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HUMANS must mature in order to climb the KARDASHEV Scale. Otherwise the Future is blocked...

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posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 04:35 PM
a reply to: Verum1quaere

You believe in The Bible? The Bible also says ALL things are possible with faith (Mark 9:23). You can even move mountains (Matthew 17:20), and raise the dead (Matthew 10:8).

We are the children of Our Father in Heaven - The Original Creator - The Mind of God and we are made in His likeness and image as Creators.

It's called

"Mind over matter" (Mind superior to body)

Not "matter over mind" (body superior to Mind)

People have been healed through Faith/Belief, Anita Moorjani is one example. Billions of cancer cells vanished from her body in days, and she came back knowing the power of Faith/Belief. Link

Humanity is waking up and will continue to do so and learn the power of Faith/Belief to allow miracles to happen.

posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 05:26 PM
Can we please get over our obsession with the Kardashians!?!!??!


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posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 07:55 PM
I would imagine a type 6 civilization to be godlike Q's from Star Trek capable of creating universes as well as complex life.

posted on Jun, 7 2015 @ 04:08 AM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13
Cool thread and nice pictorials really fits in to what your describing, the effort is appreciative. But lets just say humans are far from any of that, like another has said, we may have to get off the kardashian scale first, which by my calculations should take somewhere around 50,000 years at the least. And then we can move on to the Kardasev scale, and start somewhere at 0.045 scale point, and move on from there, and all of that is if humans survive that long, which is not likely. But we shall see I suppose.

posted on Jun, 7 2015 @ 12:28 PM
a reply to: GBP/JPY

Your optimism for the Human Species is appreciated GBP/JPY

Through "our" failures, may our intelligence's and maturities arise...

originally posted by: arpgme
Prayer/Intention is powerful and can even affect Space-Time. Prayer can change the weather. One person is powerful, but Unity in Prayer is even more powerful.

Agreed arpgme, 1 feels there is a metaphysical connection to what prayer energy is with intentions to worship a Higher Power. And that also these metaphysical energies can reach beyond the understood or maybe accepted Spiritual boundaries of EA*RTH associated with Space-Time.

So when some pray and worship (individually or in mass) they may in fact be actually contacting or communicating with... Who ever they may be perceiving they are praying or worshiping to.

The negative issues can come in when some immature in Creation and ignorant to the "unknown" begin to worship and pray to the unknown.
IT GETS SERIOUS HERE because if some individual(s) can trick the many immature in some way that can affect masses to the point where they begin to follow those individuals. The tricked can or will eventually be PROGRAMMED into sending their mass metaphysical energies to?

They may believe they are doing some of the most great things (even if disastrous) in the name of the of whom they worship. Believing they are doing the deeds in the name of who they worship sometimes called a god...

Now deeper into the trick?

Is their god in metaphysical eternal form a elder intelligent energy or powerful deity that has taken control of them (sadly unknowingly).
Needing them to worship it/id/ud? in order to remain? of the power it has.

And as long as they kill torture and control, lie and destroy in its names AND NOT JUST HERE AT THIS PLANET EA*RTH they continue to "feed" and strengthen it/id/ud/? and its minions in the HIGHER KARDASHEV scale type civilizations regions of existence, who may feed off of malevolence as opposed to those who may thrive on benevolence.
And as those who carry out these deeds for their god they are in turn BONDING their ETERNAL SOUL/SPIRIT/INTERNAL ENERGY to the Primaries within those malevolent regions inhabited by those more Immortal in the Higher type 3-4-5-6 civilizations interacting with the lower type 0-1-maybe 2 regions (they are strong)
too much meta-food...
-Unbalances detected anomalies manifested- from type benev6+ into lower levels scattered, gathering...

Ignorance & immaturity feeds
So 1 feels arpgme prayer with intention is powerful and can be used in the most benevolent ways to bring LIGHT* but 1 also feels its important for the CREATOR Creation Consciousness of the body and soul to know who or what its transmitting eternal meta energy Praying/worshiping to no matter the region of Existence located in order to prevent it from strengthening something that may have taken control of its perceptions of Objective reality in order to further control it/many.

Some are very tricky and known through time/periods how to manipulate the many un-informed metaphysically into physically producing some of the most powerful soul/loads? By manipulating many in mass into Species Self Hatred acts upon themselves which involve mass death of the physical... In turn producing the needed soul materials for the malev-primary(s)
A reason? to keep a type 0 civilization stuck below them so they can remain a feeding source.
And also A reason? for some from Higher type benev-civilizations to come here to HELP this particular regions of regions of regions.
Which can cause issues in various regions when HELP ARRIVES and many are tricked to think help is evil due to being socially programmed.

originally posted by: arpgme
The more people come together in Unity with positive intentions, the more the energy of Earth will become more Positive (what you called type IV Society). "Reality" is only the thoughts and beliefs of the group, but even if a few come together, it can influence the reality to be more positive. This is why miraculous healing and other positive things that are unexplainable happen.

