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Credility & Respect; Should one be able to buy it.;From the ATS shop..?..

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posted on Dec, 23 2004 @ 02:10 PM
Scince many features are availabe at the ATS shop.;at a price..from 'Censors Off' to domians for emails.;could'nt one be able to buy some degree of crediblety,if that's whats needed to get a reply.?.
Once one posts a couple of controvercial threads,keeping in mind that the whole site is based on controversial happenings,I get the impression that he or she are doomed,if they are not conformists to most of societ's ideals..whatever that means...?.
I could'nt help but notice that many are not replied to because of previous threads or posts they might have put up, maybe.!.
Me being one of those people,I have observed a certain behaviour on the site that seems to exclude members from any sort of feedbeack..Honestly I don't know what's behind the 'Way Above' & 'The Ignore' buttons,I used a way above once,never did I click 'Ignore' at anyone,no matter how silly it may have come over to me...How could I.

I mean the whole idea is to bring to the site any sort of vision or thought on a subject no matter how weird it might seem,That's called Democracy and freedom of speech..from where I'm standing.
But scince I have been voted once by Sim..for way above I noticed that the next post I've entered had gotten a staggering 102 replies...No that's a miracle in my Book...but obviously this has it's limmits.
I've posted another three or four threads scince then and did'nt get a single reply.I hear you say "Maybe they sucked"...Well If putting people on Death Row just to be found Innocent later or the fact that The World Bank is bying Pollution rights,The mystery of Yushecho's illness,or That Icland offered Fisher (Chess Champoin) a visa,despite the U.S. wanting to prosecute him for playing in Europe..Or the Man who Almost Broke the Bank Of England..Well then I'm an Idiot indeed to think in the first place that I'm talking to people who have made it their mission to knowing the truth,and debate what the Media wants us to believe.

OK so China could invade Tywan,but it won't happen because of the far reaching implications it would have on their econmy and the rest of the World for that matter. ,this thread could have been answered within two-three pages,as the thread asked 'Can China invade',,, Well duh they either can or can not,the thread run upto 90 one point it annoyed me seriousely..come on !!!

Now I'm posting this thread not because I want replies to my threads,as a matter of fact I would prefer just a couple with some knowledge on the subject or a decent perspective on the matter.Points I don't care for,but clever feedback is what I want..
There I was thinking about a project in creating a virtual spaceship for the whole ATS 'community'..;it turned into a joke within six replies..That dissapointed me big time..I said in the thread that I welcomed any Mod to take the whole project,I meerly had an Idea..I could'nt do this on my own,and honestly I regret mentioning it in the first place....

So go ahead all you clicking happy that 'igore this member' button to your left,and while you're busy take a look in the mirror and ask yourself;"Who am I actually, to pass any judgement on someone else's Thoughts"...

OH;another thing don't bother replying to this,I was just talking to my computer....hehe...


posted on Dec, 23 2004 @ 02:16 PM
link THIS is what I like to see when I'm getting drunk!

All I can say is, I know what you mean, kind of, it DOES happen to some degree on every message board, it's a fact, but compared to other boards I have/do frequent, this is by far the best when it comes it anything like that.

Which leads me to believe you are over exaggerating.....Hmmm

posted on Dec, 23 2004 @ 02:41 PM
"In politics, as in life, respect has to be earnt."

Helen Clark to Camilla Parker, Nov. 2004. LOL.

posted on Dec, 23 2004 @ 03:05 PM

Originally posted by MaskedAvatar
"In politics, as in life, respect has to be earnt."

Helen Clark to Camilla Parker, Nov. 2004. LOL.

Tell me about it,I am a practicing psychotherapist..In Belguim I work with many different people,so I know what you intend to say very well..

But this is a site that debates issues that are in the light of the media,and other Idea's..with that short reply Mask,you meerly confirm my suspitions..that One needs to 'Earn Respect' to get a decent piece of feedbeack...and I don't know about you but in my opinion the site has absolutely nothing to do with 'Real Life' issues and theories of behavioral psychology..

As for the other post above,I would'nt say I'm exaggerating,I will not invite you to check out all of my threads I've posted so far,it's not neccesary trust me.As for other forums;I can't relate it to because I am mostly busy with this one even though I am a member of another five..but I have been ignored to the extent of this site..Having said that I am kind'a hooked to this one,I can help it...

And I believe this is the rant section,which gives me immunity plus I did say don't bother replying..
hehe..just kidding..or am i..

[edit on 23-12-2004 by Horus_Re]

posted on Dec, 23 2004 @ 03:09 PM
Hmmmm.... the time that Horus_Re takes to analyze nuances and to express his views, free of vulgarity and stupid insults, indicates that he is worthy of esteem. If only he was not an agent of the right wing's weapons of mass deception, etc etc etc...

posted on Dec, 23 2004 @ 03:19 PM
Feedback: Yes, please!
G-13 (language)
Archive: Gossamer and Ephemeral - Yes. Anyone else would be great! Please just let
me know where...

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 09:57 AM

There have been many defenitions of critical thinking,from a pratical perspective,it may be defined as:A process by which we use our knoledge and intelligence to effectively arrive at the most reasonable and justifable positions on issues,and which endeavours to identify and overcome the numerous hinderances to rational thinking.
Just because you are intelligent or have great knoledge does not mean you can think critically.A profound genius may have the most irrational of beliefs or the most unreasonable of opinions.Critical thinking is about HOW we use our intelligence and knoledge to reach objective and rational viepoints.Opinions and beliefs based on critical thinking stand on firmer ground.
Compared to those formulated through less rational processes.Additionally,critical thinkers are usually better equipped to make dicisions and solve problems compared to thos who lack this ability...!!...
By Greg.R.Haskins

1) Reality: What really exisits and happens outside the confines of our own minds.
2)Perception: How we sense or experience reality first hand.
3)Thinking Processes: How we synthesize our perception of reality in order to create ideas & draw conclusions.Our thinking processes may or may not employ critical thinking.
3a)Basic Emotional Needs: Security,acceptance,belonging,recognition,love,etc.
3b)Values & Principals: Our preconcieved ideas of what is important versus not important and what's right versus what's not.
4)Conclusions: Our resulting opinions,claims,beliefs and understanding of facts..

I know that Respect can't be bought,I was meerly being sarcastic..duh..

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