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Indian Special Forces crosses into Myanmar border, kills 50+ Chinese backed militants..

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posted on Jun, 9 2015 @ 12:03 PM

The Indian Army, in a joint operation with the Air Force, engaged groups of militants at two locations on the Indo-Myanmar border today and said it had inflicted "significant casualties." Initial reports suggest that about 50 or more militants have been killed in the operations.

So far no causalities has been reported on the side of the special forces.

China backing N-E ultras: Intelligence

Well, thats another area of conflict to add in this messed up world. This isn't new btw, this is very old and happening for sometime but its the first time in decades that the IA has moved inside the Myanmar border(with permission) to take on groups funded and backed by the Chinese. I am expecting this to continue for some time. Army has denied claims of crossing the border but majority of the Defense Analysts and sources claim that Spec forces crossed the border into Myanmar at Dawn with Mi-17 Helis and hit two different locations.

I posted here as most westerners are not aware of the little tussle in N.E of India b/w India and China

Series of events

1.NSCN-K terrorists who did Manipur ambush killing 18 Indian soldiers on 6th June, crossed the border back into Myanmar and hid in 2 camps there.
2. Ambush by NSCN terrorists on 6th June
3. Indian army intelligence traced the terrorist’s organisations in a massive hunt that followed the ambush.
4. The army found out that more attacks were planned from Myanmar camps.
5. Drones were sent deep in Myanmar territory to locate camps.
6. One camp was located east of Nagaland and another east of Manipur, approximately 150 KM south. Both well inside Myanmar.
7. Once the drones located the camps, Indian army top leadership sought operational clearance from PMO India (involved border crossing).
8. PMO was quick in providing the clearance.
9. Planes carrying Indian Special Forces silently crossed into Myanmar after informing the government on India.
10. It was not a joint operation with Myanmar army, intelligence or government. All special commandos were dropped strategically.
11. Indian Special Forces eliminated at least 50+ NSCN-K terrorists in the two camps inside Myanmar. Best of all, there was zero casualty for 12. India which is a splendid news in a hostile foreign territory.
13. The army announced the success of this hot pursuit inside Myanmar only after every single Indian Special Forces commando reached home safely.
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posted on Jun, 9 2015 @ 12:11 PM
Blimey............. I dunno if things like this happen frequently or not on their border zones, but calm heads are needed when the two biggest populations on Planet Earth are going head to head into proxy wars. Why did Russia and the USA let the two new kids on the block get their hands on nukes?

posted on Jun, 9 2015 @ 12:22 PM
a reply to: ufoorbhunter

This has been going on for a while but the conflict was usually contained within Indian territory. N.E militants were on back foot for a while until they merged few months back. Indian intel believes that Chinese were behind this. Problem is Chinese believes that Arunachal Pradesh is theirs which is currently under Indian control. They are basically attempting destabilize the Indian N.E (7 sister states as its called). Arunachal PRadesh also has considerable resources which the Chinese could use. Thats the real deal.

Things have been heating in last few months with these militants attacking Indian military patrols and outposts with militants then running back into Myanmar territory. Seems like current govt. and Myanmar made some kind of a deal and a lengthy operation maybe planned on these militants.

posted on Jun, 10 2015 @ 02:37 AM
Over 100 militans may have been killed

Source from Ministry of home affairs has claimed that the deaths could go as high as 100 rebels

Unconfirmed sources has claim that attack took place at dawn when militants had grouped to hear their commander speak. Around 40 Commandos from 21st Para regiment where involved in the attack on two locations. One Bordering Manipur and other south at Nagaland. The Manipur attack seems to have used Spec forces supported with Mi-35s with 12.7mm Machineguns(4000 rounds per minute).

Considering retired PLA officers are in Myanmar building assault rifle factories for these insurgents, the proxy war seems to be heating up.
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