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The History of the Red Haired Race

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by Knightmare

No. he was not. In no way, shape, or form, were any of the Mexica gods any form of European, nor were they secretly Jesus. This is modern mythology, first used by hte conquering spaniards to try to convert the Mexica, then picked up by Joseph Smith's bizarre cult.

Does this look like a viking to you?

No, it looks like something dreamed up buy a guy who just mutilated his scrotum while tripping on mescal. Them Mexica were some wacky dudes.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 05:40 AM
reply to post by ubermunche

Sorry my flame headed friend, but just have to add nothing to the discussion other than to state that one of my favorite redneck sayings is " I/I'll beat him like a red headed step child". Comedy genius.
We here in Oz call you copper headed beauties Bloodnuts, Tangs/Rangas after the drink & a shortened corruption of the great ape.
Just count yourselves lucky you are not an Albino in Africa or you may actually have found yourself an unwilling ingredient in a real drink/magic potion!
Now, about that weird skin............

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 05:55 AM
reply to post by OpenSecret2012

Regarding soy milk as being recommended...

Soy is known to damage the brain, shrink it somewhat, and throw estrogen in to the mix. Soy as food is largely waste product masquerading as nutrition. They need the valued oil, and toss the rest off as curd for milk, tofu, etc. Just thought I'd mention it. Soy is NOT good.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:28 PM

Originally posted by OpenSecret2012
There's 2 1/2 schools of thought on this:

1. Other beings came to our planet, experimented on long ago humans, splicing, dicing, splicing, and made offshoots... resulting in blue-eyed, blond hair, pale skinned humans. The sun hurt them so they moved to where the sun hurt them less.

2. Pale skin is a recessive trait in the genetics of dark-skinned humans. Sooner or later pale skinned kids are gonna squirt out. Like attracts like. Pale skinned will be more attracted to other pale skinned. The sun hurts them, they move to where it hurts them less.

1/2. Almost same as #1. Human scientists theirselves did the splicing, dicing, splicing, long ago. The result ending the same in the long run.

This is typical Afrocentric racism posing as "science" or "conspiracies." Afrocentrists usually follow a formula with very few real beliefs, and no thoughts of their own.

For anyone who wants more information:
This "scientist" who did the "splicing" was named "Yakub," the belief created by Malcolm X.
The "other beings" were green-skinned "African gods" called the Anunnaqi (not Annunaki), the belief created by Malachi York.
I use "created by" to emphasize that these people may not actually believe them, but instead use them to delude gullible people. It's funny that someone who says that Hitler didn't really believe what he said is so adamant that these demagogues preach the truth.

Behavior of Afrocentrists:
1. Hijack a thread that they disagree with, such as inserting unrelated posts about "dark skinned people" in a thread about red-heads.
2. Claim that dark skin is "superior" to light skin (typically because of nonsensical or mundane things like sunburn).
3. Say that skin cancer affects only light-skinned people. (Skin cancer affects people of all races.)
4. Bring up "recessive genes" and act as if "recessive" is another word for "inferior."
6. Call anything that refutes their statement "racist" or "obsolete."
7. Bring up Hitler or Nazis (Godwin's law), but yet be a complete hypocrite by calling the dark-skinned people superior because of skin color.
8. Claim that different civilizations are all the result of African involvement.

That's pretty much the complete Afrocentric agenda. It's what some call "feel good racism." I consider it racist to claim that other people evolved for tens of thousands of years, but Africans stayed exactly the same the entire time.

Europeans came from Middle East. From IRAN, and those northern middle eastern countries. One day save some dough, travel there yourself and look at the people there. Majority have dark skin. But many (in the same families) have light skin, pale skin. If they go mate with other pale skins, and their kids mate with even more pale skins, and they move to where sun hurts less, then you get tribes of people who mostly have the recessive pale skinned genes.

Most Middle Easterners are not "black" but medium-toned. In Iran, there are all sorts of people. There are native "pale skins" in Iran as well. Some people, like the Balouch, are very dark-skinned like Southern Indians (and related to Dravidians in India). Have you ever heard of the Nuristanis? Some of them look exactly like Northern Europeans. There are also the Hazara who are part East Asian, the Arabs, who are Semitic, and Turkic people living in Iran. The reason why people in the same family have all sorts of appearances is that there is a mixture of phenotypes in their ancestry. In South America, some people are like this too, and this mixture is not because "dark skins" themselves have all genes, but because the people in these parts of the Middle East and South America have ancestors of several skin colors and races. People know that the Spanish came to South America with African slaves, and mixed with the natives. Most people don't know that Indo-Europeans like the Nuristanis, and the Turks and Arabs all moved in after the native Elamites.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 11:05 AM
Well...yesterday I was watching some stuff on youtube about the Nephilim. One thing lead to another and by this morning I was Googling: 'red hair and nephilim'.