LOGIC and accepted. 1 HOPES eventually we ALL* can arpgme.

Thanks for taking time to share your Spiritual intellect.

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posted on Jun, 7 2015 @ 03:33 PM
Is the scale genetic? Because its seems like they've been truly attacking genetics with poisons, radiation, gmo, pharma, etc, and I believe we're meant to heal and upgrade our DNA.

Simon Parkes spoke of the disconnect from our full DNA, to the 2 strand but that DNA is sacred from Source, and they couldn't rid us of this, so we contain the fuller Higher Form of Human, Source Code in our energy body, and connecting or healing this brings up More Spirit within.

This would mean we would no longer be under the warden's thumb, would free this world and humanity, not just individuals, would progress, though this can be done individually.

That our solar system is moving through a cycle that would bring this in.

I'd like to hear your views on this.

posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 02:45 AM

originally posted by: Magillian91
So the argument here is that we need to start working together and abandon all of Self Hatred species of hatred on ourselves (redundancy intended). If only we could improve our creation crayola creative captain planet forces on ourselves, we could advance up the next civilization ranking, becoming immortals who go searching the universe for answers to questions that we do not have because we are a type 4 bulbasaur.

I can't really make heads or tails of this threads topic, not trying to be an asshole. You're telling us that we need to do some "maturing" individually of our souls in order to progress up this scale. In order to do this, we need to give up greed, things of materialistic nature, ego, our desire for power, etc. Only then will we be able to attain this immortality and get cool gadgets and tech..

I don't think I really need to point this out but I will..

This is the furthest thing from mature. Complete polar opposite.

Your feelings of working together as a planetary group to overcome many of the issues that segregation has caused as being not mature is your subjective perception that 1 shall not challenge Magillian91...

originally posted by: Magillian91
The motivation is purely materialistic, greedy, a desire for powers, and a major stroke to the ego.

Ego, being so disgustingly prominent throughout your posts. I tend to have a hard time understanding someone who talks about themselves in a third party, possibly even omnipotent, perspective. Half of your posts are in a yoda/spock format just for the sake of being mysteriously knowledgeable about something, 1 is this, 1 is that, thank you for contributing to 1. Like I said, not trying to be an asshole, but this annoyed the # out of me, and i'm sure i'm not the only one.

ignorance omitted-

When communicating 1 APOLLOS for the data share not reaching you Magillian91.
Yes at times 1 communicates in AN Alien chat like tone

but its not from a third person perspective or from trying to seem as if 1 is more knowledgeable of mysterious data, nor is 1 trying to boast some ego type of way of communicating that 1 is more omnipotent then you or any other.

If you followed some of the data shared here from me, you would see that the EGO is something that was or is openly challenged, for 1 knows the ego can hold a soul down (its ok to be confident in yourself) but egotistical is not my game Magillian91.
So it appears you are misunderstanding the communications transmitted within the forums and mistaking them for someone with a god complex trying to look better then the rest why tricking others to follow ideologies.
Which is not my intent to trick or mislead.
The intent of 1, is to assist in attempting to rise the human and possibly other consciousness within this region of Existence so that many can free themselves from the ignorances that keep humans trapped or stuck in lower regions of Existence in type 0 civilization levels of reality.
Sharing the KARDASHEV scale data is just one of many ways to reMIND? the Local Conscious Collective that yes you may have technologies that may "here" appear advanced but beyond here may exist more intelligence's and technologies then pre -considered. And some of those not considered may see the same advanced technology here as primitive or even dangerous or both. Technologies that have the ability to if misused take a species back to the stone ages due to segregative Species Self Hatred Acts which turn into wars which then turn into the species being genetically trimmed down in genetic integrity due to mass death caused by immature CREATOR Creations basically hating on themselves? The Irony? Now imagine those from benev type 1-2-3-4-5-6 civilizations seeing this behavior and wanting to HELP and even send down some data maybe to maybe make better contact like in the movie "CONTACT"

Or they may channel information through someones ... Receptive in certain regions of Existence where lower type 0+ civilizations reside to communicate to the local collective conscious data.

But cannot do so because Humanity hasn't shown a maturity level that they can LOVE themselves as a planetary Species fully. And so are not ready to have access to technology from type 2-3-4-5-6+ civilizations that may allow FUTURE deep space exploration and can help to upgrade the human genetics better for these explorations in deep space or even dimensional travel.
Because if this technology reached the wrong immature hands some may do things here with it and spread ignorance with ignorance activities. which can then further cause destabilization of the WHOLE* of which ALL* CREATOR Creation make up.

