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Sixth sense

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posted on Jan, 20 2005 @ 07:02 PM

Originally posted by Vertu
Everything depends on how self-aware are you. That makes you practice consciously through all aspects of life, from the tiny ones to huge projects. It can't work the way you think, you can't attend a course for two weeks... and there you have it, you need to live for decades with these feelings. Spells? Forget that, but you may try it, huge waste of money.

Spells? Nay, I wouldn't use them for this. And, after all, if I need a spell, I prefer to do it myself, instead of buying one.
And then, well... if it's a matter of self awareness, and I think you're right, I have to work mentally and not magickally...

posted on Jan, 20 2005 @ 07:20 PM

Originally posted by Sparhawk
And then, well... if it's a matter of self awareness, and I think you're right, I have to work mentally and not magickally...

I don't think it will be that easy. But keep trying, and don't stop until a decade will pass by. No way, that you could achieve any effort within a few years. Impossible.

posted on Jan, 20 2005 @ 07:55 PM

Originally posted by Vertu
I don't think it will be that easy. But keep trying, and don't stop until a decade will pass by. No way, that you could achieve any effort within a few years. Impossible.

I know, but I think it is worth trying.

posted on May, 1 2005 @ 01:59 PM
Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, MO have made some remarkable discoveries concerning the possible presence of a sixth sense in the human brain. They believe that the anterior cingulate cortex, or ACC, could be the location of a sort of built in warning system that learns to recognize dangerous situations.

Their findings indicate that it is possible for this warning system to learn to recognize dangerous situations and warn us before accidents occur, a sensation that some describe as the “oops” moment.

There also seems to be a relationship between this sector of the brain and mental illness.

For more information, please see Brain Study Points to 'Sixth Sense'

The original article can be read in it’s entirety here: Science Blog

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posted on May, 1 2005 @ 03:58 PM
I've picked up on techniques over time that I never knew existed, but those had to be learned. Something that always came natural to me is to know when someone close to me is in trouble even when I'm no where near them. I don't know exactly what the problem is as much as I just know that there's a problem. It has to be something pretty extreme though, like a friend getting arrested or someone being taken to the hospital. No matter where I am, I'll get this sinking, panicy feeling until the matter is resolved.

Also (and I get this one from my girlfriend often enough), if someone is angry or worried about me, I'll get the same feeling. It's a little difficult for me to differenciate between the two causes for this feeling, so I pretty much just freak out and start calling around to see what's going on.

EDIT: To add - I've also noticed that if someone's had a bad day because someone's been negative towards them, and my day's been going perfect, the moment that person comes around me I pick up on that negative energy. It's like some sort of negative energy residue that sticks to me. It's extremely annoying to have someone else's negative energy intrude on your own energy. I find it difficult to block and really have to concentrate in order to get rid of it.

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posted on May, 2 2005 @ 01:55 AM
everyone has a sixth sense some are stronger than others, even animals have a sixth sense i mean you look at the tsunami disaster not many animals were killed infact it was reported in one of the reserves that the animals started to move in land 3 days before it hit

posted on May, 6 2005 @ 08:16 PM
Function(s) of the Cingulate Gyrus:
Coordinates Sensory Input With Emotions

Emotional Responses to Pain

Regulates Aggressive Behavior

Note the *Emotional Responses to Pain* a motivation driven by physical survival it is reasonable to assume that the unconscious mind has learned to attenuate itself to percieve and anticipate the precursors to that which may cause pain.........the reason why people are so surprised about anything remotely resembling a 'sixth sense' is because of the requirements of society.....we live in a very repetitve environment that has already taken into consideration and implemented solutions to safety and instinctual/biological impulses.......also, the rheteric that we are 'indoctrinated' with doesn't really include any emphasis whatsoever on the capabilities of our mind and how/why it is always referred to as a 'mystery.' Ever wonder why dreams are usually found in the Paranormal or New age sections of anywhere? Yet dreaming is a necassary process that is preformed by every individual.......kind of makes you wonder what kind of 'sixth senses' are possible with a rudimentary understanding of your own basic brain functions.....doesn't it?

