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Hacked Emails Expose George Soros As Ukraine Puppet-Master

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posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 01:05 AM
a reply to: joemoe

Its amazing some party partisan sheeple will still defend this demon Nazi collaborator, well if you don't believe the emails, how about straight from baphomets mouth...

This man is evil scum, if theres some anti human activities somewhere, chances are you'll find this loser Nazi with his claws in it.

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 01:55 AM

originally posted by: BentBone
Evidence doesn't fit in with your bias so you ignore it.

So what is my bias and where's the evidence. If I don't see the evidence then I won't fill in the blanks with imagination.

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 05:50 AM

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posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 07:21 AM
IMO, the Ashkenazi Jews are probably the descendants of the Nordics. Does anyone remember that video about an angel deflecting the rockets? Here it is again:

Apparently, an Iron Dome Operator saw those rockets being deflected: -sea-defence-failed.html#comments

Israel is a country with a high GDP per capita, and a very low population, doesn't seem like they would believe in such "superstitions." You will never hear a story like this from Japan, for example, saying something like, God slowed the flow of lava from this volcano to prevent further destruction, or God prevented this rod from melting from Fukushima, unless they actually saw it. In fact, go to any undeveloped country and you will not see them make up stories about God, unless they actually saw it(one could say that they've been brainwashed by Evolution too well.)

As a matter of fact, looking at the thumbs up of the readers of that article, you can see that most of them actually believe it(I'm saying this so that you cannot backtrack later and say, maybe they're making up UFOs and a higher life to justify their existence). If you read comments from other articles on this incident, you will see that the posters from Israel also believed that God did it.

In other words, it seems they have no idea about God and UFOs. So now you have most or all people who, without any idea between the connection between UFOs and God(in fact, if I hadn't pointed it out regularly here, 99.99999999% wouldn't have been able to make the connection, in other words, there's really no motive for people to make up these abduction
stories and sightings. Alcyone said that Lahana's Theorem will connect quantum physics with God later. No need, I've already done it. Not only that, I've tied it all to UFOs, Evolution, and the Bible as well. She also said that the history of our planet is very murky at this time, well, I will explain that later. The reality is that this planet could have taken two very different, extreme paths.)

Now if you recall, Hamas fired 300+ rockets into Israel's territory, and none of them hit a civilian area. In fact, according to this website, they actually fired 4500:

and it's confirmed by wiki:

85% success rate out of 4000 are 3400, that means 600 rockets were unaccounted for. If we go to the extreme and assume 95%, that still leaves 200 rockets unaccounted for.

Now are you going to tell me that out of 200 rockets, all of them only hit empty places? The Iron Dome does not
discriminate which rockets to intercept(in fact, supposedly, its success rate is only 5%, Israel has never demonstrated its success rate. And if you look at how it works, there's reason to believe that. If Hamas were to fire them wildly at civilian areas at an angle, then it would not work. Keep in mind that the incidents on wiki were the ones that people were able to see, and it seems to me that Iron Dome really only intercepted a few of them. Basically, this means that most of these rockets were already intercepted "unseen," before they got to Israel).

So now you have an unexplained phenomenon, you have witness testimony, and you have video evidence as well(and no, it's not easy to fake these things. Keep in mind that the Roswell picture is real. It's just that it's a mummy child(though that has yet to be confirmed), instead of an alien.) Even Hamas were wondering why their rockets simply did not hit.

So let's assume that God did it, now why did the UFOs protect Israel only? Well, perhaps here the Israelies are correct in that they are God's "chosen people." However, the better explanation is that because Hamas were deliberating targeting mostly civilian areas, the UFOs had NO choice but to interfere.

But, back to my original point, if the Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of the Nordics, then that would explain why Hitler wanted to kill them. Keep in mind that Hitler was already working with the Greys(which would explain why when the US arrived, they found out that the Nazis were already working on ICBMs and missile defense(and this is documented),
and probably confiscated their flying saucers as well.)

Note that if you try to "test" this, it would probably not work, because the UFOs would know that you're testing them(though if let's say Israel sold Iron Dome to another country, then they can certainly try to prove its success rate. This system, to me, is like hitting a baseball with another baseball, which to me is almost as difficult).

