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The 4 dimensional mind - Unjust Justification and Forgiveness.

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posted on Jun, 26 2015 @ 10:21 PM
For a long time I have been looking at the scriptures from a 3 dimensional mind. Good, Evil, and Freewill.

In my mistrust of the great philosophers who did not reason the mind as devine, I never wondered how they came to that conclusion. After talking with someone about the subject I have come to the following conclusion, the mind is 4 dimensional.

1. Devine conscious - The Light, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ.

2. Lying conscious, Demon Spirit, Satan.

3. Earthly conscious, The sum of all total worldly experiences. This is what makes you unique.

4. Freewill to choose and change.

The non spiritual philosopher combines the first three based on what they see. Mankind does not appear to be inherently good nor inherently evil, so the idea of a devine conscious does not seem to fit. Therefore, they rejected the philosophy of the prophets, which suggest the devine laws are written on the hearts and minds.

What they have failed to understand is Justification, which can be both unjust and extreme.

The Devine Law is to do no harm to others. Each of us are born with this inherited understanding that hurting others is wrong. The law itself is devine and in our minds but the mind is not fully devine.

Based on our total life experience, our earthy conscious and lying conscious give us the ability to justify, even the most unjust acts.

Justified actions against the Law

1. Self defense - fight or flight? Self defense does not itself violate the Law, because it is justified.

2. Self preservation - Wars fought over food, water, and other basic needs. When the oppressed are starving, self preservation is not a direct violation of the Law, because it is Justified.

Unjust violations of the Law.

1. Chaos - psychopaths. The scriptures predict that we will see men who kill without remorse. Men who's ideology appears to be focused solely on wealth. They justify any crime that increases their wealth. If the scriptures did not predict these men, the law could not be considered devine.

If you follow a man who kills with no remorse, you have choosen a psychopath as your leader. And the world seems to be full of them.

2. Established Ideology (religious or political ideology). This also can be seen as a false type of self preservation.

If your father teaches you to worship Moloch, by sacrificing your firstborn in the fire, then you may believe that in order to preserve your quality of life you must sacrifice to Moloch.

Although this ideology is inherently wrong, it becomes justified ideology due to self preservation. Religious and ethnic cleansing, aka genocide, is another form of false self preservation that was justified by ideas.

If someone was taught Moloch worship, they would not form an emotional bond with the firstborn child, the child would belong to Moloch. This is how the mind has justified the unjust act of self preservation. In the mind of the Moloch worshipper the child never takes on the characteristics of one who can be harmed, but rather is serving a specific purpose of self preservation.

Although these things are inherently wrong, our forefathers handed down these ideologies to us. So we believe that war leads to peace, even though history suggests the exact opposite. It is possible that some still believe that sacrificing a child prevents poverty, even though it should be clear that Moloch is a fictional character.

Can such unjust acts be forgiven at the Revelation of Jesus Christ?

Parents are like God's to our children. What we teach our children will have the strongest impact on them. If we Justify the unjust, such as religious intolerance, and hate based on sexual orientation, our children will follow out of a sense of self preservation.

Many people who claim to "speak for God," spread this type of fase self preservation that causes harm to others. If the words you speak justify harm or hate because of an idea then you do not speak for God.

To each generation the sins of the fathers are confronted by a messenger who comes to instruct according to the truth. Those who obey the messenger and repent, are forgiven the sins taught by the fathers. Because, God does not punish for the sins of the father.

Those who have been taught religious intolerance, hate based on sexual orientation, or Moloch from thier forefathers must repent. If they repent they will find Grace, yet carry thier shame at the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

We must eliminate ideological justification if we are to be a peaceful society. No idea should lead a man to harm another.

Gandhi, Mandela, MLK. Men who changed the world without violating the law. Violence is always a bad idea. The end can never justify the means.

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posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 12:17 PM
It's good, and I agree with most of it.

You went s little out of your way to express Moloch warship, understandable ..

What about Dollar ($) warship? And all the wars over that? Has caused more death and suffering then all religions combined in recent history.

As for; harming someone is against "Devine Law"... How do you know what a divine law is? I never heard of them..
Animals harm eachother every moment of every day, sunrise to sunset, the world over..
They must hate Devine law!

I understand what is morally correct or incorrect. But I also understsnding our brain, nervous system and heart are hardwired biologically through the growth of sperm/egg > fetus >baby >adult.

Those commited against your "Devine law" may see it just as that, a hard wiring.

I think of it like protons and electrons, which are the base of existence.. we have negative charged people, and positive charged people.

Then we have rules, laws, ideologies, religions, concepts, belief... that one of those charged humans made up.

Just like books. Created by a man.

So for one to say they know and abide a "Devine law". I just call bull# when I see it. There is no law given when we are born. Only by artificial concepts by some man's mind.. that's society for ya.

If there was Devine law, and gods, they love hide and seek. And they suck at making their laws known to people who DON'T follow religion or doctrines.

It's just nature in the You and I verse.

Universe. Everything needs to thrive and live out its life. If concepts and belief aide in that process. . To each his own .

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