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Max Scherzers Two Game Stretch

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posted on Jun, 21 2015 @ 04:17 AM
Curious what people think of this. The strikeout is a overvalued stat these days as most everybody strikes out a couple hundred times a year. Ain't like the old days. Still, he almost matched Johnny Vander Meer and that's impressive. One hit away from a no-no and one hit batsmen from a perfect game.

As close to two in a row as we might ever see. His reward was six bottles of Hershey's syrup. Baseball is life. It's also really disgusting(50 gallons of lube, anyone?). Still as gross as they get the game still excites me. I got to see a triple crown winner in Miggy, I got to see Cal Ripken pass Lou Gehrig and I never thought those things would happen ever, let alone in my lifetime.

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