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Yu GI O or something like that

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posted on Jun, 6 2003 @ 07:16 AM
If any of you have kids or are teenagers you have probibly noticed the increase of japanese cartoons on TV, the current fad going round NZ at present is a show and card game called YU Gi O or something to that effect. I sat down and watched it today and lo and behold what did i see some 'magic artifacts' the millenium eye and the millenium pyrimad and other various objects. now is it just me or does freemasonry symbols invade everything these days? there infront of millions of kids are the all seeing eye and the pyrimid.
I just thought it was wierd.

posted on Jun, 6 2003 @ 07:17 AM
manga and anime everywhere!! even here in israel!
everywhere you turn theres friggin manga

posted on Jun, 6 2003 @ 10:30 PM
yeah I have noticed that lil bro is obssesed with that game and show...he has the cards and everything.....if you watch the show..thiers this character named pegusus that has this thing called the milenium eye..and he controls this big orginzation thats bent on ruling the world...and then the character yu gi fighting him to thwart his evil plans...yeah...I'll admit i watch this show...only when my lil bro does and Im eating...I'll just sit and watch usually laugh cuz its kinda funny...oh yeah...YU GI OH has a milenium item called i dunno...but its a pyramid and it gives him powers..well...if you want any more info..Ask...and I'll ask my baby bro..Im sure he can crack down on this..

posted on Jun, 7 2003 @ 04:44 AM
Damn japanese conspiracist...

And there was svastika on the saint-seya armors !

posted on Jun, 7 2003 @ 11:48 AM
These symbols really go far far beyond freemasonry. For example, the swastika is actually an ancient sumerian symbol. The Cabal/illuminati take these symbols and place them into modern culture & associate something with them. The unconcious picks up EVERYTHING, and we are very well aware at an unconscious level what these symbols mean. The fact that they are including them in children's games & collectibles is disturbing, but not surprising. The conditioning process starts in childhood. We are conditioned to "obey".

posted on Jun, 7 2003 @ 12:08 PM
What's wrong with the swastika? It is four L's that mean Life, Liberty, Light, and Love. Yes Hitler used it, but Hitler was evil, not the symbol. Kind of like words, how are there bad words? They didn't do anything, so why bad? Because people say they are. People say Swastika evil, so it is, even though it isn't, in fact it is a good thing.

Besides, nothing wrong with Manga, it is the edited dubbed down s*(*t they put on tv. Watch a Manga movie(either Manga company or Urban Vison, they the best) and you will learn to love it. Ghost in a Shell, Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, all great anime. But then America and other countries get ahold of Pokeman and other crappy anime, and people think, gee, that sucks, it all must suck. Watch Yu-Yu Hakusho, or Cowboy Bebop, they both great. Or the one with the Botosi, can't spell it, but is great, and unlike some, is set in the Menji(sp?) era, when stuff like steam powered trains was just coming in to Japan. Heck, one episode has one, and one character is freaking out because he can't understand how steam is powering it. Or doesn't want his picture taken because it steals your soul. Another one wants to try out western clothes and the western candy chocolate.

Depends on who makes the anime, and how it is edited. It is like the Godzilla movies, get japan version, america edited them to make them worse than what they already are so people wouldn't like the stuff from Japan. Ask me, still happening with Pokemon and the Yu Gi O bs.

posted on Jun, 7 2003 @ 05:27 PM

People say Swastika evil, so it is, even though it isn't, in fact it is a good thing.

Exactly! In fact if you believe a symbol is inherently evil or bad, without doing the research- your hastily-made opinion *might* ITSELF be a symptom of the type of thinking that the illuminati/Cabal encourage & condition us to develop. The reason why, is because if we rapidly conclude, "ah yes that swastika is evil, nothing further to see, time to move on", that conclusion prevents our curiosity from compelling us to research the past and the actual history behind the symbol itself. An ignorant public is a controlled public.

posted on Jun, 7 2003 @ 05:36 PM
The Swastika was a symbol of goodness, but once that symbol has been turned into a representation of evil, it should be discarded.

It doesn't matter what it used to mean. The fact is that man created that symbol, he later made it represent evil. Man should not use that symbol again.

Symbols aren't static. Even some of our most revered have had different meanings in the past. Just because they hold beauty in history doesn't mean that they can't represent a more recent horror to a more modern generation's eyes.

Therefore I believe the Swastika to be evil. Man created it's meaning and then changed it to something far worse.

posted on Jun, 7 2003 @ 08:02 PM
I thought the sawstika meaning is a chinese symbol for good luck?
and Manga I prefer Manga than Disnep
and it's all about
Neon Genesis Evangelion (not the Edited Version)

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