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The Massive OPM Hack, Blamed on the Chinese, Started More Than Seven Years Ago

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posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 05:40 PM
Says the guy that's been here 4 months!
And yes I'm perhaps more aware than yourself on the capabilities, well infact I guarantee I am sonny
And as for the anti us rhetoric
Call a man a horse once and you'll anoy him
Call a man a horse twice he'll smack you in the face
Get called a horse three times ......perhaps it's time to accept a saddle

Tell you what
Remember all the horrible things the commies did and why they were such a threat
The scourge of the USSR, and let's not forget those evil East germans with their Stasi
Kidnappings, assassination, mass serveilance, torture, checkpoints, id checks, media manipulation where everyone was under threat from their over bearing corrupt rulers
Frightened to speak out for fear of the consequences
Hmmmm sounds like a place I know now. So why the change of rules?

What western evil good
Eastern evil ......well, evil?
I would say typical, but I get the impression you're fellng a little lack of self esteem from posters pointing out the flaws in some US policies and activities
Could be worse, could drone strike yer ass from 8,000 miles away !
reply to: c0gN1t1v3D1ss0nanC3

posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 05:59 PM

originally posted by: c0gN1t1v3D1ss0nanC3
a reply to: AlphaPred

Man that NSA...being able to collect everything on everyone.

Since you think they have that ability on that level you might as well give up any other religious beliefs, and bow down to them as the God's they are.

The amount of anti US rhetoric on ATS these days is amazing. It seems to come from a few of the same people on every thread, or from recently created it's pretty easy to tell that they are shills. Even so, it's worrisome to see ignorant people falling for the Russian trolling.

As opposed to you? What's Russia got to do with this? This is about China hacking US government systems.
Russia couldn't be further from this if you tried.

Yet here you are, trolling the thread with comments about Russia.

The fact is there's a global struggle going on between the world powers and their minions.
Russia and China are rising, the US and Europe are economically struggling and are doing what they need to to hold on to their grip of power over the world while hurting the other two at the same time.
Therefore it is logical(although unfortuante) that internet forums will be inundated with pro Americans, pro Chinese, pro Russians, who will spam their BS. Kind of like you have done.

Anybody in the west who wishes America(and by extension the rest of the western world and then some) to fall, is an idiot. But blindly cheering American foreign policy is also the act of an idiot.

We can alternatively sit here and preach peace and talk about how the world powers should all leave each other alone and get along for the benefit of humanity. But that would be even more naive, because since the dawn of civilization it's been in our nature as humans to fight each other for more control and power over each other. All that has changed is the weapons as we've made advancements in technology.

And that's what's happening between the US and China predominantly in the cyber world at the moment.
And you can be sure if the US decides to make it's presence felt to send a message in the South China Sea region, the Chinese will react and there'll be an incident again.

Personally I'm quite sick of the Chinese and the tactics they use, from their government all the way down to the investors from Hong Kong who buy up real estate at inflated costs and send the price of housing in other countries through the roof so locals in those countries are priced out of the market.

Something needs to be done about the Chinese. They are a threat, and they are flexing their muscle in more ways then people realize.

posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 06:26 PM
a reply to:

An attack is highly likely from the outside and they don't need insiders as much anymore, one thing that gets overlooked is: anyone/govt/entity with great custom coding and backwards programming could easily piggyback off the CERN/ATLAS/LUCIFER networks which even the heads of these systems admit it's all interconnected and processing in/at/ or above quantum computing. A wet fart from the above stated could basically DDOS anything or corrupt/compromise. But the parties don't even have to work that work as there is and will be corrupted hardware in the military/ mil-industrial sectors. Also allot of this is straight up failure by design, with the snake biting its tail slowly dying and diverting resources out clandestinely.

Here's a old 2006 Cern quantum computing link well before the hacking mess broke out, they try to say is hypothetical but then admit it's in existence in double speak in the same article that just recently The correction of quantum errors, which until recently had been deemed impossible, has now become a well-established technique. Several prototypes for, as yet, very simple quantum processors have been developed. this was from that article.

Here's the quotes denying existence then in doublespeak below admitting existence:

The quantum computer is, as yet, a hypothetical machine which would operate on the basic principles of quantum mechanics. Compared to standard computers, it represents a significant gain in computing power for certain complex calculations. Quantum operations can simultaneously explore a very large number of possibilities. The correction of quantum errors, which until recently had been deemed impossible, has now become a well-established technique. Several prototypes for, as yet, very simple quantum processors have been developed.
The lecture will begin with a demonstration in the auditorium of the detection of cosmic rays and, in collaboration with Professor E. Ellberger of the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève, of how these signals can be used to create 'cosmic music'.