I am a red haired man, and I can tell you that from I was six years old when I first learned that I was different and that 'mattered' and not so often in a good way. Of course that was the same year my parents were called into talk to the principal because I was too friendly with the only black girl in class. (I still remember you Helen...and your smile!) I also remember Helen's tears when my dad would not let me play with her. So...Helen was different. I was different. I HATED it when people would muss up my hair and say some stupid comment like "where did you get all that RED hair!!?" Even at six I knew that was a stupid question. But I did not know yet that it was much more than stupid or innocent.

As I grew up I was incessantly verbally pounded with comments and insults that are good for nothing but to bring a person down. And yet the same people who do this will then wonder why we can be VERY stubborn. We have to be to survive all your crap.

So...while YOU grew up seeing all the dark or blonde superheroes and non red haired 'regular people' portrayed on TV...I had to endure 'Danny Partridge' only impish red headed KIDS were(or remain)acceptable...and still to laugh at.

The whole discussion of whether I am some descendant of Nephilim or ancient Kings is moot. And those of you who argue against red heads being a separate does not stop the ALL TOO racist comments. I got called everything but my name too often to recount. And if you go on youtube and look up redhead or 'ginger' you will see levels of hatred that would not bel tolerated if being applied to Blacks. One of those videos is even titled: "Exterminate Gingers(or redheads)". Hmmmmm...where and from who did we hear THAT before!? So I guess we now have a load of new age Hitlers who learned NOTHING from the past.

Don't knock the Neanderthals...they were a successful race for over 200,000 years. Cro-magnon has not even come close to that success...and we may not. red haired. Also I laugh(sorta)at those who love to say that the 'red haired gene is recessive'...and use that as an excuse to then become completely socially recessive in the hate they then espouse. I do not know if I am 'anakim' or whatever. if I am it is not getting me any discounts anywhere! I DO know that the responsibility of modern people to be responsible to eachother and this planet is one that is ignored by many. My hair is not YOUR problem.

One result of the abuse is that I AM somewhat of a loner. I made up my mind to have and use the strength I could do be strong. I work for myself and have a few close relationships with enlightened souls. Even today I face and am therefore always ready to handle the racism re my red hair light skin and freckles. Odd...NONE of my physical traits have ever been a problem for me. I am healthy and intelligent. It is only those low-minded who think these things matter...that have been the problem. So I have to wonder who they(YOU?) are descended from? Kings? Angels (good or bad)? I doubt it.

Animals do not act racist toward eachother due to 'fur color'. some of you might not be...but I like to think(and look for)people that are smarter than the average butt-sniffing(and yet NON racist)dog in the park. This is a VERY strange place for me. I do not consider this my 'home world'. I would NOT have chosen it...if I were some 'alien' given that choice. People need to get their heads out of their A...I mean MYTHS AND PREJUDICES and just be people that are good to other people. If you are doing ANYTHING ELSE but are as bad as the elitists you hate and serve. Elitism is a state of mind and it is EVERYWHERE.

I'm just going to be ME-again-today. For those who appreciate that. I'm 51 now. Honestly I did not think(or hope) that I would make it to 15 when I was a kid.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 11:13 AM
Great. :dwn: Do we need yet another petty division OP? Isn't there enough already? Anyway, hair color does not constitute race.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by Lee_the_red

Lee, a star for you for that wonderful post. Very articulate, but with our sadness under the surface, I'm afraid. We are a separate race because people insist on treating us as if we are, and that's the only reason. You're also perfectly correct about the infamous redhaired stubbornness, and I have wondered in the past what causes it...of course it's survival, constant belittling, bullying, condescension, hatred and disgust on occasions too.

I will go off ond google the Nephilim links, which may or may not exist. I have had a fascination with them for 20+ years now, and there is also something mythical surfacing at the end of my memory about the red haired inhabitants of Atlantis. I have seen some information about them, or us, I don't know, but haven't fully investigated yet.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 02:11 PM
Good Gracious! I had NO idea that redheads were treated so badly in other countries , presuming those that were bullied are not in Australia.

