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Everything we see, touch, smell, hear, and feel is a product of frequency an (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Dec, 26 2004 @ 01:45 PM

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I woke up this morning with clarity of thought and simplicity of events that I’ve never had before. I know most people see something and try to figure out how it ticks if it interests them. Unfortunately, too many things have come between the purpose of an item and its creation. My goal in writing this document is to encourage others to seek a renaissance of ideas that simply everything around us. In order for this to occur, all things must be looked at differently. We are basically looking at atoms in a frequency pattern (drone atoms) that can be altered with frequency tuning. In order to re-tune atoms, we must understand field harmonic regeneration and how to precisely apply it to drone atoms. Because atoms swirl around similar to a gyroscope and stay in a constant with other drone atoms, they deduct their place via group association. By introducing an insulated conversion atom to the drone atoms, you can redirect the drones to retune their frequency and match that of the conversion atom. Also, by understanding frequency hierarchy, you can create an insulated conversion atom (key atom) that affects and reprograms the drone atoms frequency.

As humans, we over complicate everything because of either laziness or training. I have no real scientific background and who needs it. Our inventors throughout history may have cut themselves short by having such training.

A perfect example would be a simple software program that was pure (or at least in a purer state) and over time it has become lethargic and cumbersome. As more lines of code are added to the original program, we see unintended events occur (crashes) in the software that call for “patches” as well as significant growth in the program. Old unneeded code is bypassed and left in the program. If the programmer was to pull out the unnecessary code, a much more efficient program would emerge. Instead, machines must be built that can handle these ever-growing and inefficient programs. Hence the original pure program is lost.

Electricity (energy) is nothing more than frequency. We create frequency at the source, transmit the frequency via lines to a destination and then convert the frequency back to a state that can be used for an invented product. The planet spins at a frequency that should be measured and studied. A much more efficient way would be to measure the planets frequency, create a frequency receiver and place it at the destination. Hence, you have no lines and very efficient use of energy. Creating a frequency receiver only takes study of our planetary rotational frequency. By knowing this frequency we can create products that can simply tune to that frequency and run on the unlimited supply of energy. Our goal is to allow the frequency to easily be captured and convert that energy, just like wind in a sail.

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