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The Following finale

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posted on May, 25 2015 @ 08:56 PM
Got hooked on this show from the very first episode. What a great show. I really like serial killer shows, but most of them don't do it for me. Dexter was meh, too light hearted. Hannibal is too slow. The Following just got everything right.

Found out today that the show is now cancelled after season 3. I didn't think it was that big of a deal. With Joe Carrol gone, I wasn't too sure how long the show could keep going. But I was wrong. Theo was a very intriguing character, and I enjoyed every moment of Ryan chasing him down (and Theo chasing Ryan down). Watched the final episode just now knowing it would be the last, and man do I wish they would do just one more season. If they had ended it differently, I probably wouldn't have these thoughts.


Like, they could've just killed off Ryan or had him walk into the room with Mike at the end instead of going lone wolf. But the way they ended it could be such an amazing lead into a fourth season. First, we had no confirmation of Theo's body being found. Second, we have a whole new type of bad guy; the rich lady and her friends. Third, we have lone wolf Ryan Hardy. These three things could easily provide for an entirely new season, on top of a whole new atmosphere and environment since Ryan is going on his own. They'd be able to branch off separate (but possibly intertwining) story lines with Mike, Max, and Gwen.

Lone wolf Ryan Hardy without the FBI badge to hold him back from seeking justice on his own.

But you know, 1 million viewers just isn't enough. Thanks FOX. Hopefully Netflix or Amazon or SOMEONE picks this up for a fourth season.
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I haven't felt this salty about a show ending since Jericho. And honestly, I'm fine with the way they ended Jericho. Following now goes up to my #1 cancelled show that deserves another season.
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posted on May, 25 2015 @ 09:28 PM
It basically jumped the shark after season 1...

The way the series ended, with the final shots, 24 did multiple times and did it better each time.

posted on May, 25 2015 @ 10:04 PM
i dont know how you can say hannibal is slow.
that show is so much better than the following.

posted on May, 26 2015 @ 01:51 AM
I'm not really sure how anyone could think Dexter was "too light hearted" compared to The Following. I thought The Following started off strong but nose dived into pure cheesiness somewhere around the first half of Season 2. It picked up a little bit of its original grit recently but was still riddled with implausibility and very formulaic.

If you're looking for something in the genre that is actually disturbing, I recommend True Detective.

posted on May, 26 2015 @ 08:18 AM
Personally, I really enjoyed the Following, and the best thing was, never really knowing who was corrupted, and who wasn't. Even in the finale, we got a bit of a surprise....

Supposedly, Netflix was in talks about extending the show. My wife hated the ending, but personally, I think it made total sense.

Nearly every episode ends up surprising you, and the show just had really good writing and acting.

I can't agree with Dexter being light-hearted, but yeah, I originally tried watching Hannibal and it bored me to tears. I heard it got a lot better, but the first couple episodes pretty much had me changing the channel.

posted on May, 26 2015 @ 08:54 AM
a reply to: theantediluvian

true detective was awesome.
season 2 is about to start

posted on May, 26 2015 @ 10:07 AM
What pushed my buttons with "The Following" was Law Enforcement's inability to learn to go into
places through all of the entrances at once, thus not letting the baddies escape by 6 seconds...again.
I felt like turning it off every time that happened.
I know we wouldn't have had a show to watch had they done that, but c'mon, really? Every time?

posted on May, 28 2015 @ 03:25 PM
Yeah, they sure made the FBI look dumb...a LOT.
And why the hell don't the heroes wear a damn vest???

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