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Astral Travelling experiences

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posted on May, 29 2015 @ 11:51 AM
a reply to: taoistguy

As above, so below

posted on May, 29 2015 @ 03:32 PM
I only ever had sleep paralysis about a year or two ago when I fell asleep on my stomach I jumped in and out of it twice in a row because of a great feeling of dread but nothing else really.

about a week or two ago I started "waking up" on my back I got spooked a bit the first time and quickly sat up I think there was some vibrations but very faint cause I can't remember.

the 2nd time it happened I again woke up on my back and was half paralyzed I felt the vibrations they were quite noticeable, I had my blanket just up to my chest it felt like I had a heavy rope around my chest tying me down and could not move anything physically below it but I could feel my head would move physically if I tried to, I tried to move my arms and saw 2 blue arms in front of me but it was not real the room was in a completely different layout it could only have been a dream "thinking" of astral arms or something, I tried to move my head but I woke up moving it.

3rd time I was half on my side/back the vibrations were intense this time very intense vibrations, it felt surprisingly euphoric in a way, I could only hear from my right ear since my left ear was inside the pillow, what I was hearing was a sort of buzzing/electric pulse engine sort of sound.

I let the vibrations take over and started feeling like I was falling through the bed and about to hit the floor only to suddenly "see" the room, I moved back a bit and looked over to my bed but I could not clearly see my body all I saw was this purple line going from me to my bed where my body is suppose to be, I sort of floated around the room and suddenly saw my cat looking directly at me(the cat is not allowed in this room so there is no way she is in the room) and when I noticed it looking at me I was suddenly in physical form again, I went back to bed and instantly started vibrating again and fell through the bed another 3 times only to realize none of the things I saw could be real, I could suddenly feel my real body cause my arm was in a weird position, I realized it was just a dream at that point.

the sound I heard sounded something like this but a bit slower and with a more buzzing/electric sound to it

I was dreaming that I was astral projecting, was it just a dream? or is it a start of something else?.
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posted on May, 31 2015 @ 06:16 AM
Well, I was dreaming one night and found a stone staircase leading down into the earth in my dream. It was emanating an aura of incredible, intense fear but I ignored it and descended 70 steps. I entered into a cave with strange carvings and two Egyptian Priests named Nasht and Kamen-Thah greeted me and asked me a few questions and peered into my soul. They said they were searching for darkness and told me I had just had enough boldness to descend the 70 stairs of Lesser Sleep.

They asked if I would like to go deeper or go back up the stairs, and told me I would be able to return to this place at any time I wanted. Feeling curious I told them I wanted to know more and they directed me to a pillar of archaic fire. They said I could pass unscathed and as I walked through I found it to be true. They said this Pillar guards the realms of Dream from impure and malicious men, and keeps men safe from the nightmares held deep within. On the other side there were two tables made of malachite. On one there was food and supplies, on the other was equipment and weapons for I found myself quite naked. Equipped and stocked, I descended the 700 stairs of Greater Slumber and from there...I can tell you no more.

posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 12:03 PM

originally posted by: Necrose
a reply to: taoistguy

is it possible to give a tutorial ? or is it something you just "gotta know"?

In my case I believe (can't be sure though) some higher being/spirit blessed me or did something which allowed me to astral project. But it could also have happened because I read a lot of esoteric material and really tried to understand it all and I got three initiations into reiki (teramai). Plus I also trained aikido which helped me with a lot of things as well.

What might also have helped is wanting to remember dreams, for years I would write down what I dreamed and this might have given me some grip on dreaming or at least I would wake up in dreams and have intense daydreams.

But a warning, there are many beings out there and many things to see. For years I couldn't help my curiosity and this distracted me from living my life to the fullest and I also performed less at work because I was distracted by everything that's going on in that other world or other worlds. But as long as you don't drive buses, planes or anything highspeed and are not in Healthcare or in some demanding job it shouldn't be a problem. And don't expect to meet a partner for life, very few want to be around someone who is more into other worlds than this current one.
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posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 12:11 PM
Learned about it, read a lot about it, studied from others who said they've done it, then tried it myself, many times.

Result: All I've been ever able to accomplish was fall asleep. Very frustrating.

So I asked the experts again. They said, "'re doing it wrong". Ok, I asked, "... so what, exactly, do I need to do to 'do it right'"?

It's more like self-hypnosis, they said. Try that. So I studied self-hypnosis, consulted experts, practiced many techniques.

Result: I'd fall asleep. Great, restful, sleep, with some great lucid dreams. But I'd get those anyway. Only now, I could "fall asleep" just about anywhere and any time of day. It's a great skill, and healthful for mind and body.

But it's not astral projection.

Never been able to float above and look back down at myself or anything of the sort.

I'm just not able to do it, I guess. But I've tried, Boy-oh-boy have I ever tried.

Can't do it.

But I'm never tired.
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