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Why do people lie about aliens? An in-depth look at why we can discredit near all stories

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posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 04:17 PM

originally posted by: ZetaRediculian
a reply to: JackHill

Which is true? My guts tell me the second, he claimed to pass out because of fear.

I think that's plausible.

They agreed to lie? All the people who came in contact with them after the event claimed more or less the same thing, the guys were in shock. Use the common sense here. They were taped, and they didn't know about it. Sheesh, it's what the very police officers said, they did that on purpose to cath them in a lie:

Yes, it would mean that they came up with the part about Parker passing out and they must have agreed before the taped interview since they both say that. They both state that explicitly on the tape. Then you really have to ask what other parts of the story they agreed on before the interview.

None of it really adds up though. If they did agree to make up that part beforehand and they didn't know they were being recorded, wouldn't you expect them to say something like that? Instead Parker says "I passed out." not "I will just keep telling them I passed out because I don't want to talk about it" which would be more believable. Instead they stick to the story of Parker passing out even though they don't know they are being recorded.

So the police officers tried to catch them in a lie with this recording and instead they essentially lie about Parker passing out? So really there is no indication that they made up that part about Parker passing out that's on the tape. And really, if you are to use this tape as evidence of them telling the truth, then you really don't get to pick which parts are true and which aren't. Either the tape is evidence of what happened to them or its not. My guess is that he passed out like he says on the tape. Anyway, interesting story.

I don't think that even Hickson knew that actually Parker (maybe) didn't pass out. I think Parker, a pretty young man as he was, had a really bad time trying to deal with an obvious traumatic experience. He was traumatized because the event, and obviously, as we can hear on the tape, he's also fearing the outcome of all this, what people would think of him, etc. So he 'made up' about passing out, that's a possibility, at least because of what he's claming on recent times. Maybe he was conscious the whole time. In any case, he never claimed to have lied about the aliens and the ship, in fact, in the rcent interview he describe the figures as 'demons'; poor guy, he's still trying to make sense of it. According to what we hear on the 'secret' tape, he's agreeing with Hickson, in a very distressed way, about what just happened. I don't think they agreed to anything before being left on the room. I just hear two guys consumed by fear because of something that defies their whole belief system. My 2 cents.
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posted on Jun, 19 2015 @ 04:33 PM

originally posted by: JackHill
I don't think that even Hickson knew that actually Parker (maybe) didn't pass out.

Apparently, neither did Parker.

Nor does anyone else on Earth.


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