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posted on Dec, 25 2004 @ 11:29 PM
I noticed a lot of people doing these lists lately. I was recently inspired to do my own. Here are some things that piss me off/annoy me to no end.

1.) My job!! (And the fact that I can't really quit). I work at a movie theatre. Some people say "Oh, a movie theatre! How fun!". NO!!!! BEING at a movie theatre is fun!!! WORKING at a movie theatre SSSUUUCCCKKKSSS! I hate working concession. ENDLESS liiiines of people who all want almost the same 17 dollar pile of fattening worthless food that should really only cost them 2 bucks. The lines never end! The faster I work, the more people come! I barely get time to get a drink of water from the back. And this company. Oi! Don't get me started! The most greedy selfish evil corporation on the planet!(Yes, I'm exagerating)
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate all of the customers. Some of them make it fun. Some of them smile at me, joke with me, try to have a good time or make my day better. The people I hate is the people who treat me like a #ing robot!!! They come up without even making an attempt to look at me in the eyes. They don't smile or say hello. I do the good thing. I smile, and say
"Hi, what can I get you?".
-They'll then proceed to mumble under their breath in a pissed-off manner the things that they "need". Still not making eye contact with me. (And no, they're not doing this because they're shy).
"uhh...I need a large popcorn, large drink, medium icee, and I need a pretzel. Give me some snicker's poppables"
Me: "And what kind of drink do you want?"
Them: "I said large!"
Me: (Still attempting to remain patient and friendly) "No, I mean like what type of drink.".
Them:"Oh...(no apologee) give me coke"
This goes on with other stuff they order.

Sorry if that didn't make sense to anyone. It makes sense to me!

2.) The phrase "I could care less" I know that this has been talked about before, but I don't care; it's my rant! When you tell someone something insignificant, and they say "I could care less", they are thereby signifying that they are making an attempt to care, and maybe even care a great deal. "I could care less" means you care, not the other way around.

3.) People who will continue their argument even when prooved wrong. I guess it's also circular logic.
Example: Person A: "This apple juice is good, and it's healthy!"
Person B: "It can't be healthy, it has so much sugar in it."
Person A: "But look, these ingredients (Pretend we live in fantasy land) have something that counter acts the sugar, and gives you essential vitamins!"
Person B: "That can't be good for you."
Person A: "But it is, see the nutrition facts?"
Person B: "No, it can't be good because it has so much sugar!"


4.) People who try to be so opened minded that they think they can't have an opinion. I once had a friend tell me that, even though their Christian and they recognize homosexuality as a sin, they are for Gay marriage because they don't think God would want to push his opinions on other people.



There are more. I'll put more in later...maybe.

**DISCLAIMER** I was not endorsing nor speaking out against gay marriage when I made my statement.

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