the magnetic poles flipping is a good example of this. One thing is for sure, even if none of these are true, we cannot just continue to walk down the path we are currently treading. There is no future at the end of it. If we do, then one day and one day in the not to distant future, Something will happen to bring about the end of humanity as we know it. Technology is still advancing at an exponential rate and it will not take long for someone, somewhere to come up with a way to destroy the lives of many, find a way to distribute it and have the courage of conviction to use it. This is not something that might happen, but rather an event that inevitably will happen.

Ever since I was a young adult, able to look at and recognise what was going on in the world today. I have always believed that the road we took would have to change if we were to truly have a future. I also saw the need to change the way the planet is governed. For us to truly move forwards we need to stop looking at other and see the face of the enemy just because they were born across a man made border. The only possible way to achieve this is to remove those borders from the equation. So we no longer need look jealously on at others who are far better off just because they were born in a different part of the world. We need to get to a point where all people irrespective of colour, sex or religion have the same basic human rights. Where everyone is given an equal chance to prove their worth. This is something that can never happen while national borders still exist.

One of the many current theories is that of an organisation of people, whose primary goal is to bring about a change that comes close to what I have described above. There are many theories that go into the motives of this organisation and most of them are not good. However there are also just as many that see these people as having the best interests of all people at heart. Which side is true no one really knows, we cannot even say for sure whether such a group of people really exist. At this point it is just a lot of conjecture based on comments and conjecture. However if there is to be a major change in the way we develop as a species it will take something as radical as this idea to move forwards. Whether or not it will happen is something that only time will tell, but my own personal hope is that something along these lines will take place and is brought about in such a manner that brings equality for all. My fear is that even if it does take place, that the controlling factor will be the one that has dominated man since we first started to walk on this planet and that is power.

If I was asked which of these two scenarios do I think is more likely to happen, I think I would have to say it was the former of the two. Most of those that are supposedly involved in the make up of this New World Order organisation come from countries where freedom is relished. Countries that are democratic in their nature. It only seems logical to me that if this were to happen, the principles that would guide this transition would be the ones that have guided these people through life. It also seems logical that they would recognise the fact that every time someone has tried to force rulership on a large group of people has eventually failed in this task. When something that goes completely against the grain of our basic beliefs happens, we rise up against it. It is far to risky for them to assume that they can create a ‘World Police Force’ overnight that is willing to go round exterminating people for crimes which didn’t exist yesterday.

If something like this happened 200 years ago, I could maybe accept it. But too many people worldwide now value what freedoms they have and will rise up and fight to maintain these freedoms. It also seems like a realistic assumption that for this to take place a fairly large group of people would need to be aware of these plans (perhaps even several hundred) before they were implemented. If the destruction of the majority of the human race was on the cards, I cannot believe that someone somewhere wouldn’t blow the whistle so to speak, before the events occurred. You are talking about more than a weight on someone’s shoulders here. Therefore its foundations have to be set in a way that all those involved and ‘in the know’ believe what is going to happen is truly the right way forwards for all.

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 06:08 AM
the only new world order i have ever seen any evidence of is the defunct wrestling league. they are doing a pretty job of hiding by pulling the planet in 76 different ways politically if that is their agenda. other than that a shred of evidence would be nice. i mean hard physical evidence. they couldnt keep the lid on watergate or blowjobgate or arms for hostages or oliver north or oklahoma or 9-11. but they are keeping the lid on NWO.


i hope if there is an nwo they shoot me first. or at least try. me and kevin nash will fight you all to the death.

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