It has to look as natural as possible. and this is how the "God works in mysterious ways" concept works. Of course, they made a mistake and the Iron Dome operator was able to see it, but hey, nobody's perfect, including God/angels.

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 11:11 AM
a reply to: np6888

I am really not sure what the whole point of your post is or what it had to do with the op but in the link you post it accounts for rockets falling short before they even come into range of iron dome.

" on Hamas’s part: the terror group fired 4,591 rockets into Israel during that period.

According to the report, 197 of them fell short, and some of those killed Palestinian civilians."

Iron dome is point defence. If the rockets do not reach the point of defence iron dome can not make an intercept.

You also said that "none of them hit civilian areas"

But the same link you post refutes that saying a number of Israeli citizens were in fact killed.

Where did you read that "the iron dome does not discriminate" ?

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 11:49 AM

originally posted by: Jordan River
Anyone who holds sympathetic values to this man should be looked at with suspicion as a ats disinformer

And anyone who BLINDLY FOLLOWS LEAKED E MAILS Is just as bad without solid proof. Remember it dont mean nothing until you sign it on the dotted line.

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 03:55 PM
a reply to: AlphaStrike1001

My bad. The quote that no civilians were killed came from the article that says that 300+ were fired. But 8 vs 0 is not a big difference, and these rockets did reach their destinations.

And the line Iron Dome does not discriminate comes from deduction. You don't think Iron Dome knew that these rockets were going to hit empty areas and let them go past, do you?

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posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 05:00 PM
a reply to: np6888

Actually they are uploaded with maps and do choose targets depending on if they are going to hit a populated area or not. reason why? the missiles are exspensive and not gonna be wasted on non threats.

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 06:02 PM
a reply to: np6888

What information got you to the conclusion that iron dome does not discriminate?

I do not think, i know for a fact it does.

Iron dome does in fact analyze the trajectory data of incoming rockets and decides if it is a threat or will land where it will not hurt anyone. It also plots out where an intercept will be made so that debris will not rain down in areas of population.

Iron dome is as i said a point defence system made to counter low end unguided projectiles.
Since hamas does not have high end curse missiles or maneuverable warheads it works really well. Most of the rockets were not intercepted and fell harmlessly in the desert.

But as i said before i do not understand your point or how this relates to the op.
The alleged e-mail seems to me to be faked.

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 09:33 PM
I've spent an interesting couple of hours surfing around on the human rights crisis in Ukraine, but still no tangible confirmation on the authenticity of the hackjob. The "Contacts" page at is is disabled for me...probably because my keyboard is English...

And so, this could be fake, could be authentic.

a reply to: stumason

Here is the link to the "hacked e-mails" - Now, whoever these guys are (I suspect pro-Russian or even Kremlin backed hackers) and assuming what they are presenting is actually real, none of the selected snippets (they have only shown what they want to show) indicate anything more than a what is already commonly known, from the point of view of someone who can actually do something about it.

Do you mean the hacker/media group is holding out on us with just those three documents? Or are you refering to the snippet screen-captures of the documents embedded in their article? You linked to a slavic language article.

Here is the Cyber-Berkut article in English.

And here are the three allegedly leaked documents they uploaded and linked from their site:

Soro's fund stradegy for new Ukraine

Military Aid for Kiev Document

Soros's Letter to Poroshenko

posted on Jun, 3 2015 @ 10:06 PM
According to the alleged leak, Soros seems to have more of a surrogate/organizing role than full-blown puppet master.

From the letter addressed to the President and the Prime Minister::

I believe the communique from Brussels and the comment s by Presidents Tusk and Juncker are having a calming effect on the market. It is for you to decide whether you consider the danger of a financial panic real enough to take preventive measures. If you do, you would have to call Chancellor Merkel to ask for a commitment in principle on a $15 billion package. I am ready to call Jack Lew of the US Treasury to sound him out about the swap agreement.

Additionally, The Institute of World Policy ranked Soros number 7 in Ukraine's top-10 bestest buddies list.

Here's some praise, and Soros quotes.

Bear in mind that when "Ukraine" is mentioned, they really mean Kiev

In the mid-1990s he explained his efforts by the statement, which became popular at that time: “I understood the importance of independent and democratic Ukraine. With thriving Ukraine, imperialist Russia is impossible.”