Cool reference, Roadscholar......the sixth sense, imo, is the capacity for a person to utilize instinct, intuition, empathy, and incorporate them into the critical thinking of an individual.....also, a personal awareness of oneself is an important aspect.

posted on May, 6 2005 @ 10:19 PM
I have to break things down and look at them one at a time to gain a clear understanding.

Let's start with the Cingulate Gyrus. According to, this is the part of the brain that allows adaptability, cognitive flexibility, switching from one subject to allows you to go with the flow.

It is also said to be the center of worry, holding onto hurts from the past, obsessive thoughts, cumpulsive behavior, argumentativeness, addictive behaviors, cognitive inflexibility, eating disorders and "road rage".

Very that's where it lives!

posted on May, 6 2005 @ 10:32 PM

Originally posted by onebone
Are there any signs that would point out that you might have a kinda sixth sense. Dreams,dajasvoo i think that's how you spell it. A feeling that's always around, knowing something but can't put the finger on it.

Hi Bones

Just thought Id let you know, theres quite an interesting book by StuartWilde, called, well, SixthSense......

You could start with that I guess

posted on May, 6 2005 @ 11:02 PM

Originally posted by Roadscholar
.... "road rage".

Very that's where it lives!

.....Good to know!!

Interesting note.....the visual you provided earlier and compared to this one that shows the approximate location of the hippocampus, the part of the brain that deals with memory.....

The proximity of emotion to memory is relevant.....since emotion may be loosely defined as the human representation of the chemical reactions that a person has experienced, the memory gets a sort of chemical signature. This translates into what I was saying about 'shock.' If a person has undergone a traumatic experience, then any subsequent occurance of a similar nature will induce a chemical this case, the mind/body(the nervous system throughout the body has 'muscle memory') remembers that time it had to allocate all of its attentions to sustaining itself and repeats the action in anticipation of the same thing happening. Relief occurs when the experience is not repeated. Note the in anticipation......this is reflective of how fast our physiology works...most times without conscious reflection. A Sixth Sense could be attributed by those who haven't considered that their brain is operating and assessing the reality around them beyond the strictly conscious perceptions.....

At any rate, I think that the physical incarnations of memory and emotion in our brain are close to each other based in their mutual associations......interesting, imo....

posted on May, 6 2005 @ 11:49 PM
Is the suggestion that we could make this into a bit of a research project?

Do you have the time to innitiate such a thing?

I have time to contribute! And remember what I told you when you adopted me! If not given proper direction, I will inevitably use my powers for evil instead of good.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 12:04 AM
I think a research project would be cool.....have to ponder direction though.....maybe something like the physiological capacity of the brain in relation to subliminal stimulii........or..........the various effects trauma can have on cognitive expression......we have to have a conspiratorial spin in order to create a research project..........but me thinks me likes the ideas.........

The Sixth Sense thoughts?

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 12:58 AM
"dajasvoo"??? (sighs) Please... It's "déjà vu", or "deja vu" if you're too lazy to put the accents on top of the letters.

And yes, I did had a lot of experiences with the sixth sense in the past, although they are somewhat minor. I even surprized my entire class when I was at high school with something involving guessing invisible things and images. Seems like these faculties have a little bit faded during my twenties, but I have the feeling that it's still there, and can be developped again with the proper mental conditions.

I still experience déjà vus on an almost regular basis, maybe once every 1-2 months, and also can do some things like feeling when somebody looks at me in my back, and sensing desires in people (something strange that's not always fun... believe me, people are twisted! :lol
. I can easily determine who does a person has the eyes for, her/his sexual orientation, and stuff like that, even without this person having talked or acted of anything. No kidding!

In the past I remembered being able to drop small objects at specific desired targets with my eyes closed, throwing waste at a trash bin in any direction without seeing, being able to see numbers and letters by colors in my mind, to "see" music, and the greatest of all, being able to see some things before they happen... like seeing the conclusions of a chain of events that i'm observing. I'm still able to do that sometmes, but it's not as strong as it has been for some time in the past.

All these faculties involving what New Agers call the "third eye", which is in concrete terms to see things inside your head. Not imagining them from scratch, like conceptualizing something, but by being inspired by a concept... letting the image grow in your mind, from the concept behind that image. Any artist will confirm that to you; that the mind has somekind of proactive imagination... an ability to create things in your mind, without any kind of conscious construction. This is the same process than the one that we call "inspiration"...

