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Have you ever watched, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" original movie?

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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 08:28 AM
a reply to: Aliensun

I didn't know that. Thanks for the info. That certainly would have changed the narrative.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 08:44 AM
a reply to: searcherfortruth

Watch them both every now and then, for "realists " movies like this have a meaning or maybe a hope that there is some one or something that prevents us from destroying this awesome planet.

I especially like the conversation between the Asian man and Reeves. Again for the realist, the Asian guy explained our species to a "T".

We could use a Gort today.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 08:50 AM
And just as a point of personal preference, they should have made Klatu a CGI character in the new one, and let Keanu play Gort. His acting style lends itself to being a robot more than being a living organism...

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 09:05 AM

originally posted by: SallieSunshine
I'm a fan of the original movie but despite being a Keanu Reeves fan I thought the remake was terrible. The script was awkward and preachy.


a reply to: searcherfortruth

Isn't it supposed to be "preachy," i.e. castigating humans for their treatment of the planet??

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 09:06 AM

originally posted by: searcherfortruth
The original version is my favorite, but I have watched the remake, too. The story is basically the same, but the remake is a little to " special effected" for my taste. Don't get me wrong, I like special effects just not in this instance. The original version is just more direct and to the point.

For those of you that are not familiar, I will give a brief synopsis of " The Day the Earth Stood Still".

There is a starship that lands in the DC area. From the very beginning we are quite clear that there is a visitor and a companion, a spaceman and his over sized robot, Klaatu and Gort. Now the spaceman begins to walk toward a Military welcome in a very non-threatening manner and reaches for something that is supposed to be a gift and gets shot in the process.

This greeting was unexpected and the robot proceeds to dismantle all weapons with his laser eyes and when the spaceman gets to his feet he instructs the robot to basically stand down. That robot was ready to go ballistic to protect his boss. The rest of the movie is about Klaatu's quest and reason for his visit.

The more advanced civilizations in the galactic neighborhood are very disappointed in the way Earthlings are behaving, interestingly, the spaceman could really care less about how they are treating each other, he is more concerned with the preservation of Earth itself and the possible ramifications of Earthlings infecting other nearby space communities.

He is here to talk to the world leaders and is met with a heavy handed stance that due to the nature of the distrust between said nations that it would be impossible to get them to agree to meet on another enemy land. He decides to enlist the help of a professor in order to facilitate at least a meeting of the greatest minds in the world. In order for that to happen the spaceman has to give the professor a method of proof for the entire world to see, hence the title.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

If you have never seen it take a little time and get a bag of popcorn or 2 and enjoy!

There is the remake if you prefer!

I do have an opinion about the nature of human kind with regard to this particular subject, but I will reserve that for another day!

I still need to watch the original.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 11:20 AM
I've seen the original. I'll come back tonight to watch the re-make. Thanks!

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 11:21 AM
a reply to: Skid Mark

That we have to be on the precipice for change?

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 11:29 AM
a reply to: intrptr

I agree with you about open scene, the music ehhh! I will ask you about your take on the actions of the military, do you envision ours behaving the same way? And do you think this could be the reason for them not showing themselves in full?

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 11:39 AM
a reply to: HUMBLEONE

Thanks. I will look for it. Sci-fi, maybe that is how it is "classified", but I did not refer to it as such in the OP, because to me, I envision this scenario as being very realistic. I decided to not get into the dynamics of the human condition in this particular thread.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 11:44 AM
a reply to: mamabeth

I'ts nice you and your husband watch movies together, many couples can't seem to agree on that aspect of their relationship. For me, I am not a huge fan of either genre, but this movie did and does strike a chord within me. The movie "Birds" did me in at a very early age.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 11:54 AM
a reply to: SallieSunshine

Oh I am NOT a fan of that guy at all, I think he is a horrible actor, much the way I think most eye candy actors are I could name a dozen that fit the bill. I am sure he is a very nice person otherwise. The remake does very little for me at all, maybe that is because the original beat them to it.

I do not really watch or go to the movies very often, in fact, the last movie I went to was "Guardians of the Galaxy" 3D, and that was because my son begged me to take him. Before that, you do not want to know what the last movie I went to was, fell asleep it was so horrible! I will give you a clue, FW, see if you can guess it!
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