Two decades later, this phrase sounds even more urgent. And now Ukraine’s famous friend stresses out that “Russia “defies Europe” with its actions in Ukraine.”

His article “Wake up, Europe,” published by the world’s prominent media, claims to be the starting point of a new era in relations between Ukraine and the EU, provided that the EU has enough figures of this rating participants’ level eager to listen to George Soros.

Like stumason said, the attitude expressed in the leaks is congruent with what is pulbicly available, but what we want to know is:
are the leaks themselves real admissions of happily funding and fomenting violent destabilization in Ukraine in order for it to spill over into Russia and EU?

posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 12:53 AM
a reply to: joemoe

If hacked emails are valid evidence then does that mean the recorded phone calls of Pro Russian and Russian involvement in the downing of MH 17 are also valid?

posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 10:37 AM
Hey guys, this is np6888. I tried to retrieve the password to log into another computer, but I didn't receive it, and now I can't log in to my old account any more. If any moderator can reset the password and send it manually to my e-mail or PM me through this account, I'd appreciate it.

Anyway, according to this website, the analyst who proved that the Patriot missile defense system's success rate was
only 5% suggests that Iron Dome's success rate is also only 5%.

posted on Jun, 4 2015 @ 01:02 PM

originally posted by: ffx6554
Hey guys, this is np6888. I tried to retrieve the password to log into another computer, but I didn't receive it, and now I can't log in to my old account any more. If any moderator can reset the password and send it manually to my e-mail or PM me through this account, I'd appreciate it.

Anyway, according to this website, the analyst who proved that the Patriot missile defense system's success rate was
only 5% suggests that Iron Dome's success rate is also only 5%.

PAC-1, 2 and 3 are totally different systems that were built for all aspect ballistic missile defence.

In the first gulf war the pac system had a low kill rate mostly because its kill vehicles made an intercept but failed to destroy the scud warhead.

When the pac system hit and knocked scuds off course but failed to destroy the warhead they counted it as a failed intercept.

There is also 30 years difference in the technology between the two systems.

I do not see how a comparison of patriot and iron dome is logically valid.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 04:27 AM
a reply to: joemoe

What more evidence does anyone need on western involment in Ukraine Revolution when there is a picture of US senator McCain holding fiery speeches in city square at onset of revolution.

Not to mention Vice President Biden's son has a position as oil CEO in Ukraine as soon as new government came to power.
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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 04:47 AM
a reply to: Nowornevertill

The same can be said for Russian government figures visiting occupied Crimea.

Bidens son didn't get a job as oil CEO. he was hired in the legal department. Secondly he just died of brain cancer so your argument there is pretty much gone.

Maybe do some research before making false claims.

Third welcome to the site. I see by your join date you are new... and participating in a Russian related thread.. go figure.
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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 05:03 AM
a reply to: Xcathdra

Maybe you should stop assuming we all buy into lies and propaganda.

Gosh I can only imagine how disappointed you must be with ATS members.

Majority do not buy crap you are selling.

And as far as I know Biden's son that died of cancer is not the same son working in Ukraine with new government.
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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 05:08 AM
a reply to: Nowornevertill

Your right it was Hunter Biden that was hired in the legal department and not as an oil CEO as you falsely claim.

Secondly I don't care what you believe. I will post the facts and you can decide if you will trust them or continue to push an agenda supported by nothing.

I am not disappointed in ATS members and nowhere did I ever make that claim - you did. Typical that instead of engaging the topic you try and drag it off topic and make claims you cant support - Ironic but not surprising.

The majority discuss the topic and come to their own conclusion. in your case you seem to be confusing those who loudly complain with nothing to support their position, IE you and a few others, with a majority, which it is not.

The Company hunter works for is not owned by the Ukraine government.

Like I said, welcome to the site. its always nice to see old faces hidden behind new faces.
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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 05:21 AM
a reply to: Xcathdra

After you spoke to me.

I went to first page and flagged this thread.

The thread about George Soros who's worked with CIA since forever meddling in Ukraine.

Thanks for stopping by and bumping the thread so more people can see it.

posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 05:24 AM
a reply to: Nowornevertill

the more people who know the truth about putin and Russia the better. It also adds exposure to individuals like yourself who are new to this site yet post in specific threads.

So no, thank you for exposing what putin and Russia are as well as yourself.

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