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The Ancient Tale - The World-Egg and the origin of the Gods

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posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 08:41 PM

An ancient and well-preserved tale has come into our language from the Parsi, those who called themselves the Servants of Light, or Yazdanians. Their sage Zarathustra inquired after the origin of the forces of light and darkness.

The Cosmic Egg
- Or -
How Intelligence breeds gods and demons

This world is a fertile womb, much like an egg. It holds within it all the keys of life and progression. Intelligence can appear within the forms of chaotic chemistry and biological systems. It is noted in ancient records that there were cycles and harmonies that existed in the universe to which all natural occurences were subordinate.

During certain times, when the forces were aligned or arrayed in such a way, the womb of intellect, the cosmic egg of the earth, gives birth to cosmic forces in the forms of men.

There were other great ones born in this fashion, long ago, appearing to different cultures and times.

The last one we recall was the birth of the Hebrew Nazarene, who bore our standard and called to us. How we are risen up to hear him! His antipode was also born into the world, and he remains on the earth to this day.

The next birth is due, and here is the form it will take: The fullness of the egg and the bursting forth of the womb. In the old myths, there was the birth of darkness along with the good, the evil children of Ahriman are born along with the Children of the Light, and this is the condition of the womb of nature, and her offspring are mingled in this fashion.

In the next birth, there will come the completion of this era of mingled births. The Christ-Children will come forth from the egg, and the children of darkness will also issue forth, and the womb will be sealed in the way of the angel of Light, whose word is the finality.

This new cosmic birth is under the sign of war, and conflict will be its fate. The order of the world will be arranged for this final struggle between the children of the duality and the Children of the Monad.

Behold the fragements of the egg! This birth has already occured, the children are delivered, and the world is pregnant no more.

That is how this world delivers its ruler, this is how the Mind of God sends a seed into mankind, and a child emerges with the Rod of Strict Measure. We are the servants of that child, that spirit mind that has come forth among us, whom we call the King of Kings, and the Glory of Righteousness.

We are a single body, we are the nation that was born. Our Glory is Christ, and Our Glory is Strong. We are a nation born from the egg, for that is increase, that many should receive it as a nation, and we break the might of the nations and the kings.

Look! The egg! It is broken! What has emerged, you wise men? What has come forth? What do you prophecy, you old men? What do you dream, you young ones?


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posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 09:37 PM
"This new cosmic birth is under the sign of war, and conflict will be its fate. The order of the world will be arranged for this final struggle between the children of the duality and the Children of the Monad."

technically, the children of the monad would win every time, as they have spiritual truth and a true purpose to improve/create.

the 'duality', relativism children end without truth and ultimatly except weakness, and become diseased/evil by there false truth.

the children of the monad can show the truth/way, though the way is clouded by ignorance of the truth, in the duality/mid realms/frequency.

posted on Dec, 25 2004 @ 10:42 AM
The children of the Monad (spirit) have a single spirit - The Holy Nation of Light. They change very little, except in wisdom. They keep the spiritual parts of the mind, and give birth to spirits and humans.

The children of the Duality (matter) are mingled with one another, they are a comglomerate being. They move and change chaoticlly, and suffer the influence of all the forces that act upon them. They retain the animal portion of the mind, and give birth to animals.

In our time, the chldren of matter are attempting to build a material empire over the whole world, which will become a problem for spiritual people. The children of matter are not friendly towards the needs of spiritual people, and they are making it very hard for spiritual people to exist on this world. Material people are ignorant of the light and the spirit, and can only count things in numbers and objects. They desire to rule over the whole, and imprison the children of the spirit as their slaves.

It is in this kind of environment that the next cosmic birth occurs. The children of this birth are the chikldren of Liberty, who destroy the work of the materialists and their abomination of nations. Their antipodes are the children of darkness, who form from the shadows of the world. The prize is the whole earth, and a new civilization.



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