I am redheaded, born and raised in OZ and NEVER was I bullied, teased, berated, made feel inferior or otherwise treated badly for having red hair.

Those of you that are might want to consider moving downunder where we don't give a rats * what color you hair is, it could be purple for all we care

In fact here it is treated somewhat as an asset, I get asked if my 'beautiful red hair' is natural, when I say it is they say "you are so lucky".

Also you should all be proud and feel lucky to have red hair, all the browns, blacks and blondes go grey fairly early in life, we however retain our color much longer and then usually go white, no grey for us


posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 03:00 PM
It is very different for red haired men than it is for women. On one of the Youtube videos they show a very beautiful red haired girl. You can see the innosence and pure joy of childhood in her face. Yet the poster is an ugly ugly poster urging the extermination of 'gingers'.

I am 'sure' that the Nephilim went through all that history and power to mutate into 'Ronald MdDonald' and 'Alfred E. Neuman' !?? At least those who hate us would have you believe so. The world is a VERY different place when you are in a target group of supposed 'lesser' human beings. Imagine walking into a room that you think you know, with the lights turned out and the furniture moved around...every day.

LOTS of red haired women on TV etc. It is considered exotic. Society describes itself on what it will accept for itself NOW...and less on myths and traditions. If society is superstitious and afraid then it will find tradition and myth to support that fear. Even Jesus was purported to have said when thanked for healing somebody: "It is YOUR FAITH that has made you whole". If Faith can make one whole then it is just as true that FEAR can break a person(or a society)apart.

I remember many times that the ONLY thing that kept me alive was to find someway of redefining life in/of/for myself. Cultural Icons and directions whether religious or from the pop/'follow the lemmings' mentality can be just as dangerous as the poisons everybody recognizes with NO myths to tell them not to drink. I am amazed at how much the world is controlled by false belief systems. NO religion or culture is immune to it.

I have read and hear a great many things from people smart and dumb. the best thing I ever heard was probably my mother's heartbeat before I was born. I do not remember it. But I know that that had to be a time that was worth something.

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by Lee_the_red

It is very different for red haired men than it is for women.

That may be true where you live, but here in Aussie there's no difference.

I know many red haired men (some are family) and have never heard of them being mistreated because of it.


posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 03:00 PM

Originally posted by Hajduk
Red hair is also sometime associated with inbreeding. Many royal families used to have inter family marriages. You also see a lot of red hair in Quaker and Huterite colonies where there is not enough outbreeding.

That is not to say that all red haired people are a product of inbreeding, but red hair is a homozygous recessive allele that is usually masked by dominant alleles acquired by outbreeding. It would explain why perhaps kings had higher percentage of red hair than in the general population with random mating where the chances of inheriting a rare, recessive trait is only like 4%.

Some also believe that redhair, particularly in Ireland, Scottland, and Scandinavia was a result of poor nutrition.

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I know it's been awhile since someone posted in this thread but I just had to voice my opinion.

Okay so let me get this straight. If there are a lot of redheads in a family, it's quite possibly the result of inbreeding yet a family of nothing but blonds or brunettes is just genetics and nothing more? That has to be the most stupid thing I've ever heard especially since the red hair gene is not the only recessive gene out there. The gene for blond hair is also recessive but no one is quick to assume that it's from inbreeding.

Originally posted by Lee_the_red
It is very different for red haired men than it is for women.

I'd have to say yes and no to that. Yes, red haired women(I have natural red hair) do have it easier in some cases then red haired men but many of us also know all too well what it's like to be treated like a freak because of our hair.

I use to get treated like crap by the kids at school because of it and there are times I still hear stupidity directed at my hair. Of course, most of the time it tends to be from blond women so I just laugh that off because I know the real reason behind their comments.

That and there seems to be very few men out there who actually like redheaded women yet I always hear of women who love redheaded men.

