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Controversial autism researcher, Jeff Bradstreet, commits suicide after FDA raid in Buford....

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posted on Jul, 7 2015 @ 06:19 PM

originally posted by: sharknerd
I came upon this in my searching on articles on Dr. Bradstreet. I've never heard of this person, don't know if it's looney, but they bring out some interesting and scarey facts..including the police dashboard camera of the arrest of the North Carolina Church murderer.. It starts out about Russia arresting a spy who was working for the CIA and getting intelligence off his smart phone

Once the FSB gained possession of Mataitis’s CIA issued “communication device”, and guided by his “instructions”, this report details, electronic intelligence experts were then able to decrypt it gaining immediate access to what are called “hour-week-day codes” that then enabled them to “unscramble” thousands of stored CIA communications “swept” into the Federations global intelligence network during the preceding week.

And of the most bizarre, and equally horrific, CIA communications decrypted by the FSB, this report continues, were of an American-based CIA “hit-team/kill-squad” operating in North Carolina that within a number of hours “suicided” an Obama regime dissident named Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, and then “protected” a mass murder suspect on the run from South Carolina named Dylan Roof.

If you watch the arrest video, the police almost immediately holster their guns while approaching the car...

It's really bizarre .....what do you think?

First, my apologies for not seeing this and responding sooner.... sometimes the real world interrupts my playtime here... so rude!!!

I was going to ask for a little time to check it all out, but then I saw it was by Sorcha Faal, so no need. She or he (???) is the worst kind of disinfo agent, taking a little bit of truth and piling on a whole bunch of lies and mistruths and half-truths and the kitchen sink! However, I do often wonder what she is really trying to discredit and or conflate beyond all proportion and or otherwise confuse the issue.

Perhaps this time it is the suicided Dr. Bradstreet? That's pretty random to have him thrown in there...

posted on Jul, 7 2015 @ 06:24 PM

originally posted by: Calilove

I honestly believe autism was created by the government I don't remember hearing about autism yes ago a few people had it, but now everyone is getting it

I remember hearing about it as a teenager, in regards to a local school that served the mentally impaired, but it has definitely increased at epidemic proportions. (Is "epidemic" the proper word?) I wonder if there may be several causes (mostly medicinal/chemical) that could all be causing autism... or at least the same range of symptoms all diagnosed as within the autism spectrum.

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