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Godzilla gets citizenship in Shinjuku Japan

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posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 10:48 AM
And about time too !
Mr zilla has finally been recognised by Japanese authorities and granted citizenship in a suburb of Tokyo , the reason for this is his promoting the entertainment of and watching over the Kabuki-cho neighborhood , he has previously visited the area 3 times for his movies Godzilla , Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah and the unforgettable Godzilla 2000 Millennium.

To celebrate their esteemed guests new found status the local authorities have released this picture of Mr zilla's citizenship document.

I hope Mothra doesn't find out about this cause he's going to be pissed .... the people of Kabuki-cho may soon have more entertainment than they'd bargained for.

In a statement Godzilla's people said he's very ,very excited but was unavailable for comment.

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 11:10 AM
It's about time. These giant, prehistoric monster racists have had their way long enough. Is he eligible to run for office?

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 11:52 AM
a reply to: gortex

They gave KIM citizenship? What the heck were they thinking!

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 05:13 PM

It's good to see they've settled their differences.

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