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Grandpa's Hip

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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 06:30 AM
A friend has been living in and buying his Grandfather's house while also caring for Grandpa.

Grandpa bought the house in the 50's and my friends (Grandpa's Grandchildren) have been living there helping Grandpa for over 20 years.

Grandpa, not much more than skin and bones, old, shaky, but always smiling.

When visiting, Grandpa will come over (which takes awhile) and say to me, "Hey you young whipper-snapper".

Every time I see Grandpa, he says that same line. Every time!

Well Grandpa liked to go to the mailbox which is at the street end of a long driveway. Almost every day he would go check the mail using a walker.

Last winter, Grandpa went to check the mail with his walker and slipped on an icy spot, fell and broke his hip.
Grandpa had to be no more than 130 lbs. since I have known him which probably was not helping the old man.

At the hospital, (paraphrasing what I was told by my friends), Surgeon wanted to wait to perform surgery until Grandpa recovered some strength and more stability.

I think it was almost a week before the surgery was performed.

Recovering from surgery was anything but nurturing. His nurse gave Grandpa a swallow test, which Grandpa failed.

Then came shift change.

Grandpa was weak, in much pain and needed a feeding tube.

The next shift, another nurse stated that they needed to do a swallow test.

My friends corrected the nurse explaining that the previous nurse had already done the test and Grandpa failed so please get a feeding tube going so he doesn't starve.

My friends went home for the night after addressing the nurse that had just clocked in about Grandpa's feeding tube.

In the morning, the hospital called and said Grandpa was not doing well and might not make it.

My friends rushed back to Grandpa in the hospital and when they got to the bedside, Grandpa was looking much, much worse indeed and having trouble breathing.

Well, after some interrogation, it turns out that the nurse who started her shift the night before did, rather than give Grandpa a feeding tube, administer a 2nd swallow test, which as stated above, was already done and a feeding tube was needed.

Anyways, while Grandpa was struggling with what the nurse gave him to try and swallow, THE F@#$ing NURSE LEFT THE ROOM!

When she came back in the room, Grandpa had choked on the nurses swallow test thing she shoved in his mouth, and he went purple, choked out.

They got the airway clear, gave him his feeding tube.

Well Grandpa's choking on the absent nurses test seemed to be the cause of his lungs filling with liquid and his breathing becoming shallow; Very bad.

After loud exchanges with the medical staff, the doctor said he didn't think Grandpa would make it past another couple days.

My friends loudly told Doc to put Grandpa on antibiotics, but the Doctor was so sure it would not help and just be reaching at straws due to so much fluid in the lungs, his post surgical condition, and amoungst the problems that a broken hip causes the elderly, the Doctors prognosis was, "it's just a matter of time before Grandpa succumbs to pneumonia ", and the Doctor refused.

After some more loud exchanges, Doc put Grandpa on antibiotics., against the Doctor's professional opinion.

The next day, my friends go to the hospital and Grandpa is doing a lot better. His lungs are much clearer and suddenly, it looks like he might make it home soon.

But, the Hospital wanted to send Grandpa to an elderly care facility and again, my friends loudly objected, knowing Grandpa's intricacies such as how his foods were mixed sometimes very liquid other times, not so much, but it changed depending on what Grandpa could handle. Seriously, no one could do better with all my friends' experience.

Finally, Grandpa was allowed to come home, but with Hospice (sp?) due to come a few times a week to help, supply his nourishing powder, supply a hospital bed, his pain meds., etc...

So, Grandpa arrives home to a hospital bed that the hospice did previously set up for him, but they were to come with his "food powder" and show the portions etc...the day he came home, but they did not show.

Despite multiple daily calls, the food/nutrition powder/whatever you want to call it, was not brought to the house...are you ready....for 15 DAYS!

My friends were feeding him a more diluted version of his pre-broken hip food over the 15 days.

Hospice also missed appointments and did not complete tasks assigned, were mostly doing everything wrong as well, except getting fat on that government tit.

Anyways, Grandpa was home and his recovery was very slow to non-existant. Grandpa held on for months but never really made progress in recovery.

Grandpa Passed away last week.

I gave my condolences to my friends and told them "don't hesitate to call me if you need anything".

A week later, (Yesterday), my friends called and indeed needed some help.

I drove over and helped move stuff and stow a few remaining personal grandpa items, etc..

I had been over at my friends Yesterday for about 3 hours and suddenly, my friend sticks his phone in my face and says,

"check this out" as a video was playing.

The video captured a portion of the garage roof.

Into the frame walks a blue Peacock. The camera follows the bird across the roof for about 10 seconds and then briskly pans back to the portion of roof where the bird came into frame.

Next, another Peacock comes walking across the roof. This second Peacock was pure white. I was like..WOW!

To continue, Not my friends nor I had seen Peacocks in the area ever...maybe a Pheasant, when they were not so uncommon, but never a Peacock, let alone two peacocks and one as white as the driven snow, if not whiter.

It turns out that the two Peacocks arrived from ? the next morning after the night Grandpa passed.

The two Peacocks stayed on the garage roof, then moved between the garage and house roofs for two days.

Then the Peacocks left.

I'll try to get him to copy me the video so you all can see the birds. I'll get on it soon, but tomorrow is someones graduation, the next day, my mom, in concert. so it may be a few days.

The Peacock is a symbol of immortality, the resurrection and renewal. It can eat poisonous snakes without harm and is the National Bird of India too.

A White Peacock is a symbol of perfection (amoungst other symbolisms.)

I guess sometimes there are signs from beyond. I believe this was one of them.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 07:19 AM
a reply to: imd12c4funn

Did you know... That the legend of the Phoenix, that mystical bird who ressurects every 300 years or so, is based on the Peacock?

Check the tail on this chinese phoenix drawing:

Was it a sign from beyond? Yes, I do believe it was a sign, but no, I disagree with your assessment that it was from "beyond". "Beyond" is actually all around us. It is a parallel reality that co-exists with ours. Grandpa, along with so many good men, lives on. NDE prove that the physical bodies are but temporary vehicles for something much more powerful and indestructible: the soul.

And like the phoenix, it cannot be killed. Ever.

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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 07:58 AM
a reply to: imd12c4funn
A sad, but interesting story. There is a part of me that likes to believe my body is nothing more than a suit that allows me to interact with this dimension. And when this suit perishes, I will go back to the realm from whence I came. But it's only a belief. I have no definitive evidence such a thing is even possible, let alone true.

But if it is true. I think the peacock's are a nice touch from grandpa.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 12:57 PM
a reply to: swanne

Interesting. I also read that the tail feathers correlate with the all seeing eye.

Thanks for the input.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 01:32 PM

originally posted by: imd12c4funn
a reply to: swanne

Interesting. I also read that the tail feathers correlate with the all seeing eye.

Indeed. There is the greek myth of Argus.

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