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I love The MOD Squad...No really I do!

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posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 03:09 AM
I'm especially fond of DontTreadOnMe and Masqua and here's why. DTOM, has been exceptionally strict with me and I very much appreciate his/her lashings
? Masqua is my hero because he/she helped me figure out how to get back utilizing ATS after I lost my original 2005 or so profile, but has reprimanded me at times as well. There are others too, I just can't name you all, but you'll be represented well here. I didn't leave you out (smile).

Overall, I think my cartoon choices will completely exhibit and fulfill my absolute respect and discontent for the ATS "MOD SQUAD" as a whole (and hey...they rest of you ATS'ers can't call them the "MOD SQUAD"...that's endearing to me), so no funny renditions please.

DTOM This ones for you:

And My Reply Would be:


Just funny for the other MODs who recounted that one time or so (and there were a few of you whom I had to argue with to stay alive on ATS and prove my innocence)...I can't quite remember your names...oh well. Only thing I remember, was that I didn't do anything wrong most of the times (wink). However, we worked it out. This is why I'm "ThePublicEnemyNo1"

And so...we will end with this...

This was done in all fun with no mean nor ill intentions to any of the "MOD SQUAD", I love you guys. Hey, how else can we liven it up around here every once in awhile? Oh gosh, is my American English all wrong? Whatever you's!

Thanks for keeping me around for 10 years guys (my old profile was Hathorschild). I LOVE ATS...You guys are absolutely the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for being here

posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 04:02 AM
a reply to: ThePublicEnemyNo1

Delete my post to avoid moderator revenge.
edit on 8-6-2015 by Nowornevertill because: (no reason given)

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