Here's the link: link

At least thats my take on how this could be done, the high level and wide-spread-ness of the hacks and also how undetectable most of the hacks are at first, clearly whoever who is doing this is operating at a higher computer level than the ones being hacked i.e. processing power, bandwidth, etc...... My two cents.....

posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 06:51 PM
Thank you for putting so eloquently that which my vocabulary failed to do due to excessive exposure to f***knucles, which has resulted in a total lack of tolerance for my fellow man

Cognitivedissonance, I'm not implying you are one of the above
Infact looking at your post history

a reply to: mortex

posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to:

And this is what happens when everything is "made in China".

posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 03:14 AM
a reply to:

If this is what they have on us I can only imagine the amount of stuff the spooks have on them. They're having to back door their way into our systems while their systems were created by us.

posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 10:26 AM
IMO, this is probably not the work of the Chinese. They're too smart for that. They wouldn't risk hacking the U.S and give them a reason to default on their debt.

If you want to take a look at their mindset, look at what they just did to us and the Philippines(hacking us while accusing
us of starting it first.) If this is how they treat their "brothers," then you can imagine how they'll treat other races, once they've achieved #1 status. Now I don't know if the U.S should be #1, because they've made too many enemies, but the Chinese simply cannot be #1. Perhaps India should be #1, because as you can see from that war casualties list, they're not even on the list(which is incredible), so perhaps we should all start buying made in India instead.

It's clear what the Chinese strategy is. Respect the big guys and weaken the little guys, until they can be conquered, just like Tibet and Mongolia. Right now, they are basically just trying to delay the South China Sea issue, so that they can eventually grow strong enough to take them, while collecting on their interests(and in reality, if let's say the interest is 5%, then they only need 20 years to recover the principal.)

IMO, the Chinese have no intentions of following the rules. Now I agree that you should be able to hack to preserve national security. But the Chinese are not hacking for national security. They are basically doing it to make us suffer economically, so that we can't spend to defend ourselves. To me, the U.S should stop paying interest on the debt altogether, maybe even have a collective cyber-security defense, until they start behaving. And the fact is, you don't even owe the Chinese, you owe us.

The U.S has continually kowtowed to the Chinese, and that has caused them to conquer Tibet and led to the Vietnam War, and making them incredibly stronger(in addition to getting jobs, it's really nice to just be able to hack the U.S liberally, have them sell you ICBMs, have them pay interests(yes, I know it doesn't make up for the principal, but a lot of countries borrow from each other anyway), and they do literally nothing. No wonder the Chinese grew so strong so quickly).

Can you once do something honorable in your history, other than the abolishment of slavery(sorry, but nuking Japan, a country less than 20 times your size, is not honorable. It was the right thing to do, but I wouldn't consider it honorable. Yes, to be considered honorable or heroic, you have to be willing to die basically)? I don't know what that is(convince them to go democratic?), but I know that waiting for them to get stronger until they can win a nuclear war is not a strategy.

posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 01:57 PM
This shows the derpiness of the US government. They are so paranoid about the American people and are so intent on driving us towards global government that they have been putting in back doors into software, firmware and hardware. The paranoia is such that they forgot about our enemies like the Chinese. The Chinese are great at reverse engineering. Send over the compromised software, firmware and hardware to China and guess what, our intelligence back doors just became their intelligence back doors. I'm sure all that compromised computer tech made its way into government networks.

If you want a secure nation, then every citizen's privacy should be secure. If our government wants to spy on us, and develops the tools to do so then they make it easier for our real enemies to spy on them too.

Stupid is as stupid does.

posted on Jun, 16 2015 @ 03:17 PM
a reply to: dieseldyk

agree entirely. great post.

I'd also add that's why they've been so upset about the "great firewall of china". all that money they spent and a few simple measures made it all useless.

don't know whether to feel happy or sad now all that is backfiring so fantastically.

this lot looks like it's going to make watergate look like a minor hiccup. they were so busy playing the hypocrisy game they forgot they weren't infallible. now their entire dirty underwear draw from the last 20 years is on show for the entire world.

grab a beer. sit back and enjoy the show. it's gonna be epic.
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