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The visual ear opportunity to feel inside a Tub Thumper

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posted on May, 29 2015 @ 06:20 PM
The visual ear opportunity to feel inside a Tub Thumper

If then now we begin within the reason of our belief we begin the process of being not just the prescribed existence born into but the actuality of ourselves in this brief journey of expansion in birth the eventual is the reason that maturity unfolds in perception the air becomes ingested frequency becomes the enabling within the potential, the internal becomes external balance in each breath.

Internally the chemical fusion of the Neurotransmitter. Conveying the processes of thought within the synapses, with the receptors to create belief and function within the shell that is you me us, as an entity within the system of belief, yours mine everyone’s the twinned spiral, of either understanding or continual renewal, to eventually create the understanding of the form, that is breath and word within, that cultures within the blood, the man or woman held of belief, that can become the no-thing within that is all things, in our inherent capacity for self growth development and eventual existence , becoming more than the predestined, outcome of the constant cycle unfulfilled with only glimpses of an eventuality not met.

Only fleeting in absorbing material goals in the egotistical plain of emergence, considering the traditional ties, as the true allegiance, of one’s alignment, to a full existence, rather ,than exploring really what lies within the dormant, the power of the seemingly in control ego, holding the hand of life with a promise, that hope and ego, will, that seems to bring only flashes of the mesmerizing fantasy of nothing, but the hope of the might, but floored will, until death declines, the will of hope and then now, we begin again ,as a new beginning, within the reason of our belief, we begin the process, of being the interlude, to another you, the journey is eternal, the hope is internal, but when will you find you are more, than the shell in this body of existence ,nothing is not what is imagined, as nothing, is the illusion of the void, within, that is the repetition of life, the something of nothing ,is within, then the internal can become the void, within the reflection of ourselves, that encompasses and integrates the mind ego body and soul ,in the harmony of acceptance that not all, that exist, is presence because of form, if nature can exist without form or practice then is not this the form and potential of true compassion, love true unmotivated just that is without reflection?

Could existence just be a portal shell of integrated systems mind ego body soul the interlinking interfaces to acknowledge the furtherance of capacity in a physical sentence in just 4 realms of unraveling the deeper truths of beyond the futile drama of world events the dogma of time the tiny question of the atom and the expanding universe and the all of everything is within without the recycling drama we are addicted to within expression becomes the external the reflection of the capacity within, we can breathe life we can bread life but not exact the understanding of gravity in the grave misunderstanding of what we have been given……………….or chosen are aliens our reach to the understanding of our real perception within is it any wonder we have fantasies of zombies within our popular culture as we are them morphed, the middle east fantasy where Saddam Hussein was knowingly removed to create chaos in the region to ignite the shiites vs sunnis problem stemming from the physically impossible 9/11 building collapses, plane disappearances, people disease, bombings, genocide, Murder is there not a pattern emerging that can be seen by all will we accept more war more futile death larger scale wars larger fatalities China Russia North Korea dirty bombs,

7,318,270,370 souls have no say

Then 309,688,3,934 ATS souls have no say ...................

and in the 2 world wars around 88.5 million souls basically did not have a say

When did the word become to have no voice people declined to the manipulation of the sum face book Instagram twitter whats app the voice of opinion collated think tank analysed to sway perception are we fools of tec mobiles are like the extension of our stupidity the ultimate tracking device, but remember everything is fine its normal to put sugar in $£uckING everything from baby powder to toothpaste, fat is not the cause of the Obesity problem SUGAR IS, IT IS IN EVERYTHING the food regulators realized this and took sugar out of the equation and made make believe it was fats absorbed by the body no mention that sugar in food retains fat constantly as the body thinks it needs to store it much like the body can start to think it needs alcohol repetition.

Can then you really want to be or live just in the ever expanding soap of swishy nonsense the drama the ego the futility of being or do you want to realise that

If you feel, you have not, the things, that life should provide it may be that you need to look internally as power divides the population with trivial as disguise to deceive and suppress emerging energy with the Simpsons Disney and Xfactor distraction to make you just let it Go let it go the hypnotically mundane to sustain a false sense of misery I am H APPY I A M H A P P Y not, signed sealed delivered you are theirs
Snapped into the egotistical fraternity credit work credit work little money credit wow I’m doing so well……… erm….credit….. Unless you totally own, your house, your car your holiday home and all the clothes food, gas, electric, gadgets, appliances and everything else that WILL COST YOU? MONEY MAKES THE ILLUSION that you are doing well in the system of prison credit, you made it ,you’re a winner, although your house and life may be possessed, if you fail to keep up, with repayments and interest, in the interest ,of those unknown, will be charged at a totally unfair APR…
Everything is fine nothing to see here………………Don’t say anything SHSSSSS HUSH NOW

Internal health and wealth to all


edit on 29-5-2015 by Fingle because: (no reason given)

edit on 29-5-2015 by Fingle because: (no reason given)

posted on May, 29 2015 @ 06:24 PM
I'm sorry. I tried to read this, but I just can't. Could you please reformat it with paragraphs and punctuation?

posted on May, 29 2015 @ 06:42 PM
a reply to: Fingle

A quick question?

You see something wrong, and seem passionate.

You can bring the change you want to see and make a profit.....

Is this something you are working towards?


posted on May, 29 2015 @ 07:08 PM
a reply to: Treespeaker

Definitely working towards it, but the outcome is only a profit from no-thing at all, and then the goal is the destiny of the journey that begins a new without the futility

posted on May, 30 2015 @ 06:26 PM
a reply to: Fingle

Can you sea the ocean the pacific rule of that, that harbors the rule
Wil,l it seal the the unsealing and reveal the marriage of the shadow the is it when what of fate ill since the end of beginning was the trial of fate is then past gone tomorrow then the future of gone now that it has become the last that is.
Or when was pasture the faith of time will the gap become the circle or the 3 encircled 3 marry with the for told is the misconception of conception the marriage born unto all men to carry that burden alone as the non seeing inability to correctly comprehend the agility that reality unfolds
Has man forgotten the ability the to live and only barely exists in the fractional basis that itself prescribes as modulisational current

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