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The Picture

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posted on Jun, 7 2015 @ 06:48 AM
Ummm...This tale has no firm basis in reality...because it never happened beyond the imagination...beyond the chance firing of synapse... a sense it took place within it's own quasi real state that might just have been the result of fleet entanglement from some distance...not trod by feet alone...

The Picture

Hanging on the wall
of that old house we moved into
A lady grand with haunting eyes
With visage stern with visage stern
I would stand there for awhile
Captivated by her air
Gaze into those drinking eyes
That caught my soul
I did not care

I was a child a quiet child
DAD boy lose yourself in play
Yet I would shun most everyone
I'm sure they thought me sad and fey
Still I was happy in my heart
for I had found a dream of worth
To gaze into that paintings world
A body rooted to the earth
To soar the skies that were her eyes
yet never leave this simple dirt

Now I am older now by far
yet still the mystery will call
I will find myself again
Alone in thought and stature small
Staring grounded in the past
upon that face in portraiture
With hunger founded in my heart
to answer hunger poignant pure
Yet mystery will not give as gift
It's clues to those who will not go
The fathoms or the leagues that call
on those that yearn and fain would know

So then as age became my part
As times sure grip did clothe my heart
in bands of pain that bold despise
unjust preside at my demise
There and breathing my last breath
the mocking craven face of death
did think to taunt and then to spurn
yet in my final moment learn
I had found a dream of worth
So waved goodbye goodbye to birth

I's like one of those crazy roller coaster rides you build in whatever that game takes you takes you almost takes you everywhere...........OK I'll stop only defense is that I wrote this a long long time ago...



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