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posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 07:24 AM
red haired kids have got picked on by others alot here where i am from. some have efen gone as far as to recreate kick a ginger day from foolish south park show. im red haired and nobody would think twice abot touching me in regaurds to my hair color,because they know i would cutt ut and stamp on their heart. i treasure my hair, it is mine. it shows my decedancy from my ancestors , fire haired, wild stare, i know where i come from. hwehn i see them, or hear them talkin abot red ahired people i only have to make my presenace known for them to shut up

i think if other red hairs stand up for themselves with boldness instead of being meek than they shall feel more self worth. . european people with red and blond hair are decendants o race o red haired giants who many became gods to ''humans'' . in fact all of se indo european are decendants from giants who had hair from red ,blond ,to brown ,black.. some peoples of se world are decendant from giants, some from lizardmen, some from strange creature, athough they can all look like one group of ''humans'' from diffrent races to se modern mind, they are elder races waiting to come ut again through theire decendants. true humans , there is none .

for you simple minded ones ut there
''human'' today means, mixpot of alien bloodlines.
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posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 08:16 AM
reply to post by Amarillo_Brice

as i understand it se vikings, who were se danes, sweds, norweigians, celts, and slavs, were a very closely realted people. they were so related the only way you could tell them apart when they went aviking was their dialect they used to communicate. they are se northrens. do some research on THE CIMBRI OF DENMARK, VANGARIAN GAURD, RUS, DUBLIN CITY, and you shall see for yourself . but truth is these things matter little compared to hwat is truly at hand here.. all those people had a common ancestor.. Nephilim giants as you may know them by, though perhaps not how they did. we see se god thor, who is depicted as a huge entiy of mighty stature, with red hair wielding a hammer, drawn in a charioste of two goats. he is se bane of titans.chariotste were a very comman way of Nepilhim transportation says se bible. also goat and sheep : a poplar symbol for teutonic, celtics, and slavic in anquasitiy and still today.ancient garbs were made from wool, and cloaks from sheep ancient symbol of decandcy of giants? i like to think so as i wear my wool ; - ) .they have found red haired giant mummys who dress also in wool-like tunics and jackets, though that is dated from 150,000 years ago. i see certain contections to Thor to taranis(celtic god hwere i say he orginated from) and also possibly to Azazel , one of the nephilim from se bilble .

posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by OpenSecret2012

Genesis 6
Wickedness in the World
1 When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. 3 Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not contend with[m] humans forever, for they are mortal[n]; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”
4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them.

So sons of God would be angels, if human women were daughters of man.

Deutoronomy 3:11 doesn't say that either.

posted on Mar, 25 2011 @ 08:56 AM
You all need to get over the colour of skin, if someone calls me a white bastool i'm more peeved they just called me a barstool. Also you need to realise that culture is good and people should respect their own , but more so others when theirs is not the normal.

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 05:16 PM
reply to post by OpenSecret2012

The Nephilim are the result of Sons of God coming to earth and having sex with Earthers. Who else is called a Son of God? Adam is called a Son of God. Does this mean Adam is an Angel?

no this means adam was begotten of God. the only time the phrase "the sons of god" is used in the old testament it is used EXCLUSIVELY of angels (job 1:1 is a good place to start)

hope i have got you thinking

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 05:29 AM
reply to post by merka

reply to post by Epsillion70

Actually these mummies have now been proven to be defacto european Celts. This was verified using DNA profiling, textile examination by ancient textile experts, and tool analysis.
So there you have it: europeans brought technology and civilzation to the Chinese thousands of years before the first chinese dynasty. I bet the chinese communist party hates these mummies!! Lol!

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 07:01 AM

The site has compiled a whole lot of rumors... and hasn't done any fact-checking on them.

Let's see..
Red hair doesn't make a "race." I've got brown hair and my brown-haired son and I are not of a different race than my black-haired spouse or my black-haired child. My father has black hair, my mother had brown hair and they're both Caucasian and not of a different race.

It takes more than hair color to make a different race (it's actually a sociopolitical division and not a biological thing but I don't want to do an anthropology lecture today.)

a) not that many rulers had red hair. In most cultures it's considered a sign of a curse and red haired children were abandoned or put to death. People from the north end of Europe tended to be more fair-haired than the rest of the population, but I can guarantee that rulers of China, Japan, India, Persia (with few exceptions), Greece, etc, etc, etc were not red-haired. Less than 1/10th of the English rulers had red hair.

b) Nephilim are mentioned rarely in the Bible and are not red-haired.

c) The Jews are not a race, but the members of their religion (where marriage and kinship were tightly controlled) came from the Mediterranean area where non-dark hair was fairly rare (not unknown, but rare.)

d) no "race" of giants have been found. A few unusually large human skeletons have been found -- similar to modern-day giants (Shaquille O'Neal is one, actually. Yes, I know he doesn't seem like a giant because we see huge basketball players all the time. But when your average man is 5'6" tall, anything two feet taller than that is a giant.)

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