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 01:45 AM
i find the whole sixth sence thing interesting. i have always had deja-vu. often i am doing or saying somnething when it hits me that i "remember this". a couple of my co-workers have commented on the fact that i get a weird look on my face (though they don't have a clue why). when i ponder what happened i can clearly remember "the memory" from a couple of weeks or so before. i would love to be able to recall just a bit ahead of time instead of something "triggering" the memory, it would be far more usefull that way

also i have been driveing for 17 years now. i have only gotten two speeding tickets (even when we were cursed with photo radar).it is not that i don't speed, because i do all the time. but for some reason i just feel like slowing down. often after that feeling when i slow down i end up passindg a speed trap. in fact the two time i have gotten a ticket i know i wasn't speeding, in one case i was diagnoseing a bearing noise in my front wheel and so i was watching the speedo like a hawk judgeing the speed/sound to decide what was wrong. the other time i was extreemly depressed about a break up. both the cop and i crested a hill together i was under the limmit at that time (and i know that radar dosn't work through hills).

the latest things that happened and unfortunately i paid no attention to them. was i just did not feel like going to work one morning, no reason i just didn't feel like it. but since i had been sick i went anyway didn't want to loose more pay. very bad mistake i was involved in a fairly bad accident after which the rear bumper on my truck and the rear frame had been bent to the ground. (did i mention i hate anti-lock brakes, i didn't have them but the caravan and cherokee that rear ended me did). the second time was after about 3 months i still hadn't recovered. i was going out to a friends place, again i just didn't feel like going. but yup again i did. another bad mistake, the bus i was on hit the brakes due to a moron makeing a right turn from the left lane in front of the bus. i got slammed into the seat putting myself right back to the start of healing. i have now been in pain and off work for 6 months. all because i didn't listen to that "feeling". i just wish that this feeling had been a little more informitive. if it had been mabe i wouldn't have ignored it.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 02:14 AM

Originally posted by WhyOWhy
There have been 2 times in my life where I knew what was going to happen that day and told people before it happened. One of the interesting things, on the first time, I tried to change the outcome by leaving town and driving a couple hours away, and by leaving, that is what caused it to happen!

I had pedicted several events and two of them are oddly big events one was when I was a Kid I was with a buddy and I looked at this picture of John Paul 2 ,this was like in 1983 0r 84 and I told him the Pope was gonna ge shot, well several years after someone did shot him, I never really knew why I said that but I was sure, I felt it need to be said.

Another was the WTC event I was in NYC 1 day prior and as usual I rode the Amtrack home and as I was looking out toward the NYC skyline as we were leaving I notice the WTC and I felt this cold bold feeling , the towers seem to over power the rest of the skyline , it felt like I could see them in full detail, some thing inside felt like it was the last time I would ever see them,it felt as though they were talking to me, odd feeling since I have family in NY and I am a frequent traveler...

Now thats wierd and I can recall but visions clear, theres more but none that made news well atleast what I know...

But I belive the 6th sense is instincts.....

For example lets say your walking,riding a bike,driving and your at an intersection and something tells you: "go left" and as you do ,you stop and say, "no,no,no, I'll go right" well after a while or so something happens like your in an accident or get into a traffick jam , you know something bad...

You then are caught saying to yourself, "darn, I knew it, I should've went left and this wouldn't have happened"

Well the sixth sense is there aways with us but we really don't explore it or may I say exploit it, dejavu is part of it's power..... I recall doing lots of stuff as I am doing it...that's wierd and I second guess alot of what I've seen or done because it happens so frequently...6th sense is refer in the Bible althought you will never see it unless I point it out...

"The road to Heaven is a thin road"

Huh? Yes as the example I said going left or right, Destiny and all great things are reachable if you follow you nose, it always knows...Your sixth sense.....

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posted on May, 7 2005 @ 12:52 PM
6th sense is simply what we call a whole array of astral senses; astral hearing, seeing, touch, smelling and tasting.

Psychokinesis and other related phenomena are not senses as such, rather manipulation of energy using astral senses.

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