And so the need for maturity required Magillian91-

Your logical response would be appreciated to this question...

posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 02:45 AM

originally posted by: Magillian91
Putting aside the motivation, this "maturity" of the soul sounds a lot like Buddhism. That's great, I really agree with the Buddhist philosophies. There are actually a lot of GREAT morals to be learned from the Bible as well.

1 agrees there are...

originally posted by: Magillian91
Something positive can be achieved from most religions in the world. The problem is when these movements are taken for more than what they are, namely a set of guidelines on how to live your life in a way that is cohesive with everyone else. It is happening now, has happened in the past, and will never stop happening. There will always be religion, and honestly, trying to fight this fact is just as hopeless as trying to maintain an individual religions integrity for every member.

1 is not fighting this fact associated with your subjective opinion Magillian91? Where do you detect this?

originally posted by: Magillian91
People will always try to bend the rules for anything to get what they want. Someone may see Christianity as a valid reason for slaughtering innocent people. Not everyone sees it that way. You can't control the population, it will never happen. Look at ATS, PERFECT EXAMPLE.

1 is not trying to control the population Magillian91? Where do you detect this?

originally posted by: Magillian91
With that being said, the idea of abandoning religion is completely improbable if not impossible.

Where do you see 1 attempting to recommend that any abandon their religious practices Magillian91?

originally posted by: Magillian91
One major thing that we have always had an amazing history of developing new technologies, medications, and overall scientific breakthroughs during, war. Like it or not, wartime has always been very good to the human race in terms of technological advances.

Interesting you feel that the only way for bio genetic science to advance is with the use of Wars...

originally posted by: Magillian91
As gruesome as it may be, it is a prime example of how competition drives advancements. What's the saying? It will always get worse before it gets better. You can't stop the population from fighting, praying, screwing, or prying. These things will always occur, in one way or another.

1 is not trying to stop anyone Magillian91 more so then just making conscious recommendations from my Observations...

originally posted by: Magillian91
The only thing, in my opinion, that we can do is completely remove ourselves from the bull#. The elite will always strive for more power. Religions will always be misinterpreted. Ego will ALWAYS exist. I don't think that our journey is going to be leaving the earth, but within ourselves.

But do you feel YOUR soul belongs HERE only on this planet or your flesh or is your soul designed to ASCEND beyond with the more you Learn within? Beyond as the species moves into a Higher type civilization where immortality is gained or the knowledge more of it as the HUMAN souls are already immortal but, just blocked from knowing more it seems...

originally posted by: Magillian91
Order out of chaos will never present itself for a few reasons.
Everything happens for a reason.
Chaos can not exist.
Chaos is how we label events that we do not understand why they have happened.

We exist to be off-balance
You can't have love without hate, dark without light, rich without poor.
Thinking in terms of absolute value.. love and hate to the extreme would have the same value.
To be balanced, would mean that love and hate do not exist.
They only exist, when we are skewed one way or the other.

Put this into a grander scale.
Everything exists to be off-balance, or else it wouldn't exist at all.

So you have two options.

1) Find an inner balance and cease having purpose or existence

2) Go on living your life, like animals do.

Your subjective opinions are welcome, thanks for taking time to share your POVs Magillian91.

And welcome to ATS

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posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 03:16 AM
a reply to: AnonymousRider

Sounds like a very interesting read
AnonymousRider the inhabitants had the home "modified" and altered w/o them knowing by higher more advanced beings...

More MATRIX Like settings of those within not knowing what is being done to them by those outside their normal perception levels of Awareness.

originally posted by: HarryJoy
I just wanted to throw in a few ideas of my own on this subject. First of all I agree with the basic premise of the OP but I have a little different take on how I would like to see our civilization achieve balance and harmony. First of all I would like to say that looking at the artists conceptions of these higher levels of achievement was a bit disconcerting to me. I personally would rather see a world with less artificial surroundings and not more.

I know that we could create a world where everyone's needs were met and one that would bring about much more peace and contentment then the present system. And we could do it by utilizing past technology as well as present in order to have a self-sustaining non-environmentally damaging infrastructure. As far as creating the infrastructure......that is the easy part. The hard part would be setting up the guidelines for the inhabitants of the system. I just have a hard time imagining a society that would be able to cooperate on all the necessary levels for an indefinite period of time.

I know that most of us don't want to believe that the culling of society is necessary...and yet it seems at times like there may be no other way to achieve harmony on that level. I realize that no human being can judge another fact I cannot even judge myself with 100 % accuracy. The Bible speaks of a judgement and when I see the line of thinking employed by some humans I have to wonder if there is any other way to achieve the level of cooperation necessary to build and maintain such a society as the one we desire.

