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if you could ask an alien 1question what would it be

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posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 02:01 PM
If i could ask a alien a single question I would imagine the dialog would go like this.

Sees alien in my front yard, runs up excitedly to talk to it. Alien turns to acknowledge me.

Bassplyr: "so uh, Mr alien do you guys have like a beam that can you know..."

Alien: gives puzzled look

Bassplyr: "you know like a ray gun that can make things, you know...a giganticizer"

Alien: gives further strange looks

Bassplyr: "I dont know what the word would be in your language, but you know a enlarging ray..." glances down at crotch. "You know that can..."

Alien: (finally speaks) "that can make you bigger?"

Bassplyr: "yeah!! For my-"

Alien#2 communicating with alien number one through aliens helmet: ""damnit Gaweegbop!! The tour guide was right!! The overdeveloped prairy apes of Sol 3 are a bunch of perverts. I told you we should have gone on vacation to epsilon eridani! Let's leave!!!"

Alien: turns and scurries back to the space ship. bassplyr following loosley behind still inquiring about a endowment ray.

Bassplyr: " hey where you going? I was told by Mr Johnson down the street that, you know, you guys could help me. Wait don't close the saucer door (bangs on hull) I already ordered special underwear on the internet, and a wheel barrow!!!"

Space ship flies off into space at incomprehensible speed.
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posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 03:17 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

It seems like you've gone over this in your head before...

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 03:27 PM
If I could ask only one question, I believe it would go something like this:

"Hey ET, I 'accidently' took a screw out of your ship, and I was just wondering if in exchange of me giving the screw back, you could answer those 50 questions I have? "

Then I would conclude with a smile.

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posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 03:33 PM
I would ask if they wanted to go back to my place and makes some babies.

No offense to you humans, but I want something new and exotic.

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 04:45 PM
"Why the hell do you guys have to play that stupid mind game, why watch thousands go crazy when you can hijack all our tv stations with the least of efforts and make it be known you exist, why lead us to madness?"

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 05:17 PM
a reply to: Rocketgirl

Looking for exotic eh? Is Hobbit exotic enough? cause I'm pretty sure I'm half hobbit. Or at least i look like Jack black and John Belushi had a hobbit love child.

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 05:59 PM
I think they'd be asking the questions, but I'd ask..

"Whats the true nature of Consciousness, and how could use it to do a Hadouken?"
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posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 06:03 PM
If thoughts exceed the language that constructs them.

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 11:27 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

Now thats exotic. I consider all middle earthlings to be exotic. I would date one in heartbeat.

posted on Jun, 28 2015 @ 12:01 AM
Most of these questions are extremely easy to answer. Like the meaning of life. How can you not know the meaning of life?

If I had the chance to meet our extended family a few more times in physical reality I'd ask them if they could get rid of all the political and religious leaders now. Seriously... the madness of this world has gone long enough. We need them gone. Today. Now. Not in a few years.

posted on Jun, 28 2015 @ 12:23 AM
Where to next?

posted on Jun, 28 2015 @ 05:17 AM
I would ask out of all the planets in the Universe why do you come to Earth? What is it about our planet that attracts you. Because I am stumped. We are an aggressive species that is rapidly heading towards self destruction within the next 50 years. Are we the Cosmic eqvalent of the Big Brother House and that you are just the game keepers observing Earth in it's final days. Why don't you intervene and prevent our self destruction? If you call yourselves civilised do the moral thing and help us stupid apes. Like what we try to do when humanitarian charities do here on Earth. Or is it that you don't have any morality whatsoever?!

posted on Jun, 28 2015 @ 05:28 AM
Given the bulk of the question proposed here, it's easy to see why they do not converse with Humans.

posted on Jun, 28 2015 @ 08:41 AM
Why are you invading us?


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posted on Jun, 28 2015 @ 08:44 AM
I'd ask:

" When is this experiment called ' life ' over and how can I get V.I.P. passes for the next one? "
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posted on Jun, 29 2015 @ 12:30 PM
a reply to: Forensick

I would ask that question because the only thing that separates us from them other than appearance is our intellect and understanding. If we can increase that the universe would be at our fingertips like it is for them

posted on Jun, 29 2015 @ 12:38 PM
a reply to: bucsarg

I think they tried that a long time ago and seeing how there's been multiple extinction events we probably go over board

posted on Jun, 29 2015 @ 12:53 PM
a reply to: Metallicus

I'm no genius, alien or philosopher but i believe that life is like rain drops and instead of trying to get to the top it's a 1way road to the bottom but with hopes that when we reach our destination we figuratively land on a seed and bring life or happiness or whatever is uniquely you. That's jus my opinion though

posted on Jun, 29 2015 @ 12:57 PM
a reply to: Sharted

Now that is an interesting question concept

posted on Jun, 29 2015 @ 12:59 PM
a reply to: Soylent Green Is People

Where did you come up with that question

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