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The cost of Christmas not only effects your wallet but your health too..

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posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 11:35 AM
30bn: The amount Britons will spend celebrating Christmas this year
4.2bn: The amount Britons spent on cosmetics this Christmas
4.14bn: Britain's aid budget for the developing world in 2004
813: Average spending per adult on celebrating Christmas (55 less than last year)
50: The per capita annual income in Ethiopia
20m: Amount made by Mark Tilden, British robot expert who invented Robosapien, this year's hit toy
20m: Amount nations of sub-Saharan Africa are paying in debt to developed world every 16 hours
7,000: Average calories consumed by Britons on Christmas Day
780: Minutes running needed to burn off 7,000 calories
7: Number of days a child refugee in Darfur could survive on 7,000 calories
12: Average cost per head in UK of Christmas lunch
12: Cost of a month's supply of grain for a family in drought-hit Malawi
30,525: Number of miles your Christmas dinner will have travelled to reach your table - vegetables alone are likely to have come 15,800 miles
4: Miles walked daily by families in developing world in search of water
5m: Britons will suffer a stomach upset over festive season
2.1m: People in developing world killed this year by diarrhoeal disease
244,000: Homes in Britain likely to be burgled over festive season
75,058: Britons spending Christmas in prison
4.2%: Rise in murder rate over Christmas
83 sq km: Amount of wrapping paper used (enough to cover 33 Hyde Parks)
3,000,000: Tons of extra rubbish generated - enough to fill 120m wheelie bins Bank to break Christmas tradition A bank is breaking festive tradition in the North East by opening its door to customers on a bank holiday. The Durham city and Newcastle Grey Street branches of HSBC will be opening on 28 December. Customers will have access to financial services, although there will not be a counter service.
On another article I read this week it had claimed the a walk Befor the Huge meals is better than one After ...A stroll after Christmas dinner is part of many families' festive timetable - but heart experts say a pre-dinner walk is a good idea.
Glasgow University research for the British Heart Foundation found it could help reduce the damage done by too much Christmas pudding. It says a 90-minute walk lowers fat levels in the blood and improves blood vessel function. The study is published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
So guys enjoy your meals but don't forget to move them heels,keep your balance in check befor you'll end up flat on the deck.
A good stroll would'nt just help your soul but it'll also make you feel whole. then.

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