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The woodwork of the mind

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posted on May, 25 2015 @ 02:15 PM

Crawling out of the woodwork,
of the mind
Like a rat on a galleon
I leapt out on to a new land.
My partners and me
Living the life of piracy
Chance and whim.
Leaping on any offer of revival,
my teeth grin.
At the smell or sight of bone,
I’m more than ready to gnaw.
My eyes sharpened,
bright as the crow’s.
My claws fully grown.
This is the life,
better than any I have known.
My heart beats
close to the ground.
Moon beams twirl on my whiskers.
Leading me in to the unknown.
So when you see me,
don’t be surprised.
I’m your true self in action.
with no need for disguise.
Direct and to the point,
I stand in my sacred space.
and have my rights.
cant be pushed around.
As do you,
So let it be known.
From off our knees.
We have grown.
Give birth to yourself.
Let the truth be known.

Eliberocelta 25.5.2015 Antequera

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