1 thinks its possible to unite as One Species working together as more more consciously mature without the need for culling HarryJoy, once genetic priorities are aligned.

Got to remember for example eventually inhabitants living near STARS have got to find a way to adapt to the environment if the said STAR is preparing to go Super Nova... And if this was a situation that a species had to face 1 feels that that alone would cause a planet to unite to solve the problem knowing if ALL* minds are not in gear working together that the fail will set the species back for however long (unless technology is passed down from Higher Level civilizations that have mastered how to adjust to a situation such as STAR Super Nova by either moving their planet(s) or harnessing the STAR energy before it goes Super Nova to further cycle the harnessed energy for planetary uses and or travel)

This is perhaps a reason why in the lower more dense regions of Existence where type 0+ civilizations reside why the artificial like setting are required UNTIL ASCENDING INTO LESS DENSE more IMMORTAL regions where less artificial attachment and assistance is required to sustain the more dense forms... But 1 can understand you
Thanks for adding

posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 03:28 AM

originally posted by: ItalianDressing
Why does it have to be all of humanity...? Can't they just graduate the people like us and leave the other bad greedy humans behind in type 0?


Anything is possible ItalianDresing. But how would you feel if you were chosen to ASCEND into the Higher Type civilizations and could look down into the lower realms where many like you of your species were left stuck? Would you seek to help them which puts you back there or would you just not look back and wish them luck in the Future?

a reply to: cooperton

less dense physical body may be more receptive... Possibly associated with fasting processes.

a reply to: Involutionist

1 enjoyed

The joke ... if "WE" could only see

Thanks for the laugh and important information

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posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 04:27 AM
a reply to: galadofwarthethird

If those at the social pyramid scheme tops associated with the entertainment divisions considered their influential abilities in a more lets teach then lets make money type of way more and could find the balance for entertainment to exist but for also intelligence. Maybe then the interest of the populace can be maneuvered enough to have fun but be intelligent just as much galadofwarthethird.
All 1 can say is patience and optimism (when permitted) CAN generate some of the most beautiful manifestations, thanks for sharing...

a reply to: Unity_99

It does seem that genetic boundaries and lack of advanced bio-medical genetic sciences/technologies, would/can play as barriers between the Higher and Lower civilization Unity_99, when considering the KARDASHEV scale type 0 to 1-2-3-4-5-6+ and the technologies and or bio-medical genetic sciences that would be available for the Higher Ups enabling them to remain immortal in those Higher type civilization levels.
Consider how the current Human body cannot take deep space travel without rigorous physical training and or bio-mineral nano injections and tablets as well as requirement of advanced space suiting or AVATARING and sleeping apparatuses technologies. And how if technologies far beyond the primitive were accessible or shared from the Higher ups. Those technologies would affect the human lifespan-strength-eternal spiritual Astral awareness-consciousness and exploration ability.
Explorations which may allow for direct contact with Higher Up type civilizations who are benevolent and welcoming of the Matured HUMAN SPIRIT. Who may also be in more Ethereal / Astral forms...

So 1 could figure some Higher up malevolent CREATOR Creation Energies taking control of these genetic barriers for uses of control if they were interested in keeping a lower type civilization for some physical-spiritual reason blocked or left behind in the past or under control or HARM.
But just as so there would be benevolent trying to HELP, ALSO FROM THE HIGHER UP REGIONS OF BENEVOLENCE.
Not to be shared as doom just a response to your question my friend, be well.

posted on Jun, 8 2015 @ 04:49 AM
I would like to thank everyone who took time to read, comment and process some of the data shared within the OP.

The HOPE is that Humanity CAN mature more as a species that is AWARE or sees itself as an intelligent CREATOR Creation Energy Group who are Up keeping - care taking & are responsible for an ENTIRE PLANET possibly.

Look around humanity it seems the current task or responsibility of planet up keepers relies on the intelligent species to care take the many developing CREATOR Creations who share this planet with humanity in Air, Land and Sea.

And the way that this up keeping/ care taking is observed by "OUR" Cosmic-Dimensional peers may generate a evaluation of maturity to our peers that "We" are ready for contact/encounter/technology on/from Higher Level greeting

Or the immature behavior here may signal to them that "we" don't even care about care taking our own planet, because as long as money is made at the top it seems who cares about that rain forest burned or chopped down or that ocean-lake-river poisoned or about the polluted air of which those developing CREATOR Creators inhabit.
So how could they REALLY have the audacity to look for other homes? Without realizing how to take care of the current one given to them.

-Changes reflections so they see this? instead in their telescopes and observation equipment's.
They call it Dark energy / matter? Until better prepared to see and at that point of maturity remove the veil that is reflecting to them that of which they cannot Objectively understand-

Just a thought. 1 is optimistic as are many for the Species of MANKIND


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