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Has yahoo now gone over to the other side?

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posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 07:57 PM
Well well, all of sudden yahoo decides to tell the other sides point of view. I wonder what happened? The propaganda machine broke or on break? I swore I would not do any more of these threads,but this was too golden to pass up. (packs a mud ball) Its go time folks.

"What did we need the peace agreement for?" she said. "Just to give the Ukrainian army the chance to reinforce here?"

posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 08:20 PM
Wonderful to see.

posted on Jun, 7 2015 @ 04:14 AM
a reply to: Dimithae

That sure is strange

Yahoo usually parrots western MSM propaganda programming.

posted on Jun, 7 2015 @ 05:13 AM
a reply to: Dimithae

So what makes them a propaganda machine...because they only report on one side?

Seems Russian media has been doing that since the beginning of the conflict. This doesn't help the separatists as it shows them in their true light.

From the article...

The rebels are itching for an end to the pretense and wish their leaders would give the order for a full-out assault.

"We've asked them for permission, but all they say is: 'no, no, no,'" said one rebel sniper, who goes by the call-sign Rzhavy.

So now we see who really wants this fight to keep going...Thanks yahoo news for showing the truth.

posted on Jun, 7 2015 @ 05:30 AM
All the world's a stage.

"Popcorn, peanuts, Get your popcorn, peanuts here...."

After years of watching these types of events unfold one wonders why some people still argue over which sides propaganda is more accurate, Propaganda is propaganda. It all boils down to which side one supports and which sides propaganda supports their particular paradigm.

Some refuse to play the game.

How about a nice game of chess?

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posted on Jun, 7 2015 @ 02:56 PM
a reply to: tsurfer2000h

This doesn't help the separatists as it shows them in their true light.

If you have to deal with something bad,most people just want to get it over with. I am the same way. If someone wants a fight,then lets do it,and be done with it. That is all that is saying.

posted on Jun, 7 2015 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: Nowornevertill

I know,all I want out of my news is not anyone else's opinion,just give me the facts and let me make up my own mind. The way it is now,I can't believe a thing I see anymore. If they would just give what both sides claim happened and let people sort it out for themselves.

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